Dr Anne Moore (above), UCC School of Pharmacy


Dr Anne Moore, senior lecturer in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at University College Cork (UCC), spoke with Bryan Dobson on RTE Radio One’s News at One about covid vaccine efficacy or lack thereof.

Dr Moore said:

“As time goes by…straight after immunisation, you’ve a very, very strong immune response that, over time, will just, naturally, most vaccines will do this, all vaccines do this, whereby the immune response will just settle down to kind of a threshold level. So at the very start, just after vaccination, you’re very highly protected, you’ve a very strong response at even getting infected.

But these vaccines aren’t made or designed to prevent transmission. So over time, that ability that they have at a community level, to decrease the amount of community transmission, is decreasing so it’s one of the reasons why we’re seeing more transmission in the community. Because vaccines, they’re not designed to do that.

They did have that effect, and they do very early after vaccination. But as a population, as more of us go further in time from our last vaccination, those vaccines, we have less of that ability to prevent transmission and virus loads in our naval cavities are going up slightly and we’re passing it on more.”


“Ultimately what we need is a vaccine that prevents transmission, similar to what we saw, you know, with Polio vaccines. The oral Polio vaccine, you know, was so much better at preventing transmission, compared to an injected one. So there’s still a lot of work to be done in making the perfect vaccine. The ones we have are great, they’ve fantastic ability to keep people out of hospital; but they’re not going to prevent transmission in the community and we need to be aware of that.”


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Pic: Tomas Tyner/UCC

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53 thoughts on “Best Before

    1. Cian

      high infection *this week”

      Since the start of the pandemic to 19/10/2021 Waterford have had 9,610 cases from a population (census 2016) of 116,176 or 8.3% of the population has had a positive test.
      This makes them the 13th highest in Ireland.. or somewhere in the middle.

      – Monaghan 8,752 cases (14.3%)
      – Donegal 21,601 cases (13.6%)
      – Louth 15,062 cases (11.7%)
      – Cavan 8,743 cases (11.5%)
      – Dublin 141,418 cases (10.5%)
      – Limerick 19,878 cases (10.2%)
      – Carlow 5,044 cases (8.9%)
      – Meath 17,276 cases (8.9%)
      – Longford 3,599 cases (8.8%)
      – Kildare 19,288 cases (8.7%)
      – Offaly 6,701 cases (8.6%)
      – Mayo 11,064 cases (8.5%)
      – Waterford 9,610 cases (8.3%)
      – Westmeath 7,078 cases (8%)
      – Roscommon 5,109 cases (7.9%)
      – Laois 6,565 cases (7.8%)
      – Galway 19,174 cases (7.4%)
      – Wexford 10,497 cases (7%)
      – Cork 36,736 cases (6.8%)
      – Clare 7,925 cases (6.7%)
      – Kerry 9,731 cases (6.6%)
      – Sligo 4,270 cases (6.5%)
      – Tipperary 10,117 cases (6.3%)
      – Leitrim 1,936 cases (6%)
      – Kilkenny 5,822 cases (5.9%)
      – Wicklow 8,235 cases (5.8%)


          1. Cian

            because (assuming there is a fairly even infection-rate across age groups) there were more un-infected kids in Waterford than in 13 of the other counties.

            Note: the vaccination rates across each country in Ireland are all in the same ballpark. Its not like Waterford has 99% of adults but Kerry is at 22%

        1. Cian

          And if we look again in 2 weeks and they are down the bottom half – will that convince you vaccinations work?

          1. Cian


            you are choosing to look at one week and draw some conclusion…. (i’m not sure what your conclusion is BTW)…

            I’m just asking if we re-visit in 2 weeks will you stand by your conclusion…..

            and if not, why not?

            otherwise we are back to you cherry picking Florida/Sweden/France/Texas numbers whenever they were low to suited whatever arguement you were pushing on a given day.

          2. f_lawless

            “otherwise we are back to you cherry picking Florida/Sweden/France/Texas numbers whenever they were low to suited whatever arguement you were pushing on a given day.”

            Bit of projection going on there I would say. Weren’t you on here a couple of months back highlighting a rise in cases in Florida and attributing it to their lack of restrictions – even though the restrictions had been lifted long before that particular spike in cases? Now that spike has been in steady decline the last 8 weeks or so and yet only 58% of Florida’s population has been fully vaccinated.

          3. Cian

            Wow Florida has had a decline with only 58% vaccination.
            Hmm. Just like we all had declines pre-vaccines….

      1. Cian

        Also interesting to see four of the border counties (except Leitrim) top the infection list:
        Monaghan (14.3%), Donegal (13.6%), Louth (11.7%) and Cavan (11.5%)

        1. Cccc

          Habib regard to broadsheet referring to SDs in the past, does ‘cian’ wish to declare if he is Cian o Callaghan of the SDs??Your icon profile is purple.

    2. Triona

      The correlation is pretty startling. It was so shocking it got a mention on the US Health Rangers website.

    1. Kim Cardassian

      What’s your point? Stop beating around the bush like a coward and make your point. And then back it up with scientific evidence. Otherwise you’re about as relevant as that lad on O’Connell St. shouting about the return of Jesus.

      And you’re definitely not Jesus.

      1. Chris

        Really? I mean it’s quite straight forward. Um, what part of the message are you having trouble with? Is it the bit about Waterford having the highest vaccine uptake? Or the bit about Waterford having the highest infection rate?

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Triggered there Kim?
        What exactly are you looking for me to produce scientific evidence about?

        1. Kim Cardassian

          Still beating around the bush I see. Some things never change. Do you even know what your point is?

          1. SOQ

            The point is that Waterford has highest injection rate AND Waterford has highest infection rate.

            If CoVid-19 vaccines worked as sold, then that should not happen.

          2. Kim Cardassian

            If only we could compare the stats with a time when there was no injections and high infection rates in Waterford and see what high means. I hope someone took notes

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Which bush would that be now?
            What exactly are you looking for me to produce scientific evidence about?
            Don’t beat about the bush. Is it the Infection rate? Is it the Vaccination rate? What’s triggering you?

          4. Kim Cardassian

            You keep saying triggered as if you’re a shiny knight in spandex rising people who have different views than you. U ok hun? xx

  1. Cui Bono?

    Is it likely that over the summer months, just like last summer, there was less people getting covid but now we’re coming into winter months it is spreading again?

    Maybe the vaccines never really worked in the first place.

    1. Mr.T

      The vaccines work, but they dont prevent transmission long term

      The only way you can prevent transmission is to have your immune system kill the virus so quickly that you dont ever have enough virus in your body to shed and spread. This really only happens when you have high antibody levels from a previous infection – your body doesnt sustain these antibodies, so only shortly after infection/injection will you be less likely to infect.

      There is something to be said for a nasal/oral vaccination, seeing as nasal/oral are the main ways you will actually get infected, this is where you want your immune response to be strongest. If you get infected and recover you probably will have strong immune response here, whereas mRNA vaccination in your deltoid (proven not to stay there either) isnt necessarily giving you immune response where you need it most.

      1. K. Cavan

        Sorry, Mr. T, that’s not how immunity works, it doesn’t stay localised to the site, if it did it would be utterly useless. In fact full immunity only comes after the virion has been dissected by lymphocites & it’s Genome transported to & analysed by a lymph node. Immunity is a full-body operation, much more complex than you’re allowing for.
        There are substances at every orifice in our bodies which are toxic to many pathogens but they are part of the innate rather than adaptive immune system, they don’t change with vaccination or even infection.

  2. gallantman

    The vaccines were completely oversold. The 93%/95% efficacy sales pitch was put out by the manufacturers and nobody queried it or challenged it. (Luke O’Neill bumping it up to 100% even). Now its apparent they are borderline useless after a very short effective period(coinciding with summer too)…the figures for Oct 2021 worse across the board than Oct 2020.
    Now it’s back to “is there anything to be said for saying another mass”/taking another shot- adhering to the well established scientific principle of third time’s a charm.

  3. freewheeling

    It was all spin from the start. Pfizer and regulators knew efficacy waned within months when they released these so-called vaccines. They are not vaccines, they are therapeutics. They were never going to be able to sterilise the virus like the public expects a vaccine to do, but this was not disclosed publicly, because, you know, hesitancy. There has never been a sterilising vaccine for a coronavirus because all previous attempts failed, ending in ADE and viral immune escape, like we’re seeing in other highly-“vaccinated” countries like our near neighbour. And it looks unlikely there will be one soon. No such thing as a cure for the common cold (i.e. coronaviruses) – unless you want to get jabbed every few months to keep ahead of it. Pharma is certainly hoping we will.

    1. SOQ

      I personally think that was the game all along- way more profit in ongoing treatments than cures- its always been the same.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    Did they even try to create a vaccine at all, or as Feewheeling above puts it ,they instead created a therapeutic.

    At the start (March 2020) there was no vaccine available and it didn’t look good for developing one within many years based on the expected develop/test time-frame so did they instead develop this therapeutic. It went from no vaccine available to 5/6 countries/pharmas actually producing it by Jan 2021.

    So if it is time based for how long is it effective in the context of a fully unrestricted opened up society

    Were the governments sold a pup then?

    Are economies now dependent on a time relative therapeutic to keep things going?

    Did any governments or politicians collude with Pharmas on a basis of you push our jabs to your citizens and we will give you, or someone you know, some company shares?

    Would we be better today off if none had taken this vaccine and entered into this false sense of security, did we interrupt, in our haste to open economies, the natural progression of this virus.

    Is the current vaccine and booster potentially useless against future variants and then we are sort of back to square one?

    What is big pharma doing now, are they working on the next therapeutic or are they actually working on a vaccine.

    1. SOQ

      From my readings, pharma had governments over a barrel and forced them to sign contacts to take x amount of product irrespective if what other treatments became available or even if the efficacy was not as promised.

      Just look at the way they threatened Argentina and Brazil, but from pervious experiences India was wise to their behaviour. They are really not nice people.

    2. Verbatim

      When you consider the two big industries that are keeping Ireland afloat, the pharmaceutical and the tech sectors, one can see clearly what is leading the leaders. Always follow the money. Doctors and nurses were getting paid a lot extra to vaccinate the public. It was in all their interests to pull the wool over the eyes of Ireland’s citizens.

    3. K. Cavan

      Yes, basically, all previous Coronaviruses, being RNA-based, mutated rapidly but the most successful ones predominated by being highly-infectious but not very severe in terms of illness, so the infected subjects were out & about, infecting others.
      This is what would’ve happened had we done the sensible thing, protect the vulnerable, who’s identity is clear & everyone else go about their business, albeit some extra handwashing & not venturing out when coughing & sneezing would’ve helped keep the flow into hospital steady. This was pretty much the Pandemic Readiness Plan adopted by most countries in the early 2000’s, which was ditched for some reason.
      No vaccine based on mRNA technolgy has ever been successful, it’s wishful thinking to believe this one will buck that trend. We’ve likely changed the genetic progress of Sars02 & which may yet prove to be the single biggest medical error in human history but it is certainly a huge medical error, as many eminent virologists have been saying, at least when they’re not being censored by computer engineers.

  5. E'Matty

    Ah, do you remember where those crazy ratlickers were saying that lockdowns and social distancing would undermine the whole populations immune systems?


    “Paediatric services are “under very significant pressure” as a high number of children with breathing difficulties are being admitted, in a development suspected to be linked to low immunity because of last year’s lockdowns.”

    Do ya remember when they said the restrictions would harm children’s development and mental health?


    “Ireland is facing into a “tsunami” of mental health problems among children as a result of Covid 19, with rising numbers contacting services about being suicidal, anxious and self-harming, an Oireachtas watchdog has been warned.”

    “In the first week of school closures, Childline experienced an instant increase in demand across online, phone and text.”

    Daily statistics of deaths and cases had also “played havoc with children’s emotions” and the service was getting calls from children as young as six years of age saying they were “afraid and scared”.

    Shame on the adults of this nation.

    1. K. Cavan

      Exactly as many of us have been saying, it’s a disaster on many, many levels.
      On the other hand, Big Pharma have raked in huge profits & will continue to do so, as our idiotic politicians will continue taking us down the same, suicidal path we’ve been on since the start. And all without any risk from legal redress for the tsunami of death & injury the injections have caused, that will come back on us again.

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