Blame From Spain Falls Mainly On The Plain


Last night.


Dr Tony Holohan reveals his Covid cert was not checked in Dublin Airport as health chiefs predict rise in deaths (


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18 thoughts on “Blame From Spain Falls Mainly On The Plain

  1. freewheeling

    I thought these press briefings were supposed to be discontinuing? Suddenly Tony’s back and there’s grandstanding again. That man’s addicted to this attention.

    “Did they not recognize you in the airport?”

  2. freewheeling

    He’s on RTE too now doing a blitz on non-compliance, asking people to walk out of businesses if not asked for certs. Tony clearly miffed a lot of people are not on-board with his control measures.

    1. bisted

      …I don’t think Prof Holohan was anywhere near as miffed as he was this time last year when he had to come back from retirement to prevent government dithering and ignoring clear advice from NPHET…his direct intervention probably saved many lives…but heh…xmas…

      1. Lizzie Borden

        He didn’t come back from “retirement”. He was on compassionate leave because of his terminally ill wife.

      2. freewheeling

        “Probably” saved many lives? Like the many deaths he could have saved over last xmas if he’d followed the oireachtas health committee’s report recommendations on issuing mandatory D3 supplements. Not a peep out of him or HSE about D3 deficiency last xmas, before the vaccines had become available. The man’s an unaccountable maverick.

          1. freewheeling

            Old “quakery” actually. Proven in multiple trials and studies last year to reduce Covid hospitalization and icu deaths by 60% .. and part of the early intervention kits given population wide in India this year that has caused hospital demand and covid deaths there to plummet .. but hey, vaccines.
            How many of Ireland’s deaths last christmas could have been so prevented while they were promising and waiting for vaccines. The avoidance of vaccine “hesitancy” programme started early, by avoiding talk of all other options.
            Dangerous, unaccountable, unimpeachable maverick .. with blood on his hands, again, convincing people through press briefings of his own PR that he’s a life-saver.

      3. des

        DOCTOR Holohan, despite what he would have you believe

        A career pen pusher who didn’t want the cervical screening criminality to become public knowledge

  3. SOQ

    So he goes (on holiday?) to a country which does not implement the level of precautions he thinks is necessary- not setting a great example now is he?

    Hypocrisy at its finest.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Holohan should be getting the message then shouldn’t he? Officialdom aren’t interested in stopping passengers at the airport.

  5. des

    Holohan is being dishonest here, yet again..

    Dishonest over Cervical screening and now forgets to mention that the airlines verified his covid cert before he boarded in Spain, so yes it was checked.

  6. K. Cavan

    You’d have to say, ringing up to complain that someone didn’t ask you for your papers is a bit like ringing the guards to complain that they didn’t stop you to check your tax & insurance on the drive home.
    Those goons who tweeted about the restaurants not asking them for proof of “vaccination status” yesterday are not normal, though maybe they are New Normal.
    What is Tony’s vaccination status, anyway? I reckon politicians & civil servants should be made show their passes every time they appear on TV to lie to us.

    1. Chris

      Yes, nearly two years of propaganda and gaslighting has made people mentally ill. They’re exhibiting classic signs of abuse and defending their abusers is one of them.

  7. Free Lunch

    FACT: NOBODY gets their COVID passes checked in Dublin arrivals. They’re checked BEFORE you get on the plane.

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