The Skin Trade


From top: a caged Mink; Pamela Anderson in Dublin in 2006

This morning/afternoon.

The cabinet is expected to approve a bill banning fur farming in Ireland at their meeting currently underway.

John Carmody founder of Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN), who worked on the campaign to ban fur farming in Ireland for over twenty years, said:

“We said fur farming was cruel and wrong back in the 1990s when it was unpopular to do so, when politicians told us we were wrong and today they are joining the progressive calls to finally end this vile trade in early 2022.

“Because of protests, public education and most importantly the consumer turning their backs on fur, today high street stores and shops stock mainly vegan alternatives showing the future is one without suffering and cruelty.

“But now fur and leather need to go, and any other skin that comes from a sentient animal. A big shout out to Pamela Anderson and Anjelica Huston who reached out to government showing what celebrities and those with platforms can do for a cause.”

Cabinet to approve bill banning fur farming in Ireland (Highland Radio)


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12 thoughts on “The Skin Trade

  1. Cian

    first they came for the mink farmers, and I did not speak out—
    Because I didn’t have a fur coat

    But now leather? why? fecking vegans, ruining it for the rest of us…

  2. bisted

    …probably one of the biggest ecological disasters to befall Ireland has been escape of mink from fur farms…most of this has been at the hand of so-called animal rights protestors…

  3. Free Lunch

    In fairness, Zara and HM haven’t sold real leather or fur ever. And that’s where les fashion numpties buy their clothes.

    I long for the days of real WILT – Women in Leather Trousers G’wan the Suzi Quatro. None of that LuluLemon/SweatyBetty tat. No sir. And that one from the Pretenders was great as well.

  4. Termagant

    Is there not a mild difference in that we’re not otherwise farming mink for food? You ban mink fur, no minks get farmed. You ban leather, we just end up with a load of surplus cowskin.

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