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  1. SOQ

    Daily Mail translation- yet even more people realise that overpaid Irish Civil Servants are making it up as they go along.

    1. Chuckenstein

      Politicians don’t have to run with what may have been one of several options posed by ‘overpaid civil servants’ unless they themselves are clueless. Believe me, some of them are just that.

  2. f_lawless

    This is worth a watch-
    MEPs who opposed the introduction of the “Green Certificate” system hold a press conference at the European Parliament to voice their grave concerns about the road Europe is currently going down.


    German MEP:

    “Civic rights are being increasingly curtailed and its not clear why citizens would go along with this. One of the reasons might be – and this is one of the disadvantages of free democratic societies – that you always reach a point where you believe that democracy and the rule of law and freedom are some how God-given, that they’ve always been there and that they will survive, whereas in actual fact these are rights that have to be battled for and that is why these fundamental basic rights should not be viewed as privileges that are given by the government and can then be withdrawn..that is the real problem here..we need to make it clear to the people of Europe that they should not tolerate this for a moment longer”

    1. SOQ

      Passes are going to harm vaccine rollouts because the amount of vaccinated getting sick can only go one way- up.

      The excact opposite of thier intention.

      1. SOQ

        One has to wonder if this latest tightening on late night venues is really about health.

        There is absolutely no reason why if pre booked ticket only was the plan, that those affected businesses could not know in advance. We’ll let you open now- just joking- only under these stupid tight restrictions etc.

        Either that, or they have no clue what they are doing. Surely the current passport scanning system should be able to tell who was in a particular venue on a given night? Wasn’t that the whole point of it?

        1. Cian

          More lies from SOQ.

          We have discussed the vaccine certs and you know that when the vaccine certs are scanned that it only decodes the barcode. No information is sent back to some secret government cabal to track anyone.

          1. SOQ

            Then how does it verify which code is valid and which not?

            And, how can to from dates be built into it if not known in advance?

            Accusing someone of lying because they have not accepted your professional spinning is a bit rich btw.

            What exactly are they going to do with 500 or 1000 contacts anyways?

          2. Cian

            because some people believe his lies… and they will spread them thinking “de gubberment is tracking us”

          3. SOQ

            Why does he bother? Because he is paid to.

            The only real way of checking this is to remove the reader from online and see if it still works. If it requires an online connection in order to work then it should be asked why.

            If it does work, then there is no reason why the entire venue cannot use the exact same bar code if the person holding the reader is so inclined. Silly stuff.

        2. f_lawless

          Maybe in the not too distant future facial recognition technology will be presented as the fast and convenient ‘solution’ we’ve all been waiting for?


          ‘Supported by the (UK) government, iProov is working to create a future in which facial scans could dictate our access to many parts of society.

          Andrew Bud, iProov’s CEO, says that should the app be adopted, it could lead to a future in which we all have a unique QR code on our phones to disclose our health status. This code, verified by a facial scan held in a central database, would be used as a passport for entry into spaces ranging from pubs and restaurants to mass events.. .

          “If the result is that you can turn up to a thing, show your QR code, present your face, and you’re through – that’s a lot faster, and a lot more private than the alternatives.” ‘

          1. Chris

            The facial recognition has been implemented and are you accusing the New Statesman of printing conspiracy theories?

            You’re really reaching now Cian, with the added cheek of calling others liars. Noted.

          2. f_lawless

            I made a suggestion of how things might transpire based on already having observed a pattern of manipulative behaviour by the Irish government during the Covid era and on the increasing use of facial recognition technology in countries around the world since Covid.

            “COVID-19 opens door to Facial Recognition Technology”

            I think in the times we’re currently living in you haven’t much hope of anticipating what direction we’re headed if you keep resorting to the label “conspiracy theory” as a kind of pejorative silencer for opinions that call into question government actions and motives

          3. bisted

            …government inaction and dithering has led to thousands of needless deaths in Ireland in the face of advice given by their own experts…despite blatent reminders such as golfgate or the Zapponne affair, the solidarity of ordinary people has triumphed in observing lockdowns and vaccination…what motivates you?

          4. Chris

            What motivates you bisted? There certainly isn’t a degree of critical thought guiding your inanities, that’s quite positive.

          5. bisted

            …what motivates me is primarily not wanting to become infected with Covid…I’m one of the 92%…I know that figure even includes some ratlickers but the solidarity among people trying to do the right thing has been incredible…

          6. bisted

            …talking about critical thought…has the widespread wearing of masks not been a setback for the facial recognition onslaught…

          7. Cian

            Just because a technology exists doesn’t mean the government will start to use it. We don’t have an armed police force in Ireland, for example, even though the technology exists.

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      Wait a minute….

      You mean the angry man didn’t intentionally shoot them with real bullets because he was angry like Bodger sed…?!

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Loaded with live ammunition or prop ammunition, why would he point it at someone and pull the trigger? Both can be lethal.

    3. Kdoc

      Loaded guns are everywhere in America.. There are more guns than people and maybe he just picked up the wrong one.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      The nearest to a niteclub I came to was the Tara Ballroom in courtown on a Monday night in the summer. Shaking my stuff to the…..Bunclody Ceili Band. :-) Tea and marietta at the break, and finishing up at the unearthly hour of 12:00. I remember standing with one of my friends at the mineral bar, and he kept facing the bar and not turning around. I asked him why. He’d just came back from the toilet in his nice cream coloured trousers, and, as he pointed to the crotch area of them, he said ‘the last drop always gets ya’. So he had to refrain from the ceili for half an hour until the trousers dried out.

      1. E'Matty

        Christ, ceili was it for you? I’m sure you had great craic all the same. I’m just remembering how even up to relatively recently, you’d have to wear shoes and a shirt if you wanted to get into most clubs. The beige trouser pish dribbles has caught out many a good man.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Packed ballroom. The crowd lessened after 11:00pm and the crowd on the beach increased. None of your caked on make up either. :-)
          Dancing there 7 nights a week during the summers. All of the top showbands.

  3. Hail Mary

    they found a sexier picture for the front page of the movie worker who some say Baldwin may have angrily shot

    – is that how you do it Bodger?

  4. Free Lunch

    Moden Dublin nighclubs are rubbish.

    Give me the Grove any day. And Wez in Donnybrook.

    Craw Daddy wasn’t worth saving.

    1. Free Lunch

      Khashoggi. Like the average Newcastle Utd supporter could even spell anything with more than four letters: beer, chips, cops, etc.

      The shambolic, money-grubbing humanrightswashing of the Premier League sucking at the big teat of Saudi , matched by gross tribal knuckle dragging.

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