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chief scientific advisor to the Government Professor Mark Ferguson said that while antigen tests are useful and provide an extra layer of protection, they are “not a solution”.

Although widely used in many European countries, antigen testing has been discouraged in Ireland as public health officials said the tests should be used in strictly controlled settings and warned individuals might receive “inappropriate reassurance” from a negative result.

Covid antigen tests ‘not a solution’, advisor says as experts ask why Ireland an ‘outlier’ (BreakingNews)


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12 thoughts on “Pro Antigen

  1. Hank

    It’s so unlucky that Ireland is the only country that’s had to deal with covid. Otherwise, they could have just looked at what’s working in other countries and copied that rather than look like such gormless fools.

  2. Harry

    To be honest mixed messaging
    This government has no clue
    It’s as though someone else is pulling the strings
    One day one thing another the opposite

  3. Harry

    A great little earner at €8.00 a pop
    Time for everything to return to pre Covid 19 and the HSE stand on its own feet
    If we are going to continue in unrestricted international travel there is no way new strains cannot be kept out

    1. SOQ

      Has any ‘strains’ been clinically identified- or are we all just accepting cute marketing campaign- because ‘the drugs don’t work’?

      I fancy the ‘Dolly Parton’ strain myself.

      Apart from the heels and the corset- and obviously the wig as that would be itchy as f.

  4. Zaccone

    Are we the only Western European country not using antigen testing at this stage? Surely thats an absolutely massive red flag. Do we really think NPHET know better than the (much better run) health services across the continent?

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