Will Work For Dough


This afternoon.

Pavilions Shopping Centre, Malahide Road, Swords Demesne, Swords, Co. Dublin

Ireland’s glaze-fixated answer to Dude with a Sign helps announce job vacancies, for store staff and delivery drivers, at the new Krispy Kreme Swords branch, which opens in November.

The store is the secoNOMNOMNOMNOM

Job details here

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5 thoughts on “Will Work For Dough

    1. george

      What didn’t used to happen? The guy with the sign is there for a PR stunt.

      If you look at the requirements for jobs these days you will find they are much harder to meet than in the old days when you could get a job in a large company without any experience or a degree and work your way up.

  1. Kevin 17

    Back in my day we had to look hard for our jobs, and they were hard to find.
    They didn’t come looking for us.

    Just sayin’…

    Welcome to a low wage!

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