Spawn Of Delta


Y.4.2 aka Delta Plus reportedly contains mutations ‘that might give the virus survival advantages’

This afternoon.

It’s having kids.

Via i Paper:

The new offshoot of Delta, AY.4.2, has been upgraded to a “variant under investigation” by the UK Health Security Agency.

The so-called “child of Delta”, which is a sublineage of the variant, has become increasingly common in the UK and accounts for more than 6 per cent of new cases, with 15,120 confirmed infections so far.

Officials said the variant, given the official name VUI-21OCT-01, may have increased growth rate compared to the original Delta variant. Some scientists believe it is up to 15 per cent more infectious than Delta, but this has not been confirmed.

Covid: New ‘Child of Delta’ strain upgraded to ‘variant under investigation’ as UK cases rise (iPaper)

Previously: Covid-19: New mutation of Delta variant under close watch in UK (BBC)

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8 thoughts on “Spawn Of Delta

  1. freewheeling

    Is it time for them to roll out the new variant threat to scare us all with already?
    Well, it is nearly Halloween I suppose.

  2. Ballyoo

    Yeah! Depressingly dystopian…

    It reminds me of the Talking Heads song: “We’re on the road to nowhere”.

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