But The Joke Was On Me


This morning.

The Galway Comedy Festival begins tonight…

…via RTE News:

Kevin’s Healy owns a number of venues in the city including the Róisín Dubh which is one of the best-known venues for live music and comedy acts.

“We will work within the spirit of the guidelines with covid certs and masks but there are so many anomalies surrounding yesterday’s announcement.

The rules seem to be different around night clubs and live gigs. You can dance and stand in a club but not at a gig.

“You have to be sitting. There’s table service only in pubs and restaurants but not at a live gig it would seem. There’s a lot of detail that hasn’t been explained. It will take a few days and by that stage we’ll be at the weekend.”


Gary Monroe runs a gastro pub and late-night venue for techno music events and live bands in the city centre.

He says the lack of clarity from the Government has created a lot of stress.

“It was the waiting around that really caused the greatest headaches and mental stress. We needed a decision last Friday and now we’re still at sea about what we can and cannot do.

“It’s such a grey area around whether you’re allowed to dance, stand up or go the bar. We’re in no man’s land.”

Galway Comedy Festival kicks off amid measure confusion (RTÉ)

16 thoughts on “But The Joke Was On Me

  1. f_lawless

    Guy walks into a bar and the barman says: ‘do you have a Digital Covid Certificate?’
    Guy says: ‘I do indeed, here you go’
    Barman says: ‘It says on here that your certificate was issued only on the basis of a negative test result’
    Guy says: ‘Absolutely. Issued earlier today.’
    Barman says: ‘That’s irrelevant. Please leave immediately’

    (That’s the joke)

    1. scottser

      Red tarmac and black tarmac walk into a bar. Barman points to red tarmac and says ‘I’m not serving him, he’s a cyclepath’.
      Black tarmac says ‘one for the road, so’

  2. Free Lunch

    Guy walks into a bar. Delighted. It was a Cadbury’s.

    On a less serious note – Comedy? Only the last two Americans in the first line are funny. Didn’t read on.

  3. hmmm

    The COVID pass is a third party interference in the daily business of the nation – by consenting to its use you are surrendering your rights an unknown digital entity: No trade for you unless the computer says so.

    This pass is unconstitutional, unlawful and morally repugnant.

    It stops as soon as you stop complying.

    1. SOQ

      What I want to know is who is maintaining these databases?

      I have been told that the company who was recruiting IT staff for the stab centres run the system, which would make sense as it is also a network, but I cannot find any procurement details.

  4. Dr.Fart

    ah they need to stop moaning about it. just open it whatever way you feel comfortable. if you’re not clear on the guidelines, either will anyone coming around to check. and if they haven’t noticed, no ones coming around checking. so stop bleating on and on endlessly, ur open now.

  5. Dav

    Pretty sure the owner of the Roisín Dubh (and the lad pictured) is Eoghan “Gugai” SomethingOrOther, no?

  6. Free Lunch

    William Shatner walks into a bar. It was a space bar. In fairness, if you leave old keyboards lying around where there are 90-year-olds, you’re asking for it.

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