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Tanoki featuring Tay Edwards – It Has Begun

Innovation once again.

Kilkenny songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and knob-twiddler supreme Paul Mahon (top right) aka Tanoki unveils his latest collaboration with rapper Tay Edwards (top left) as the third single from his forthcoming album File New. The result is a jazz-tronic/hip-hop narrative about the wonders and dangers of technology.

Paul says:

“Technology is beautiful. Stunning. Without it, two artists from across the world never would have made this song. But that same song is also a warning about that power.”

The video was created by Paul with assistance from David O’Reilly.

Nick says: Paul’s sonic boutique.


Tay Edwards

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3 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Micko

    Good stuff.

    Paul’s also a visual artist. He did the visuals for Lisa Hannigans outdoor show at the Pepper Canister Church a couple of months back I believe.

    Talented guy.

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