Bizarre Counter Culture


This morning.

New covid ‘safety guidelines’ for nightclubs, live events, bars and restaurants will be published today.

Via RTÉ News:

Today’s updated guidelines are expected to permit the multiple booking of tables in bars and restaurants.

It is also likely that table service will continue in bars but socially distanced queues will be allowed at bar counters.

However, people will not be able to congregate there and the move is aimed at addressing staffing shortages.

Allowing people to stand at live events could involve some limit on capacity, along with both ticketing and Covid-19 cert requirements.



Multiple table bookings expected in new guidelines (RTÉ)




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24 thoughts on “Bizarre Counter Culture

  1. Mr.T

    People ordering at bars is what would alleviate staffing shortages – table service only exacerbates shortages.

    More staff are needed to attend to multiple tables

  2. SOQ

    It takes a certain civil service mindset to sit down and conjurer up such nonsensical rules, in the full knowledge that nobody- or very few- are actually going to adhere to them.

    Is Bord Failte supposed to be policing this too?

      1. Mr.T

        Come on Cian, even you can see that the smoking ban is nowhere near comparable with this carry on.

        There is no consistency in the new covid rules – whereas the smoking ban is a pretty clear ban on all smoking indoors for the purposes of stopping 2nd hand smoke etc
        Covid rules are presumably meant to stop the spread of covid, yet have weird paradoxes like dancing maskless is fine and multiple tables of 10+ each is fine, but ordering a drink has to be in a socially distanced queue at the bar, but not AT the bar. I guess they’ll have stipulations that said queues need to be perpendicular to the bar aswell?

        And then theres the fact that we have covid certs to ensure unvaccinated people are kept out, yet the all vaccinated inside of pubs still have all these weird covid spread rules – I thought vaccines stopped transmission?

        1. Micko

          “yet the all vaccinated inside of pubs still have all these weird covid spread rules”

          It makes absolutely no sense and have to say, it’s great to see the majority of folks here and only calling this out for the absolute bull it is.

          Brought to you by the same people that brought you €9 meals in pubs and kids shoes aren’t essential.

        2. Sqoid

          Only shred of consistency I can see is an attempt to reduce exposure to staff members?
          Vaccines don’t stop transmission but greatly reduce severity of illness, viral load and by extension transmission.

          Everyone’s frustration at lack of clarity, especially around gigs is well deserved

    1. f_lawless

      Maybe its the work of behavioural scientists?

      Impose standards that are effectively impossible to maintain thereby setting up the environment where blame is again shifted onto the general pubic’s ‘misbehaviour’ for rising numbers in order to justify further state coercion..

      “I’m so sorry but the widespread failure to sufficiently comply with the guidelines means that the surveillance system is set to remain for the foreseeable future and boosters will be needed”

      1. Chris

        There’s no maybe involved, behavioural psych has been used from the start, It’s all deliberately nonsensical for a reason, the whole farce is. Destabilisation weakens people’s mental resolve.

        The whole constant flipping of narrative serves the same purpose. I think people would have a hard time accepting the malevolence involved, even if it’s spelt out for them.

  3. Broadbag

    Socially distanced queues at bar counters is 100% going to work, brilliant idea, well done whoever came up with it (who has clearly NEVER been in a pub.)

    1. SOQ

      Expect the Irish Time to do an article called ‘how to socially distance shift’- written with earnest and virtue filled phrases about saving granny… and probably the planet too.

  4. Paulus

    Should one care for some social imbibing
    There’s confusion ’round what they’re proscribing:
    Seems NEPHET’S the nemesis
    Of all licensed premises
    (Such a tongue-twister here to be rhyming!)

  5. Fergalito

    The rationale for not opening pubs had been based on the implication that:

    alcohol + people = guidelines/rules out the window and unmanageable.

    But now …. ?

  6. Junkface

    They should make 15 min. Antigen tests mandatory for anyone who wants to enter a crowded pub or nightclub for the evening. Then there is confidence that no one inside is covid 19 contagious.

    I’m assuming that most pubs and clubs have spent nothing on new ventilation or even large floor fans. Who is supposed to do the joined up thinking? Spending some money on this should be very affordable and possible for businesses.

    1. SOQ

      Blanket testing everyone would be an admittance that not only do Vaccine Passports not work, but that the actual vaccines themselves don’t work- and they sure as hell are not going to do that.

      When it comes to saving careers or saving lives- careers will win, every single time.

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