A number of readers, many of them beloved friends of the site, have received the above message.

We are very sorry. We haven’t the foggiest who is behind it. Cyber messers of some nature.

UPDATE: Only three commenters are ‘banned’ from Broadsheet: Memes, Zuppy and Charger (all of whom sneak back in regularly, the rascals).

Apologies all.

Any excuse

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15 thoughts on “Sabotage

  1. SOQ

    Is that on the app? Is it possibly something on the mobile device?

    If so then they should get the same message when trying to login to other apps.

  2. Mr.T

    Is the banning based on IP ranges?
    Mobile data routinely cycles through a wide range of IPs every time it reconnects, so if any range-ban type facility is in place this could catch people by accident.

    1. H

      Welcome back Harry, will you be resuming your excellent local history posts?
      (Apologies if you have already and I just haven’t seen it yet)

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