A Picture Of Health


Fania Stoney

Please indulge us.

Our pals at Healthy Place to Work Ireland have announced Fania Stoney as Chief Executive Officer. Congrats!

Healthy Place To Work Ireland is a ‘mission-based organisation’ focused on improving the health of employees and organisations . They provide globally-recognised Healthy Place to Work® Certifications in Ireland.

Fania has been at Healthy Place to Work Ireland since its inception in 2017 and says:

“People’s perspectives and expectations have shifted in the post Covid workplace. Without doubt there will be a greater emphasis on maintaining a healthy workplace and workforce and I strongly believe our organisation helps businesses achieve this goal”.

Healthy Place To Work Ireland

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11 thoughts on “A Picture Of Health

  1. Pat

    Great news im sure. But when you say ‘our pals’ Bodge, is this a sponsored (paid for) post? Just to be clear like

      1. Pat

        Thanks Bodge. There was one yesterday for ‘our pals’ at Curry’s PC World. So you guys are befriending random corporate entities for free! I respect that

        1. Bodger

          They’ve usually shown us some kindness in the past. Currys provided vouchers for Nick’s comp for instance.

          1. Fred

            I hope they sent you one of their ‘globally-recognised Healthy Place to Work® Certifications’ and it is proudly hung.
            ‘Cuurys ceo Jan Kowal is expected today to announce mandatory vaccinations for all staff and employees.’
            Come here for the loons stall it for the hypocrisy/madness.

  2. ian-oG

    While I applaud this effort by these people isn’t it a bloody shame that they are needed?

    In 2021 you would have hoped all workplaces were already trying to be healthy for their staff what with the law and basic consideration for fellow human beings, shows how far we still have to go FFS.

  3. Poor oul divil

    I a hi hi a hi hi
    Fania Stoney
    And you can legislate any way you want
    Yes you can legislate any way you want

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