We Can Leave Your Friends Behind


Copper Face Jacks’ dancefloor

This afternoon.

Further to the very partial lifting of restrictions…..

…From Friday, for indoor live music, drama, live entertainment and sporting events, members of the audience and spectators should be fully seated with standing permitted at seats.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin said he could not go into specifics when it came to nightclubs opening. He said there will be sector-specific advice coming in relation to mask-wearing, social distancing and ventilation measures “where appropriate”.

Speaking at Dublin Castle this afternoon, the Taoiseach said NPHET’s view is that with the protective measures in place, nightclubs can open but with collective behaviour.

Guidance will be coming, but he said “people will be able to dance in a nightclub, of course“.

Live venues, nightclubs return in revised reopening plan (RTÉ)

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Pic: Copper Face Jacks


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14 thoughts on “We Can Leave Your Friends Behind

  1. Nigel

    Guidance will be coming, but he said “people will be able to dance in a nightclub, of course. The Arabesque, for example, in ballet, it is a position in which one leg is extended behind at a right angle, torso bent forward and the arms extended, one up and one forward. A modified version of the arabesque is used in raqs sharqi. In this case it is used as a travelling step, which is inspired by the ballet step, but the legs are not lifted as high, it can be done with flat feet or on toes, and it is layered with waving movements of the torso, and/or hips, and sinuous arms. But I don’t want to get into too much detail, as more sector specific advice about dancing will be forthcoming at a later date.”

    1. scottser

      Will the ‘scottser shuffle’ be allowed? It involves moving a step to the side, bringing the other foot to meet it and repeat in reverse. Be assured, this is not a sector specific dance; it can be used in a variety of contexts.

  2. Mr.T

    Dancefloors must be divided into zones, in which one group of up to 6 people can dance in each zone.
    You must prebook each zone, and there will be no mixing of groups in any one zone.

    Permitted dances must meet the following criteria:
    Dancer must remain in the same location (no moving dances – so shuffling is permitted, whereas waltzing is not)
    Radius of a dancers extended arms must not exceed 1m from a point in line with the dancer’s feet.
    No pointing as extended fingers are an occupational hazard.

  3. Paulus

    The new dancing will now be called standing.
    There’ll be no inappropriate handling.
    If your mask comes adrift
    While you’re getting the shift
    Tis out on yer hole you’ll be landing.

  4. Zaccone

    Absolute nonsense. The government is terrified of saying no to NPHET, so instead announces a set of rules that are completely contradictory, and have no basis in logic or the real world.

    I’d call it Orwellian double speak if it wasn’t too stupid to even count as that.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Very confusing rules. I suppose we will have to wait for Varadkar to make the running, and the AG to put his stamp of approval then.

    1. SOQ

      Slappers has been known to have an advanced yoga session in regard to the licensing laws before this so- interesting times ahead.

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