This afternoon.

The Science Museum, London, England, UK.

Via The Guardian:

The UK government has announced plans to launch a £400m package of investment alongside the US billionaire Bill Gates to boost the development of new green technologies.

Boris Johnson said the deal would help power a “green industrial revolution” and develop emerging technologies that were currently too expensive to be commercially successful but were essential to hitting the government’s climate goals.

Boris Johnson strikes £400m deal with Bill Gates to boost green technology (The Guardian)




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45 thoughts on “Mwahahaha

    1. E'Matty

      Unlike you Sara. Supporting the billionaire class agenda and think you’re fighting fascism. Hilarious.

          1. E'Matty

            Ah Papi. Thinks he’s clever but doesn’t understand the basics of defamation. Papi, that could not be slander as slander involves a spoken or oral defamation not a printed defamation.

          2. E'Matty

            If E’Matty were my actual name, yes. I’d get you for the lying claim though I’d happily concede on smug.

      1. george

        He said he wouldn’t take a booster. And doesn’t encourage his supporters to take it because they boo him when he mentions it. He shows no leadership just chooses whatever messaging gets a cheer from his crowd.

        1. Cui Bono?

          He’s not a doctor so should stay out of it and should definitely not be encouraging anyone to take it.

          He’s still a puppet, same as Biden. 2 cheeks on the same arse.

        1. SOQ

          It’s how the comic mind works- mainly medicated in their respective key coded communal spaces: where they can do improv all day, every day.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Becuz dey dun dur resurch and Gates is putting microchips in de vaccine so we’ll all be giving off de five gees and be magnets and stuff.


        1. Cui Bono?

          It’s nothing to do with 5G or microchips. These ideas come from the mainstream media and David Icke who is a disinformation agent.

          The end goal is to get us all on a Digital ID pass system eventually with social credit scores like in China. It is gradually being rolled out now initially with the vax passports.

          Gates is involved as are many others.

      1. Cui Bono?

        Vax passports to enter cafes, bars etc. have never existed before now.

        You are also ignoring my entire point which is the Digital ID pass system – the vaccine is only the tool being used to get everyone on it.

          1. Spider

            I’m sharing a Vax passport hotspot right now from my left shoulder and the 5G coverage is excellent

          2. E'Matty

            So Daisy dismisses Cui Bonos claim that vaccines are being rolled out to introduce a new Digital identity system. What if there was publicly available information of such an agenda? Might Gates be involved? You betcha

            “an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity”.

            “The program harnesses existing birth registration and vaccination operations to provide newborns with a portable and persistent biometrically-linked digital identity”.

            The Founding Partners of ID2020 are Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) among others. GAVI was founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

            The ID2020 Alliance held their Summit in New York, entitled “Rising to the Good ID Challenge”, on September 19, 2019, exactly one month prior to the nCov-2019 simulation exercise entitled Event 201 at John Hopkins in Baltimore. Event 201 was hosted by The John Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was a 3.5 hour pandemic table top exercise involving 15 global business, government, military, and public health leaders that simulated a global coronavirus pandemic.

            What amazing timing for both conferences! Pure coincidence of course. As is Gates being the WHOs largest funder, Gates having invested in both Moderna and BioNTech, and University of Oxford, even being the one to “encourage” their partnership with Astrazeneca. Nevermind the tens of millions poured into the mainstream media including the BBC, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublica, National Journal, The Guardian, Univision, Medium, the Financial Times, The Atlantic, the Texas Tribune, Gannett, Washington Monthly, Le Monde, and the Center for Investigative Reporting. They’re totally objective and impartial media obviously.

          3. Sara

            Beginning to think that E’Matty might be Rowan Croft. Either that, or he’s parroting Croft’s talking-points word for word.

          4. SOQ

            What was that about controlled opposition again?

            As someone reared on the wrong side of the tracks in the north, I can smell the stench in this tread.

            There is no more controlled opposition than the Irish ‘far left’- they are a joke at this stage. Murphy having pro mask rallies at the GPO? Try it next Saturday.

          5. E'Matty

            @ Sara. No idea who this Croft fella is but I have presented 100% factual information. If he has done so too, good for him. You zealots can’t see the woods for the trees. You always need someone in a position of authority to tell you what to think. And yeah, Daisy was clearly utterly clueless about ID2020 despite it being public knowledge. You lads know of nothing the msm doesn’t convey to you.

          6. bisted

            …really had no idea you felt so deeply about this…I’ve already acknowledged you were right and I was wrong…trouble is…they took the liberty of burying my acquaintence anyway…was in hospital for routine cancer treatment and contracted covid when he was there…at least, that’s what they put on his death cert…my apologies to all at Daisy Hill…dreadful slur I regret…thank you for reminding me over a year after the event…

          7. Papi

            Ask SOQ about his half breed comment the other week, taken down immediately, but nothing ever goes away, you know….

        1. Fearganainm

          “You’re not coming in here in those shoes.”

          “No tie, no entrance.”

          “Casual and smart it says, you scruffy muppet.”

          “You’re barred. Why? Because I said so.”

          There’s been a lot going on for years that you obviously missed.

          1. Cui Bono?

            This is completely different.

            These particular vaccines do not give immunity or stop transmission so any potential benefit is only for the individual taking it.

            Choosing not to have an unnecessary medical procedure after a risk/benefit analysis with my doctor is a basic human right. I’m middle aged healthy and my risk of something going wrong with the vaccine is unknown longterm but actually higher short term than the risk from covid. This is a fact. I’m not antivax in anyway. I just like data and the truth.

            To discriminate based on ones personal private medical decision is immoral and should be illegal. I’m not harming anyone be not taking the vaccines for covid.

            Unfortunately the masses are ignorant of the facts and scientific data because the mainstream media only show government propaganda.

  1. jungleman

    Bodger, any chance you’ll do a post on that Michael Quinn trial? I see he was found guilty today.

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