An Exhibition Of Himself


This morning/afternoon.

Darndale Bell Centre, Dublin 17.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly at the launch of the Sláintecare Healthy Communities Programme, a €13m initiative to ‘support increased health and wellbeing services to 19 communities in Ireland’.


…Mr Donnelly said that Government figures show that one in three pubs and restaurants are not correctly checking for Covid passes at the door.

He said that this is “not acceptable” and that this cohort needs to “step up” during the winter.

“The survey results I have and the enforcement data we have both say the same thing, that about two in every three pubs or restaurants are enforcing and that one in three is not. That is not OK, it is not acceptable for that one in three,” he told reporters.

Taoiseach wants crackdown on Covid certs as Donnelly tells pubs and restaurants to ‘step up and do the right thing’ (

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6 thoughts on “An Exhibition Of Himself

  1. SOQ

    I agree- 2 out of 3 pubs and restaurants checking is not acceptable- it should be one in ten and that is only for the Karens.

    We actually have a minister for HEALTH arguing that people who can prove they are not infectious will not be allowed in, while people who have no idea, are.

    They couldn’t organise a pee up in a brewery.

  2. gallantman

    So our ‘easing’ of restrictions includes enforcing the broadest restriction we have more vigorously.

  3. des

    Honestly, if someone from HSE/HSA/Gardai asks to see my Covid cert while I am enjoying a well earned pint, they will end up wearing that well earned pint.

    Also, what happens when our Covid certs are 6 months old? Will the spiel about vaccines efficacy wearing off be ignored?

    Not since the fall of the Nazi Empire have such an incompetent bunch of mental deficients wielded so much power

    1. Liam Deliverance

      Will the vaccine be a case of the first 3 are free and then you pay.

      *Tick the box if you also require a Booster E-Certificate – please note there is an additional charge for this service.

  4. White Dove

    Interesting painting with Luciferian overtones, possibly not the best choice of background if you want to avoid feeding what Nigel would call conspiracy theories.

    1. Steph Pinker

      I agree very much, White Dove, but I’m still trying to ascertain as to the relevance of the litter bin, the Western Union sign, BOI ATM with a homeless person sleeping underneath near the woman breastfeeding one of her 3 children in the cold weather?

      For the life of me, I just can’t make the connection!

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