Green White Goods


This afternoon.

Our friends at Currys PC World conducted a survey to find out how Irish people recycle their old products as part of its Go Greener campaign

The survey reveals:

95% of people think it is important to recycle electronic items

80% of people understand what product energy ratings mean

79% will consider water conservation when choosing a product that uses water

98% would recycle e-waste more if there were more collection point.

4% of Irish people have recycled an old appliance in the last 12 months.
80% of Irish people understand what product energy ratings mean.

In fairness.

Currys PC World

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6 thoughts on “Green White Goods

  1. Optimus Grime

    Are ye (BS) suddenly environmentally conscious now? Thought it was all greenwashing and climate conspiracy, in fairness

  2. Termagant

    “98% would recycle e-waste more if there were more collection point.”
    Can’t you get rid of old electronics at any electrical retail store?
    Or have I just been accidentally fly-tipping outside Power City all these years

    1. Cian

      you are sort of correct.

      Power City must accept any electronic good for recycling if you purchase a new one.from them. I don’t think they are obliged to take other electronic waste.

      The various council-run dumps will take electronic goods without charge (as in, you paid for the recycling when you originally bought it).

      1. Tinytim

        They’ve been good at no questions asked / bin up the front to be fair.

        Concerning the significance drop from thinking and doing, mind!!

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