The constituency office of Australia’s Victorian Premier Dan Andrews


Last night.

Mulgrave, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Dan Andrews

Via MailOnline:

A ‘world-first’ study that Dan Andrews used to justify his mandatory mask mandate has been ridiculed by top experts.

The report was published by the Burnet Institute supporting the Victorian premier’s outdoor mask mandate during the 112-day lockdown in 2020.

The policy has since been widely criticised by Australian scientists and was labelled by an anonymous clinician as ‘crap’.

…Mr Andrews made the decision based on the report, which made the case for ‘the use of masks for controlling epidemics in the broader community.’

Despite no reported cases of outdoor transmission of coronavirus, Victorians were subjected to months of universal mask use.

Humiliation for Daniel Andrews as the ‘world first’ study Victoria held up as proof its mask policy crushed Covid is labelled ‘CRAP’ (Mail Online)


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13 thoughts on “The Danned

  1. K. Cavan

    The Hunchback of Notre Dan Andrews genuinely makes Irish politicians look suave, handsome, competent & likeable.
    No, really.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Posters all done in the same handwriting so it looks like one person’s work with a couple of the posters wishing violence on an elected representative. I hope whoever did this doesn’t escalate.

    1. Chris

      Blah blah right wing go the automons. Must be awful not being able to think for themselves. The only consolation I suppose is that they’re unaware of the fact .
      22 million ‘boosters’ ordered! C’mon now, get in line! Those boxcars aren’t going to fill themselves.

      1. Fearganainm

        Do you think Candace Owens is right?

        Give reasons for your answer (I suspect that it might contain traces of nuts).

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