Are You Keeping A ‘Good House’?


This morning/afternoon.

“We’re looking at a number of options there obviously the Gardaí can be involved because it is a criminal offence not to enforce the pass system and we’re looking at involving the private security agency as well because they’re involved in regulating bouncers and people at the door…they might be part of the solution as well.

“But really what I would say to the industry is you’ve been closed for five, six hundred days. We want you to stay open.The best way to do that is by running a good house and enforcing the Covid pass.

And to say to people as well, I’m going to be doing it you know, when going into bars and restaurants be saying ‘make sure you check my pass because if you’re not, you’re not running a safe shop‘.”

Tanaiste Leo Varadkar.

Leo Varadkar warns gardai and security companies could check if pubs are following Covid pass rules (Irish Mirror)

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42 thoughts on “Are You Keeping A ‘Good House’?

  1. ce

    Sounds fun…

    Why is it so difficult for people who are used to checking id in bars and restaurants… to check ids…

    Instead will have G4S goons…

    1. Mr.T

      Have you ever worked in a bar?
      You dont check ID of every single person who comes in, the overhead would be killer.

      Most nights you wont check any IDs, the odd time you do will be if someone looks underage when ordering at the bar.

      If you had to check IDs of every patron the time wasted would be astronomical – you would need an extra permanent member of staff just for that

      1. ce

        Have you ever worked on the door of a night club….

        “If you had to check IDs of every patron the time wasted would be astronomical – you would need an extra permanent member of staff just for that”…. yeah, definitely need to consult with the department of rocket science and/or brain surgery on this…

        1. Mr.T

          Yes – and on younger student nights the queues move so slowly having to ID peole (and refuse those too drunk)
          Adding in a 2nd cert, AND having to check everyone for both certs would slow things down so much. Although for a nightclub you have the luxury of having door staff, most pubs do not.

  2. K. Cavan

    Leo, Leo, Leo….
    STFU, your political career is winding down (so soon?), retire to spend more quality time with your pension.

    1. Cui Bono?

      He’ll be off to a nice new job soon at the UN or WEF for being a good boy and following orders.

  3. Zaccone

    Private security firms demanding “medical papers please” from people to access basic services for months or years to come…. (our vaccination program is already finished, so whats going to change at any time in the future?)

    Can you imagine the abuse someone would have gotten in April 2020 for suggesting that? They’d have been called a complete conspiracy minded lunatic.

    1. Micko

      Yeah Zaccone. There’s not even a mention of this ever ending. No date to wind it down.

      As you’ve said, the vax program is finished. Those who don’t want it, will never get it now.

      So if unvaccinated people won’t be going to any of these places anyway, then vaccinated people have just been convinced to let private companies push them around.

      Expect to see hundreds of people standing in an orderly queue outside a nightclub with their health pass and photo ID in hand, masks on their gobs, standing 2 mtrs apart thinking how free they are.

      Mind boggling

      1. SOQ

        Believe it or not, there are people even on here who will love the idea.

        Such is the mindset- pathetic really.

      2. Termagant

        If I’m vaccinated, and you’re not – you should be ostracised and shunned, because that would make you the out group, making notYou, meaning me, the in group, and thus, cool dudes.

        the worse things are for you, the cooler and more in I become in proportion

        1. SOQ

          In fairness- I know a couple of the Luas redcow security lads- gay as Christmas- whatever that means.

          1. Oro

            Are you just relaying private anecdotes about non-public figures’ sexual likes for fun? You need to take a few weeks off, put the phone down. Wtf is wrong with you.

            And I know you’re trying to do the kind of gross-out very 80s kind of in your face gay thing but you’re not actually doing it right, this kind of extremely personal information you’re spreading is just really awful stuff.

  4. SOQ

    What has occurred to me about why the government are admitting failure of this stupid system is that it maybe a ‘get out of jail’ card- because it really not like them to do so.

    Let’s assume there was 100% compliance and like Israel, or Singapore, and even after the third ‘booster’, hospitalisations and fatalities keep rising. At that point, there really is nobody else to blame, now is there?

    This way they can keep pointing the finger and the ‘unclean’- even though it will be obvious that the vaccines don’t work.

    1. Chris

      They know they don’t work. They know that we know they don’t work. They know that most can’t even entertain the thought that something is seriously wrong.

    1. eamonn

      leo went there a long time ago, he seems to like it out there.
      it is like he needs to see how much nonsense people will take – it seems, as much as he can get ready for more.
      Somebody voted for him – my question would have to be why ?
      Amnesia,fear of the alternative, fear of the bogeyman, fear of a country run for the citizens rather than living in an economy.
      What does he offer to the general populace ?

      1. goldenbrown

        yep, he does love it, he’s a sociopath/tory crossbreed….and the answer to your popquiz is: a hatred for the poor

  5. des

    So Leo has revealed hi inner Nazi, well we all knew it was there.

    This is a total ballhop, look at Waterford and explain why covid rates are so high
    I really really hate Leo Vradkar

    1. goldenbrown

      there will be
      but not before he lands his dinner circuit gig
      and here’s your clue….
      it involves something containing lime and water often used for decorating walls and fences


        1. Poor oul divil

          … A sam brown belt with a buckle big and strong
          And a holster that’s been empty manys a day (but not for Long)

    1. SOQ

      Only for the compliant lesbians- especially those living in rented Dublin, mainly drafty over priced kips in rathmines- vaccinated obviously- no indoor latte now tomorrow, unless 6 jabs and a booster?

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