This morning.

Genoa, Italy.


Blocking of the port of Genoa continues to the bitter end against the requirement of a health passport. This morning two policemen brought food and solidarity to the port workers: “Keep it up guys, don’t give up!” Stupendous.


Italy’s ‘green pass’ workplace protests come to an end as police disperse crowds (The Local Italy)



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9 thoughts on “Bellissimo

  1. SOQ

    Why should anyone be surprised about Australia? They are just slightly ahead of the totalitarian curve is all- it is all entirely predictable at this stage.

    1. K. Cavan

      It’s hard to see those methods being rolled out here, SOQ, but the Irish grew to like the belt of the crozier & they probably miss a firm hand.
      Forty Shades of Green, indeed.

  2. galaxiapolizia

    grazie… siamo molto lusingati. Proprio lo stesso:
    perche gli irlandese d’oggi non hanno le palle di dire “Basta cosi”?
    Cosa direbbero la generazione rivoluzionaria d’irlanda?
    Cosa farebbero, sopratutto, le donne armate di millenovecentosedici?
    l’Italia, bellissimma? Di sicuro!
    l’Irlanda? Vergogna per noi.

    1. K. Cavan

      You actually think that’s a sacking offence?
      Oh you are a bit of an Authoritarian, actually, you’re a whole lot of an Authoritarian.
      You must be a Woke Progressive type?

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