Supper ‘n’ Snitch


Last night.

Good times.


…via RTÉ News:

The President of the Restaurants Association of Ireland said it is “the eleventh hour” and there are no full guidelines yet.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Mark McGowan – who owns Scholars Townhouse Hotel and Peggy Moores pub in Drogheda – said this is a “critical time of year” as they head into the Christmas period.

He said they are still unsure about things like multiple table numbers, and are hoping guidelines will be given out sooner rather than later.

“There’s a lot of decisions that have to be made,” he said. “We have to plan rosters, we have to plan the logistics of our table plans in the restaurant, and we may have to hire more staff as well.

Discussions on reopening guidelines ahead of Friday (RTÉ)

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51 thoughts on “Supper ‘n’ Snitch

  1. goldenbrown

    my fave reply to yer mans personal service broadcasting message there has to be:

    Gym trition @gym_trition
    12h Replying to @Donal_OKeeffe and @deshocks

    Tell them where Anne frank lives will ye

    lol the policing by chitter

    1. goldenbrown

      couple more cracking lines in yer wan’s chitter chat now…she must be lovin the attention/validation/ticks n stuf…I’m particularly liking this quip:

      “…the jab is as useless as Anne Franks Drumkit….”

      now that’s a new one for me, I’m going to have to demote my usual “as useful as a ham sandwich” quip for those certain scenarios where the apprentice hands me the wrong device or tool for a given job with this far far superior quip

      every day is a school day

  2. Paulus

    There’s a great story concerning a play based on the life of Anne Frank: The girl playing Frank has a particularly annoying voice which grates on the audience. When the Germans arrive to search the house the audience starts chanting; ‘She’s in the attic’

  3. Micko


    “ and absentmindedly didn’t realise until I was leaving.”

    I didn’t give a crap when I got there, because I was starving, but then decided to make a big deal of it once my belly was full.

    1. Fergalito

      Was thinking the same thing – the smell of cooking bacon, the sight of succulent sausages, the thoughts of a perfectly poached egg. Poor fellow was discombobulated what with the sensual experience of breakfast in a café.

      I can picture him, his thumb hovering over the “send” button almost sure that “absentmindedly” will do just fine, “le (or is it le?) mot juste!”

      1. Micko


        Mouth full of rashers and fried egg, spitting pieces of food and tea at the poor waiter shouting like an Hibernian version Mr Creosote from Monty Python “hey hey…YOU never asked me for my health passsssss!!!!”

        Ok, I think I might have gone too far now…. ;-)

  4. Ronan

    I’ve had the same experience in several establishments.

    But I wouldn’t rat them out like. The tables are socially distanced and to be honest it’s down to me to consider the risk. I’m choosing places with open ventilated seating spaces, which seems better risk management for me and my family than relying on vaccine certs.

    I know others that are simply choosing to eat outdoors even though they’re vaccinated.

    1. Micko

      “ I know others that are simply choosing to eat outdoors even though they’re vaccinated.”

      Do you not think it’s odd that vaccinated people are more nervous about Covid than unvaccinated people?

      1. george

        “Do you not think it’s odd that vaccinated people are more nervous about Covid than unvaccinated people?”

        Eh no, because people who don’t care about covid-19 don’t get vaccinated.

        1. Micko

          But… why would you care about Covid if you’re vaccinated?

          Trying to wrap my head around the logic of this one.

          Like, if the vaccine protects you from serious effects or death, then why worry.

          Using that logic, people should be just as concerned about the flu.

          And since Covid is endemic now and never going away. will people just live their lives like this from now on forever?

          Am I missing something?

          1. Nigel

            No you’re not. You’re performatively lying, pretending you don’t understand like some sort of clown making exaggerated gestures in the centre of a ring.

          2. Nigel

            Fine. You stop insulting my intelligence.

            I would say I’m not so much worried about it as conscious of the possibility. Putting on a mask in pubic indoor spaces and maintaining a distance from others at this point is pretty much the same as looking both ways when crossing the street. I know that to you this means that I am liviing in a ridiculous state of costant quaking terror of being hit by a car, but there you go.

          3. Micko

            “ I know that to you this means that I am liviing in a ridiculous state of costant quaking terror”

            Yes. Yes it does.

          4. Nigel

            Those foolish athletes-professors-actors-CEOs all believe in looking both ways when crossing a street?

          5. Micko

            You think being hit by a car and getting Covid are comparable odds of dying. Even WITH a very successful vaccine.


          6. Nigel

            Still unclear on whether you think looking both ways before crossing the road is an act of abject cowardice, Micko.

            ‘Yes, but if you were old or had cancer you’d just be dying “with” a car’

            If you were vaccinated it’d be sure-fire proof that they don’t work.

    2. george

      It is down to you to consider the risk of unvaccinated people contracting covid-19 in hospitality settings and ending up in hospital? I don’t think it is.

      1. SOQ

        When you take the infectiousness argument out of equation, all that is left is bodily autonomy and personal choice. Non vaccinated people are happy to take their chances, because the odds were and are pretty good for low risk people.

        As for the hospitals, if they were under such pressure last year, why hasn’t capacity been ramped up since? The health service is there to protect us, not the other way around.

        1. Nigel

          Infectiouusness IS the argument.

          Unvaccinated people include people who can’t get vaccinated and are at enormous risk. Vaccinated includes people who are vulnerable if they experience a breakthrough infection. You keep trying to simplify inherently complicated situations and problems.

          And why should they improve the health service? Governments have been failing to fix the health service for decades now and haven’t been punished for it, why bother now?

          1. SOQ

            According to your great lord and master- Dr Fauci- vaccinated are just as infectious as not.

            And more to the point- as these experimental vaccines wane very quickly- there is no way of knowing at which point a vaccinated individual becomes the same risk of serious illness or death as non.

            Why should they fix the health service in the middle of a pandemic? Is that a serious question? Given the obscene amount of money spent on dodgy PCR tests- that is the very least they could have done.

          2. Nigel

            But infection levels and waning effectivenss are only problems to people who actually think the pandemic is real. To people for whom the world has been turned into a movie directed by evil overlords and peopled with paid actors, they’re just plot holes that confirm your certainty that the world is a movie directed by evil overlords and peopled with paid actors.

            No, you twit, it was not a serious question.

          3. Nigel

            I’ve got quotas. ‘Memo to paid commenters: 75% increase in SOQ pwnage by lunchtime or it’s back to lurking on for you lot.’

    3. Junkface

      Social media brings out the worst in human behaviour. Snitching culture is awful. Imagine USSR in the 70’s and 80’s with social media, half of the population would be in Gulags.

  5. Bruncvik

    If they were so concerned about vaccine passports, why didn’t they turn around and walk out when they weren’t asked to show them? By staying, they endangered other patrons in those restaurants and should be held accountable.

  6. SOQ

    Government is saying two thirds of restaurants (and i assume pubs) are complying- so when you strip away the spin, that is likely to be less than half. And can you blame them? It is quite obvious this government doesn’t give a fiddler’s fluck about entertainment nor hospitality.

    As for Mr O’Keeffe and Ms O’Shaughnessy- pretty sure there is plenty of people who wouldn’t want to near either of you two too- and the reason is nothing to do with being vaccinated.

  7. des

    91% of adults are vaccinated. Checking of Covid certs is therefore irrelevant and is just an example of government imposing restrictions for the sake of it.

      1. johnny

        (A new hotline in Bogotá takes calls from men struggling with jealousy, control and fear)



        Calm Line

        can you give this number to DOK-he’s one your useful idiots.

        “The Direction for Citizen Culture of the Ministry of Culture, Recreation and Sports talks about the Calma Line, a telephone line where men over 18 living in Bogotá can call for free to be heard and oriented.

        Nicolás Montero, Secretary of Culture, Recreation and Sports, SCRD, specified that “the Calm Line is a proposal to address masculinities from the root, which are all those social and cultural constructions about what it means to be a man and the mandates that are socially imposed on them. We can´t think of a society that eradicates violence against women and domestic violence, without first thinking about a transformation in culture, without thinking about revising our masculinities ”.

  8. johnny

    …Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds is an early study of crowd psychology by Scottish journalist Charles Mackay,….

    add COVID.

    “… debunking include alchemy, crusades, duels, economic bubbles, fortune-telling, haunted houses, the Drummer of Tedworth, the influence of politics and religion on the shapes of beards and hair, magnetisers (influence of imagination in curing disease), murder through poisoning, prophecies, popular admiration of great thieves, popular follies of great cities, and relics”

    -it’s the nurses and doctors weaponized by a weak leader and lame duck govt.

  9. Nullzero

    Pat Kenny will be lobbying any government minister he speaks to for the establishment of the Covid Stasi complete with rewards for anyone reporting any wrong think they encounter.

  10. Free Lunch

    Cork big mouth Karen snitches try to get Polish kid and UCC student fired from Cafe and Restaurant jobs. Any chance they might criticize the government for fupping the whole thing up in the first place.

    Did they ask to speak to the manager? Probably.

  11. wearnicehats

    Is there any situation where your valid cert is revoked or would come up invalid? I’m just wondering if there is any real reason to scan the cert of a regular customer in a pub after the first time it’s done. Most local pubs and cafes have a good number of the same people in most days

    1. Micko

      If the person has a cert from previous infection, and they go outside the 6 months I’d say it comes up invalid.

      A friend has one and her’s clearly states that she is previously infected and not vaccinated. It runs out in December, so she’s in serious trouble in her job then as she doesn’t want the vax.

      So, I don’t know for sure – tell ya in December

  12. K. Cavan

    “The atmosphere was pleasant, the food tasty, the service friendly….but there was a glaring lack of Gestapo-style interrogation”.
    These sort of people NEED a snitch line “no, they never asked for my Safe Vaccine Green Pass Licence & I think some of the staff are also signing on the dole..” “I’m afraid that’s a different snitch line…”
    There’s a local Chinese takeaway who are only accepting phone-in orders. When a female friend walked in unawares, they wouldn’t take her order from her, even though they spent a minute explaining this, across the counter. She took her business to the other Chinese takeaway, across the road & won’t be going back, they seemed to think she might phone in the order while standing there, in the shop.
    Anyone who’s a fan of Terry Gilliam’s movie Brazil must be enjoying this farce.

  13. Hector Rameriz

    I’ve been in a few establishments inast few weeks. All I need to provide was telephone number. I don’t really give a sh.. I’m vaccinated. There’s others that have to worry more than me, so have at it.

    BTW I wouldn’t give Mr O’Keeffe too much credence. Going by his Twitter feed he’s a bit of a fantasist.

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