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Above from left: Jane Daly, Irish Theatre Institute, Minister for Culture Catherine Martin, Siobhan Bourke, Irish Theatre Institute and research lead Dr. Ciara L. Murphy

This morning.

Temple Bar, Dublin 8

The launch of  Speak Up: A Call For Change Report, containing findings from a 2021 survey on Dignity In The Workplace in the Irish arts sector commissioned by the Irish Theatre Institute

The survey, with1,300 respondents, found that the…

‘… 70%, had experienced harmful behaviour and 53% had witnessed it.

The majority of those instances were reported to have taken place in the workplace.

The data shows the perpetrators were more likely to be men – 67% – and that women accounted for 42% of the reported incidences.

Freelance arts workers were also more likely to face harmful workplace experiences than those who are not freelance.

Those who experienced the behaviours were more likely to be women than men, and the data found that women were more than three-and-a-half times more likely to experience sexual harassment than male respondents, and more than twice as likely to experience sexual assault.

The majority of perpetrators were reported to hold positions of authority, and respondents reported that often, supports were not available to them and that where they were available, they were insufficient.

Full report here

70% of art sector workers experience harmful workplace behaviours – report (RTÉ)


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6 thoughts on “A Job In The Arts

  1. Ellie Campbell

    The report is tainted because one of the people behind it, pictured above, was on the board of the Abbey theatre when a number of serious allegations were made about a senior member of staff in 2019. She didn’t act then, why? Can the ITI tell us what the outcome of the allegations were? Otherwise this report stands for nothing.

  2. Gabby

    In the Arts sector somebody is asking: What about the workers? Stand up for proletarian values, as the Leninist said to the Liberal.

  3. Dr.Fart

    do a report, have a photoshoot standing on the street holding the report.. and then what? nothing?

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