Sick Leave [Updated]


This evening.

You tell ’em, Bill.


HSE CEO Paul Reid at Dr Steevens’ Hospital, Dublin yesterday

This morning.


With more than 1,800 HSE staff out due to Covid-related issues around the country, University Hospital Limerick and Galway University Hospital confirmed yesterday they had to cancel surgeries.

In some cases they even had to close wards due to the increase in Covid-19 patients at a time of growing levels of respiratory illness and emergency attendances.

Surgeries cancelled as 1,800 health workers now out due to Covid, HSE chief calls for booster shots (


….via RTÉ News”

Health Service Executive CEO Paul Reid has said there is a “significant proportion” of healthcare staff who are not able to work because of Covid-19 infections.

Speaking on Morning Ireland, he said that from his perspective he is anxious to see booster vaccine campaigns for health care workers, adding that the National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) continues to assess the evidence relating to booster shots.

He said his concerns relate to healthcare workers becoming ill with Covid-19 and the subsequent impact on the health service and “secondly, what we are seeing is emerging outbreaks within healthcare settings.”

‘Anxiety’ among healthcare staff as case numbers rise (RTÉ)


*scratches head*




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49 thoughts on “Sick Leave [Updated]

  1. Nigel

    I don’t supposed exhaustion, stress and burnout are great for either mental health or the immune system. But if only they hadn’t taken the vaccines, then more of them might be dead or disabled, but at least they’d be free.

    1. K. Cavan

      At least the straws you’re grasping at aren’t plastic, anymore, Nigel, eh?
      They’re made of a combination of dishonesty, fake science, wish-fullfilment, fear & ignorance, in equal proportions.

      1. Nigel

        i think you’ll finf they’re all very real for frontline healthcare workers. Maybe the straws the broke the camel’s back.

  2. Frank

    Both my kids have the auld Covid at the moment.
    My Partner decided to get tested too. She had no symptoms but as she was getting the kids tested she thought she’d get one herself, feeling very tired etc.
    She is also positive for Covid. Double jabbed with Pfizer BioNTech in July. Only 3 months ago.

    The advise from the HSE was, you all have antibodies now so if you’re sick again don’t get tested in the next 9 months because it will show you have Covid but actually you don’t (seems like a lie to me!!). Also you can all get a cert saying you recovered from Covid, so (the HSE man said this) you can go on holiday!!!!!.

    So my partner will not only be vaccinated but also recovered… whilst being vaccinated.

    It would seem to me the real problem is people who are vaccinated are going around spreading Covid blaming people who aren’t vaccinated!!

    Also it would seem that the vaccine is as my father may have put it… ‘not worth a curse’.

    1. Shayna

      Frank, sorry about your kids, hopefully a speedy recovery. I think that people generally don’t understand the nature of the various vaccines, it’s not advertised as a preventative measure, merely a means to combat, fight the virus, if contracted. I’ve had the similar vaccine as your partner, double jabbed, I’ve a Covid Passport also. I’ve been taking part in Covid testing, which means I get a door-step PCR test monthly. I’ve recently returned from Portugal, I’ve been in contact with people there who had suffered, some quite badly from Covid. I did not walk around there, or here in Ireland thinking I’m immune, or spreading the virus. Oh, got my day 2 PCR results yesterday – negative.

        1. Shayna

          Jeez – but. I’ve never tested positive, tested regularly. The magnet thing? Yes, I’ve got to say. It did freak me out a tad!

      1. K. Cavan

        Actually, Shayna, it IS advertised as all the things you say it isn’t advertised as, otherwise it wouldn’t even occur to you to say it, right?
        Or did you just come up with those denials off the top of your head?
        The reason you’re negative is because you haven’t come in contact with the virus, if you do, your test will be positive, it’s completely unconnected with your vaccine status.
        So, you say it doesn’t prevent infection, then imply that your vaccine status has kept you uninfected, while you were away. Magical thinking, no logic at all.

        1. SOQ

          This is a reoccurring theme where people have been misled into thinking that they provide inoculation into SARS-CoV-2, when in fact they do nothing of the sort.

      2. Frank

        The kids are grand. Having to take them out of school for a week. Not grand.
        My point (if there is one to any of this) is we just need to get on with it.
        Everyone that wants to be vaccinated is vaccinated. So really what more can be done??
        like everything you’re just going to have to take your chances and get on with it.
        Moreover as is being proven in the UK there seems to be a waning in the efficacy of the vaccines. hence more cases.

        The virus effects a certain percentage of us and the billions spent on a general treatment rather than a specific cure seems all the more apparent to be complete folly. Why wasn’t all that money and resource spent on focusing on the very small percentage that was exposed to the worst of the virus??? and a specific programme of treatment designed for them.
        I think the answer to that is quite simple…
        It’s far more profitable to treat billions than find a cure for thousands.

        and yes Shayna as Bodger says I am Frank Magnet Man. I can’t explain that as I’m sure you can’t!!

  3. George

    Some HSE staff aren’t vaccinated. It doesn’t say how many of the 1800 are vaccinated.

    The HSE has more than 67,000 direct employees, and a further 35,000 employed by agencies funded by the HSE.

    1. SOQ

      You can be certain that if any sizeable amount were unvaccinated, the HSE and government would be shouting it from the rooftops.

    2. f_lawless

      But there’s no mention in the article of an issue with unvaccinated HSE staff, whereas it does say

      ‘The Head of the HSE Paul Reid has said he is “anxious” for healthcare staff to get booster vaccines as Covid-19 cases continue to rise.’

      Surely it would have been mentioned if that was the issue?

    3. Zaccone

      If the HSE had the same vaccine update as adults in the country at large, 93%, that would give them 4500~ odd unvaccinated. But its likely to be much fewer than that, given the pressure all HSE staff were under – no unvaccinated nurses being hired etc.

      So no matter how you spin it the vast vast majority of these 1800 people are likely to be vaccinated .

  4. K. Cavan

    It’s The Vaccine, Stupid.
    Basically, everything the Covid Cultists have been saying is crap, it doesn’t stop you becoming infected, it doesn’t stop transmittal, it doesn’t stop you from becoming seriously ill, it doesn’t stop you from dying.
    Mind you, even the vaccine pushers, who manufactured it only claimed it would stop you from dying but every covid cultist on here claimed all the other non-existant benefits, also, because they’re either pathetic, childish fantasists or they’re lying.
    Nigel, for example, he’s not a pathetic, childish fantasist.

      1. K. Cavan

        You know, of course, that personal, targetted criticism for specific actions, lying, for example is pretty much the polar opposite of demonisation?
        Of course you do, Nigel, you know exactly what demonisation is, every post you put up yesterday demonised “Pandemic Truthers”.
        You are an extremely dishonest person, we all know that.
        Next chance you get, you’ll be implying, again, that the fake vaccines give real protection from infection & transmission, as you try to keep the “vaccine passports protect you” bullcrap alive, right?
        Call it, record the time of death, Vaccine Passports are dead, DNR.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Luke O’Neill is some expert alright though

      – Vaccinations are stopping transmission. (No they’re not)
      – When vaccination reaches a high level ‘the virus goes away’ (No it doesn’t)
      – We can prevent Covid through vaccination (No you can’t)
      – All of the vaccines, including AstraZeneca, will prevent you getting sick and ending up in hospital. (No they won’t)
      – It also believed that once you get coronavirus you will become immune from it again and O’Neill believes this may be the case. (He obviously will peddle anything that will make him an, ahem, influencer.

      1. Nullzero

        Yeah but he’s says “You see” in a manner that makes him sound important after every statement he makes (have a shot of your spirit of choice when he says “you see” when interviewed and you’ll be getting your stomach pumped shortly thereafter).

        Pat Kenny’s weapon of choice against the unclean scourge of the unvaccinated.

      2. Lilly

        ‘– It also believed that once you get coronavirus you will become immune from it again and O’Neill believes this may be the case’

        Where are you getting this nonsense? It’s a Dolores Cahill gem from March 2020. Luke O’Neill has never made any such claim.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          It’s a report from the media Lilly, based on his various interviews, and things like this..

          ‘Evidence is also growing that once you’ve been infected, there is a pretty good chance that you will be protected from further infections, or at the very least, have less severe disease. This makes sense, as it’s why your immune system evolved in the first place.’

          So, no – not Cahill.

  5. Otis Blue

    Reid’s ongoing dedication to PR is admirable but does he actually fulfil any of the responsibilities generally entrusted in a CEO?

    Answers on a very small postcard please.

  6. K. Cavan

    It’s quite clear by now, for anyone who’s paying attention, that whether you play a few rounds of Russian Roulette with an experimental drug or not, your Immune System does the heavy lifting.
    Healthy Immune Systems, not blind, ignorant trust in “having a go” with something that the share-owning scientists cooked up in the lab using dangerously failure-prone medical technology, that’s what protects people from Coronaviruses & all the pathogens we encounter, daily, many of which are far more dangerous than Sars02.
    Vitamin D, healthy food, exercise, socialising, all these can play a part in keeping you alive, they do so constantly as we go about our day.
    Face-rags, social distancing, lockdowns, fear-induced stress, experimental drugs, all these can only play a part in killing you & at the very least will have a negative impact on your health, increasing your chances of serious disease or even death, yet these are the measures our governments are being told to enforce. Not just recommend, mind you, actually enforce & having been well-trained in following orders by many years of the EU’s neo-fascist “Let’s Make Democracy History” campaign, they follow the barked instructions like the pathetic dogs they are, killing their own citizens because Bill Gates considers them superfluous.
    The Vaccinators, The Undisputed World Heavyweight Champions Of Stupidity have had a fair crack of the whip, they fell flat on their faces, time to cut our losses, bury the dead & stop this utter insanity before we turn it into the greatest tragedy of our lifetimes.
    Say No to Boosters, they are a special Road To Hell, one paved with Bad Intentions.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Sounds like your own situation alright Daisy. Having used two hours to look up something on the internet. And admitting to it. Parklife indeed. Sad.

    1. SOQ

      Of course the immune system does the heavy lifting, it always has. Without it there would be no vaccines because all they do is prep it for battle.

    2. Chris

      Will the already vaccinated need boosters? Time will tell, there’s a definite cohort that are jumping of the bandwagon. How they fare in comparison to the boosted in the coming flu season will be telling.

      The cold that was going about effected the vaccinated more than the unvaccinated, but they were still able to mount an immune response.

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