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      1. GiggidyGoo

        Ah you poor auld divil. Was the orderly not gentle with you this morning? You can complain you know. Have some beans for brekkie.

    1. goldenbrown

      yeah, have to admit I had a bit of an oul chuckle at this one

      “BLITZ” lol

      50,000 special force EHO’s armed to the teeth with closure orders raiding our food and entertainment establishments nationwide etc.


  1. Birdie

    “She is an artist robot, let’s be really clear about this. She is not a spy. People fear robots, I understand that.” Well that article is a break from the usual mould of news these days. I’d be in the camp of robot fear due in no small part to Ex Machina. Also that whole metaverse makes me anxious for my kids… the damage those companies have done to young people especially girls so far is grim.

    1. E'Matty

      There’s a very interesting and informative talk given by NASA Chief Scientist, Dennis Bushnell in 2011 in which he explains the technological ages of man.

      Technological Ages of Mankind

      Hunter/killer groups million BC-10kBC
      Agriculture 10k BC – 1800 AD
      Industrial 1800 – 1950
      IT 1950 – 2020
      Bio/NANO 2020 – ?

      Note the Bio/NANO age was “predicted” to commence in 2020.

      It seems to just be the precursor to the Virtual Age, which is already coming into view with things like Facebook’s Metaverse concept. It’s a transhuman or post human age we are entering.

      Here’s the full speech. Very interesting though also quite disturbing.

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        ‘With-Without’ from my first year Latin, which comes in handy *snigger* from time to time….

  2. Johnny

    Great piece in times on the city and dearth of tourists,then there is this…..

    -Since Broadway reopened, it’s definitely helping,” said John Fitzpatrick, who owns two hotels in Midtown. “But we need the international travelers. They come during the week, they stay longer and they have an expense account.”-

    What ever happens at fitzies is on a expense account…..what a cheap way represent modern Ireland,I’ve no idea what ‘business’ except FFG and state bodies like Aer Lingus use his ‘fawlty towers’,obv anyone staying there is best not paying for it themselves,but if you have accesss to a company credit card……just another thick paddy on the make,he is just so tacky and cheap,he clings to you when you meet him dripping with insincerity.


  3. Johnny

    Make it rain daddy,oh big daddy more,more……Colm making it rain like a man with a big expense account in New York,guess where he stays,are you putting that on a expenses account…
    How much how you want sorry need hon,can you meet me at Fitzpatricks we talk bout it……..oh don’t worry,stop…you won’t have pay…it’s all on a expense ac…yeah,I know…

    Aisling Irish Community Centre – $156,766
    Battery Heritage Foundation – $9,600
    Catholic Charities – $60,760
    Commodore John Barry Centre – $22,000
    Digital Irish – $24,000
    Emerald Isle Immigration Centre – $194,000
    Gael Scoil – $6,000
    Gingold Theatrical Group -$10,000
    Hudson Valley Irish Fest/ AOH – $12,500
    Irish American Heritage Museum – $28,000
    Irish American Writers And Artists – $8,300
    Irish Business Organisation New York -$10,000
    Irish Diaspora Centre – $208,000
    Irish Network NYC – $4,000
    Irish Repertory Theatre – $50,000
    Museum of the American Revolution – $21,000
    New York Irish Centre – $123,000
    New York Irish History Roundtable – $3,500
    New York University Libraries – $8,000
    Origin Theatre Company – $30,000
    Our Steps – $20,000
    Irish Studies Queens College CUNY – $6,500
    Solace House – $20,000
    YoFi Fest – $3,825

    20 grand to solace house-huh


  4. johnny

    over 30 million in Irish aid to help try launder his rep.

    ….here hold on FFG,help me pour some gasoline on it…

    “Meanwhile, tensions were running high on the streets, and on Monday the capital city was host to a massive strike aimed at protesting pretty much everything: violence, the high number of kidnappings, shortages of fuel, high prices for basic foodstuffs and the political vacuum that exists in the country since the assassination in June of the then-president, Jovenel Moïse. In addition to these issues, the Digicel telecommunications company has raised its rates, adding to the charged atmosphere.”


    1. johnny

      how it started.
      -Former president Bill Clinton wrote in a Time cover story on October 1 that Digicel’s founder and chairman’s move to make cash transactions available for the poorest in the world via cell phones was the number one idea in changing the world for the poor in 2012.-


      …how things going in Haiti Dennis ?

      (only one your most lucrative and important markets,is that blood agin on the streets O’Brien..how’s that yummy money flowing huh)

      -Maarten Boute, chairman of cellular phone provider Digicel Haiti, said his firm has resorted to moving staff only in armored cars with drivers trained for kidnapping scenarios. Because of the escalating risk, he said, he abandoned his Port-au-Prince home this year to move into a fortified hotel compound.

      “Most people who can afford it and have visas have sent their family away, or moved outside the country,” he said. “We are using armed security, armored cars and have patrols that [scout] roads. But we still avoid certain areas, or moving around, as much as we can.”-


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