Over By February


This afternoon.

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2.

The Government has approved plans to reopen more parts of the economy including nightclubs – but only to those with a digital certificate.

Via RTÉ News:

The continued use of masks, vaccine certificates and physical distancing measures will remain in place for several more months.

Taoiseach Martin said that based on NPHET advice, those businesses that are due to reopen on 22 October, they can only do so once vaccine certificates are produced.

The Taoiseach has said the measures announced today will stay in place until February, under a recommendation from NPHET.

Some Restrictions To Remain (RTÉ)


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34 thoughts on “Over By February

    1. SOQ

      Oh sure Vaccine Passports will be over after the 22nd the useful idiots said- make no mistake, it is coming to workplaces too.

      1. Chris

        West Africa is a good case study – they’re rolling out a lot of stuff there. You can’t have a bank account without a vaxpass in Nigeria.

  1. Nigel

    It’s fierce teejious, but I suppose we have to make the sacrifice to protect our unvaccinated fellow citizens. You’re welcome. No, no, you don’t have to say anything, your silence will speak volumes of your gratitude, though perhaps some of you could resort to good-natured humorous pretend anger and outrage, just to jolly the mood. What larks!

    1. Micko

      Nigel thinking he’s a hero again.

      Just like when you heroically stayed at home to protect everyone.


      1. Nigel

        I do try. Sometimes I say to myself, no, stop trying, you’re doing too much. But I don’t listen.

  2. Cui Bono?

    Criminal, immoral, unscientific and was obviously going to happen because the masses are hypnotised with fear and allowing it to happen.

    1. Jon Smoke

      we all have our own levels of morality so I don’t know about that one, but criminal and unscientific? You’re just ranting there without actually thinking about the words you are using
      Take a breath and think before you type.

      1. SOQ

        It is most definitely unscientific- there is zero evidence that passports reduce infection rates- from anywhere.

        As for criminal- that has yet to be tried in the courts but one would assume that coercion is illegal and that ism definitely coercion.

        There are cases in the states already where mandates have been overturned, so it is very much a wait and see game.

  3. gallantman

    Masks in nightclubs apart from when you are dancing or drinking. So you’ll only wear your mask when you’re trying to chat over the booming loud music then. Clown world!!!!!.

  4. Fergalito

    Okay, does not compute at all. Why February and when – the end or the start? If it’s the end that’s 5 months. If it’s the start that’s 4 months.

    What’s the rationale? Why not January? Or mid-December? Or the end of November?

    Do we have to wait until all of those who have yet to take the vaccine are forced … sorry, “compelled” to do so? The vaccine isn’t as effective as it was initially thought – does this mean that we need 99% of the vaccine-target cohort to take the vaccine? Will that be sufficient or not if the vaccine isn’t as effective as we first thought? Or will there be boosters and will we have to wait until 99% of the vaccine target cohort get their first/second vaccine and everyone else their booster?

    But it’s not as good as we thought so does this mean the vaccine doesn’t really work? Or does it mean we should go into lock down again?

    It’s okay to say “I don’t know” or “We don’t know” – or do our experts know everything? Or do our experts know what they don’t know? Maybe they don’t know what they know?

    Let’s remind ourselves of the very pertinent questions posed in Éamonn Kelly’s article yesterday:

    “What is a booster jab anyway? Does it necessitate two vaccine jabs and then a booster? Or is it a stand-alone kind of jab, doing the work of what it previously took two jabs to achieve? Will you need another one next year? Or in six months’ time? Or every year?”

    “And what of those people who have developed natural immunity? Does the vaccine interfere with or undermine their natural immunity? Do they need booster shots too? If so, why?”

    “And what of primary school-children? Are they not also susceptible to catching and spreading the virus? If not, what do they have that rest of us don’t have? Some kind of enzyme? Can it be packaged to stop the spread? Or is their supposed immunity baloney?”

    “And where are the media reports of people with vaccine side-effects? Are there none? There must be some. All studies admit that statistically there are some, no matter how small that number may be. Are their stories to be concealed in the wider interest of achieving a 100% vaccine uptake?”

    “Professor Kingston Mills told RTÉ that booster jabs are necessary due to waning vaccine immunity. Does natural immunity also wane? If so, is the rate of waning of natural immunity different from waning vaccine immunity? Which is best: natural or artificial immunity? Are political choices between the two shaped by market considerations?”

    1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      Given the national obsession with the christmas holiday, it will be interesting to see what they announce in mid-December. Everything will no doubt close up again.

  5. f_lawless

    I have a question for any of those who have instinctively realised that there’s something very wrong with all this situation being imposed upon us and that we can’t simply continue to go along with it. Does anyone have constructive suggestions as to what we can do that might change the situation for the better?

    (PS -Any disingenuous comments from trolls and/or the propagandised looking for one-ups, I’ll just ignore..it’s a waste of energy)

    1. SOQ

      Well- support businesses who ignore the passport nonsense for a start- they deserve it. This is already happening in smaller towns and rural areas- power of the Euro etc.

    2. Micko

      In the real world. Just don’t comply if you think it’s an unjust law – nothing actually happens.

      But be REALLY nice to the person enforcing it – tis’ not their fault. And the next time they might come around.

      They’re expecting you to be crazy

      That’s what I do and I’ve been grand for 18 months.

      On here though;

      I think a Broadsheet amnesty is in order. Especially after todays shambolix announcement – that NO ONE can actually think makes any sense – right?

      Everyone here has been right and wrong about one thing or another over the last 18 months and giving us the ability to put our hands up and say “ye know, I might have been wrong about that and I’ve changed my mind.”

      Without everyone ripping the absolute pee out of them and slagging them for being wrong about something – how dare they BE WRONG!. ;)

      Otherwise, we’ll just dig our heels in too deep forever and we’ll keep on arguing – while the Government hoofs us up the botty and comes out with more and more nonsense and people will just go along with just to save face.

      1. f_lawless

        A very reasonable standpoint.

        I see this initiative getting mentioned occasionally online and it appeals to me as way of meeting in solidarity with like-minded people in your local area rather than just networking online:


        “A Stand in the Park unites people in parks all over the world every Sunday morning, 10-11am local time. We Stand in the Park to celebrate freedom, diversity and fairness for all.”

        According to website it currently has 100,000 registered members, 900 parks in 20 countries.

        14 parks have so far been registered in Ireland – maybe it’s not yet that many but it’s still a positive sign at least.

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