In New Mexico


From top:  Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins; Alec Baldwin on the set of his new movie ‘Rust’

Last night.

Via Reuters:

Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed a cinematographer while leaving its director in critical condition on set of his new movie, Rust.

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and movie director Joel Souza were shot after a prop gun reportedly misfired.

Alec Baldwin fires prop gun on movie set, killing cinematographer (Reuters)


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74 thoughts on “In New Mexico

    1. Joan Burton

      Where did you read that ? I haven’t seen anything that goes through the details of how many shots were fired etc

    2. paval

      Jumping to conclusions there in a big way. A bullet can easily go through a person and into another. Terrible thing to happen whatever the circumstances.

          1. Bodger

            Just an observation. Listen to his answer machine message to his own daughter. The guy is unglued most of the time.

          2. George

            I suggest Bodger familiarise himself with the defamation act. A real person has died.

            He could easily have fired two or more rapid shots of a prop gun within the space of a second or so while filming before realising something had gone wrong.

          3. just millie

            Grow up Bodger. You’re the one in the wrong here.

            You’ve made some serious insinuations here with the bare bones of a news story, rumour and your own opinion of the man.


          4. Bodger

            Two people were shot by an actor with previous convictions for assault, taken off a plane, etc. with self-confessed anger management issues. I merely pointed out that he was a known hothead. Like you would in a conversation.

          5. Bitnboxy

            Oh Jay-Sus! The state of Bodger. Baldwin had the temerity to mock and impersonate cool-headed Trump – Bodger’s icon. QED he must be a murderer. And hence the state Broadsheet.

            Truth social!

        1. Joan Burton

          So he shot two people as he was cranky!
          Bit of a leap there, he’s managed to build quite a successful career up to now without shooting dead anyone !
          Maybe you spent too long listen to Gemma’s leap of fantasy !!

          1. Bodger

            They say in New York Summer hasn’t started until Baldwin gets into a punch up with a paparazzo on the street.

          2. Oro

            Is it? So it’s a bookending of summer situation?

            Quick handle switch there I noticed there btw bodge / JR ;)

          3. johnny

            no one ever says that

            he’s extremely well liked and admired in NY


            yeah someone is unglued….more and more….every day…..and post.

          4. Johnny

            FFS-thats the END of summer…first Monday in September ….it’s just total non stop rubbish and factually wrong garbage around here day after day after day..the comments now sadly reflect that.

            Alec lives and splits his time between Amagansett and Nolita,as I have,he’s just a class act,great company and a gentleman,sounds me like a workplace accident,happened Bruce Lee’s son,Brandon on set.

          5. Bodger

            johnny, you are not the only living boy in New York. I meant ‘you know it’s Memorial Day when….’

          6. johnny

            Alec is from long island,a local who grew up in New York,30 Rock is still very popular in re-runs,his SNL parody(did it bother you bodge) made him iconic.

            41 Times Alec Baldwin Absolutely Nailed Trump


            the site has simply gone to sh…
            FACTS MATTER.

            if you want put up such a sensational rubber necking click bait posts,the least you can do is NOT mix up the two BIG US summer holidays,to ahem validate a made up statement you claimed was common in NY-its not.

        2. Joan Burton

          Why delete my post Bodger ?
          Never like your past love of Gemma the hate monger being brought back up !

        3. George

          You wrote “Guy with anger issues shoots two people.”

          You’d be making a big payout if you were sued.

    1. George

      How long does it take to fire two shots? It could easily be done before you would register that the gun wasn’t firing blanks.

  1. Ellie Campbell

    Just some things don’t add up. Firstly you NEVER aim a gun at anyone on in set. That’s written in stone. Secondly the firearm would have to had been handled by the set armourer to ensure it was safe. It was a western so the gun would not be an automatic. Why was he aiming a gun at the DOP and the director, not the camera? He’s in big trouble for that alone. If one bullet went through one of them first, what was the second person doing standing behind them? Hiding? Cowering?

    1. paval

      That gave me a good laugh. Actors aim guns at other actors in films the whole time. Also people do actually stand behind other people in a film set without arousing suspicion. The obvious question which you seem to have missed is why the gun was loaded with a live round, but keep on looking there!

      1. Ellie Campbell

        Nice try. But guns are never aimed at actors on set. Unless of course the film sets you’ve been on? Which I imagine is on planet Muppet where it sounds like you’re visiting from? Enjoy your stay.

        1. just millie

          Ah, so you’re the only commenter here who has ever worked on a movie set? Here? On an Internet forum of anonymous strangers?

          Fascinating. Thank you for sharing those trade secrets with us Ellie.

  2. Cian

    What about the most important question:

    Was he vaccinated? Is this proof that the mind-control 5G graphine nano-chips are working as expected?

    Is there a storm coming?

    1. Fearganainm

      The movie’s plotline features an accidental killing. Was reckless, wild man Baldwin – a Democrat, remember – just trying a little too hard to get in character with his extremist brand of method acting?

  3. newsjustin

    Apparently with old guns, other rounds can get stuck and then a blank dislodged it – it’s how Brandon Lee died.

    Makes you wonder why real guns are used…even with blanks….I guess they give a more authentic look/action.

    It’s very sad for all involved.

    The film, apparently, is about a young boy who is accused of shooting someone accidentally. Which is just tragic coincidence.

    1. alickdouglas

      There seems to be a demand to make firearms in movies ‘more realistic’ of late. Reputable movie armourers tend to use real firearms that have been adapted so that it is impossible for them to fire a live round, but the whole point of using a prop firearm is for it to go ‘bang’ and generate a recoil impulse. Therefore the need for some sort of ‘blank’ like charge. Movie blank loads are far from negligible power, so the risk is that if there is anything in front of the charge it is going to get impelled out the front at high velocity. As another poster pointed out, semi autos need enough power to cycle the action of the gun, so they require even more power. Hence, safety people prefer revolvers. Nevertheless it’s never 0 risk messing about with a prop firearm. Incidentally I don’t have hands-on experience with prop guns, I do however have multiple times a week experience with live firearms over a few decades.

      Assuming it was in any way a seriously produced movie, it sounds like a very serious mess up, so multiple injuries not that surprising. I don’t believe for an instant that Baldwin was messing about, terrible thing to happen to anyone (by which I mean Baldwin, the people killed and injured and their families).

    1. goldenbrown

      feel sorry for him, disasters all round

      whatever the law enforcement outcome for him personally I doubt he’d ever want to go to work again for the rest of his life…I can’t imagine how anyone would get over an incident like this

      (ok I know a few who probably would quickly enough but its not appropriate)

      1. goldenbrown

        I’m reading now that it may have been a single shot, passed thru yer mans clavicle tissue and on to the poor girl behind him, jasus if so what dumb fupping luck

  4. Papi

    Read the room, Bodger, Jesus.
    “However, tragedy struck when the gun discharged either shrapnel or a bullet, which hit two people on set including the director of photography, Halyna Hutchins.”

    That didn’t take long to find. You should try it.

    1. Bodger

      Papi, I was having discourse with a commenter, ‘shooting’ the breeze so to speak. The actual post refers specifically to accidental shooting

      1. John Harrington

        Bodger two people have been shot, one fatally, and you think shooting the breeze is appropriate.
        Bodger you’re a poobag.

        1. Papi

          Bodger, it might be time you had a wee holiday. Somewhere quiet, no internet, colourdy drink or two with an umbrella.
          You know. Calm.

  5. Jdawgs

    Wow. The comments on here. I came for the news, I stayed to read the drama.

    Jump to Conclusions with Broadsheet

  6. Fearganainm

    “…Detectives are likely to examine why the prop gun went off with such catastrophic consequences. In an email to its members on Friday, the entertainment union IATSE claimed the gun had contained a “single live round”. The weapon was “accidentally fired” by the “principal actor”, it added. One Hollywood website, quoting a witness, said a distraught Baldwin had asked why he had been given a firearm apparently loaded with real ammunition. “In all my years, I’ve never been handed a hot gun,” he exclaimed, according to the site, Showbiz 411…”

    1. George

      “The sheriff’s office said no charges had been brought following what appeared to be a tragic accident.”

      Anger had nothing to do with, Bodger.

      1. johnny

        SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Warrant: Before fatal shooting, Alec Baldwin was handed loaded gun on film set by director who was unaware it was loaded.

  7. Free Lunch

    Mega financial settlement coming. Baldwin hasn’t a legal leg to stand on. The 2nd Amendment covers bearing real arms, not fake ones. And it doesn’t mention bullets at all.

    Regardless, a person lost their life doing their job. RIP to the lady involved.

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