Insight To Hatred


Journalist Joe O’Shea

This morning.

Further to Joe O’Shea’s takedown of the unvaxxed on Monday’s Claire Byrne Live on RTÉ One

Via Kathy Sheridan in the Irish Times:

On Monday night, journalist Joe O’Shea argued that unvaccinated people have “complicated” life for the vaccinated for long enough and “we have to start compelling them” to take vaccines.

‘When Claire Byrne took issue with the notion of compulsion, O’Shea insisted that he was not talking about “marching people down to health centres” or “forcing” them to take vaccines. “They had a right to decide if they wanted to lock themselves out of society,” he said. “You can compel people or you can let them know that if this is the decision you take then unfortunately we cannot have you in our spaces, we cannot have you with the risk that you pose to our society, to our people, to our loved ones.”

For airing those views O’Shea and Claire Byrne Live were accused online – including by some named posters – of verging on “incitement” to hatred.

A sample of responses: “Ape”; “Hate speech”; “Cult tv”; “Real hatred coming from this man”; “People like Joe are going to be the cause of real violence”; “Don’t worry [about] it. The ‘unvaccinated’ know that they are hated and are prepared”. Cue a YouTube video titled “Get Ready for the Hate” – an image of Josef Mengele (the Nazi who performed medical experiments in Auschwitz); a blurry snap of a letter from an English school saying a child had died in her sleep with the poster’s comment, “How many more do we have to lose before you say no more??” And the old reliable: “Backhanders from pharmaceutical companies.”

And that was just a sample of Irish Twitter about a single topic on a Monday night.

When the show asked 1,000 adults in an Amarach smartphone poll, “Are you in favour of mandatory vaccination against Covid 19?” A total of 46 per cent voted Yes and 42 per cent No. The tight result suggests that the issue warranted an airing.

If a discussion around social and personal responsibility is not appropriate now, then when? And what do “incitement” or “hate” actually mean in such a context?

The real problem is that permeating it all – and against which no society can legislate – is the presumption of bad faith. The insistent, corrosive implication that every topic, policy or proposal with which someone disagrees must be driven by deliberate cruelty, hate, greed, profit motive or theft. The dissenters of course are heroic Joan of Arc figures (anonymously, mostly) standing up to The Man….’ [more at link below]

Kathy Sheridan: Culture of abuse on social media is malign (Irish Times)

Yesterday: Hardcore Cranks

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21 thoughts on “Insight To Hatred

  1. Ronan

    Yeah but these are the same people who think:
    “RTE is the virus!”
    “RTE pravda”
    “This poll is fake news [because it doesn’t confirm how my group of like-minded friends intend to vote]”

    So I’m not sure they’ll lose much sleep over it.

    1. Gavin

      Ehhh no their not the same people, I’ve had had both jabs and but I don’t agree with what he said I feel it’s divisive and demonized those who wont or cant get the vaccine. It doesn’t contribute anything besides sensationalism and just entrenches views.

    2. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

      Let’s have a balanced debate on facts, not fear or hysteria, and we will see who the truth seekers really are.

    3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      actually there’s lots of normal people who don’t believe any of that madness, they are just pregnant, breastfeeding, have already recently had COVID, have a history of blood clots etc…. but sure label everyone a loon.

      1. SOQ

        Something if interest for you Janet- lets hope it does not become a widespread pattern.

        “I have just had a conversation with an upset midwife in a large 8000+ births per year hospital delivery unit. They have had a cluster of babies this month who have been born seemingly healthy, but died within 48-72 hours from pulmonary haemmorhage….”

        There is several more tweets underneath that one. It may just be coincidence but all mothers were vaccinated.

    4. Gavin

      It’s narrow-minded, black and white views on topics such as this, that causes division and leads to extreme views

  2. axelf

    did joe ever give his views on how the covid regulation breakers in RTE should be dealt with?

    did claire ever explain how she got covid from her shed, whilst scaring the bejaysus out of the elderly

  3. Lush

    The article is about the culture of abuse on social media, it merely uses the Claire Byrne interview as a starting point.
    The article is not about being pro- or anti- Covid vaccinations.

  4. Nigel

    With only 8% unvaccinated and this inclusive of people who CAN’T get vaccinated, this is as useless as the cranks here who claim the vaccines don’t work – and since Bill gates designed them to kill us all, phew! – albeit without the accusations of child abuse, Mengelism, general Nazism, genocidal tendencies, soulless puppets of god-like secret masters and all the rest.

    Seems to me we actually have most of the tools and strategies for our society to adapt to the current situation without going into lockdown or acting like the UK and pretending 100 deaths from covid a day is fine. Most people vaccinated, most people wearing masks indoors, odd bit o’ sanitiser when called for, big drive to enable remote working where feasible, lots of testing to keep track of things so even mild cases can know enough to stay home and not spread it.

    As someone pointed out, asking for certs with so many vaxxed is pointless. Those who chose not to will have to take the risk, those who are vulnerable (which will include vaxxed people) will be acting accordingly where possible, and should be given all the supports they need to do so.

  5. Andrew

    It’s a tabloid show though isn’t it? What do people expect? Claire Byrne or Joe O’Shea could hardly be categorised as serious journalists.
    Kathy Sheridan is worse for a writing a piece on it. Then again, she’s been bluffing it for years.

  6. Micko

    How many unvax’d are there btw?

    A could of weeks ago we were told that there was 300K unvaccinated people in Ireland

    Then it was 350K, then I heard 370K, I even heard them say 400K on Primetime. I dunno – weird. Maybe its adult and kids over 12 or something?

    Anyway let’s say 300K adults

    So 300 thousand highly motivated young adults (rightly or wrongly) who have stood up to months and months of coercion, ridicule, removal of basic movement and STILL not buckled.

    Yeah, gov should probably do their bloody best to demonise us… and probably stop telling us there’s so many of us too ;-|

    1. U N M U T U A L

      …can I just add micko, we are also 300,000 or so ‘registered voters’…
      Nothing to be sniffed at. ;-)

    2. george

      It doesn’t take a lot of motivation to not go to a vaccine centre. I say this as someone who has not gone to a vaccine centre every day since they opened except for two. If anything going to the vaccine centre took more effort.

      1. Micko

        I meant “motivated” in the inspirational sense. Not the physical.

        But nice playing this round of semantics with you George.

  7. jungleman

    She’s right. A very pervasive line of thought amongst the hardcore cranks is that anyone who disagrees with them is a paid “actor”. The same cannot be said about how the normal rational people look at the cranks. I would never assume the hardcore cranks are paid by anyone, other than the PUP.

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