9 thoughts on “Pelted

  1. chimpy

    Well thats horrendous. There must be a local hunter that feels its okay to dump the pelts after butchering for the meat. Hunting season for deer starts at the beginning of September…. Not that its related but there was a Ukrainian fella I used to work with that lived close enough to Sutton and was always asking about the swans/ducks along portmarnock strand. He was asking could he catch and eat them. As anyone from around that area will know that most of the birds are almost tame/domesticated and will come right up to you looking for bread. Just saying this could be someone from another country that thinks its an okay thing to do. Id put a few posters up asking them to stop.

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      my Mother caught a woman sticking them in her boot of her car, she read her the riot and rescued them, they were for the pot for sure

        1. scottser

          Those ducks on the estuary were bred for hunting by the gun club in Portmarnock. They eventually left that colony alone because of the outcry from the public who have adopted them.

    2. Fergalito

      It’s not hunting if you wander down to the strand and nobble a tame duck or well-adjusted swan.


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