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This afternoon.

Liam Herrick, executive director of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) has written to Minister for health Stephen Donnelly about the necessity of the vaccine pass.

The ICCL has said the pass system has been developed without any ‘meaningful consideration of human rights’.

Mr Herrick writes:

We ask you, Minister, to please clarify the following:

What is the purpose of the Government’s vaccine certificate system?

The purpose matters because it affects the proportionality and necessity of the measure. If it is to persuade people to get vaccinated, this raises concerns about the future ramifications or possible expansion of “health passports” and the subsequent impacts of such on everyone, vaccinated or unvaccinated. If it is to reduce transmission, the certificate system should include testing.

Why is testing still being omitted from the certificate system?

There is a provision in the Act [Health (Amendment) (No.2) Act 2021] to allow for a “permitted person” to include someone who can show proof of a negative test. It’s utterly unclear why this hasn’t been provided.

Where is the evidence that the immunity certificate system to date has worked in curbing the transmission of Covid-19?

It is vital that this evidence is forthcoming, given the context of extremely high rates of vaccination in the population generally and particularly the age cohorts accessing hospitality.

This is also vital, in the context of persistent transmission of Covid between vaccinated people in all settings.’


Full letter here

Irish Council for Civil Liberties

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10 thoughts on “Thanks, We’ll Pass

  1. Cian

    it’s a piece of paper, you one after your second shot. It is currently valid indefinitely.

    if you take a test and are negative you get 2/3days until that test becomes meaningless. This would require a more technical/electronic solution…. which is the opposite of what Herrick/ICCL would want.

    Scrap the vaccine passport (except, possibly, for international travel).

    1. Mr.T

      The electronic pass currently supports valid start/end dates for vaccinations and recovery certs, so it would be trivial to add same for tests. PCR 3 days, antigen 2 days.

    2. Zaccone

      It doesn’t require a technical solution, or rocket science to check. the EU standard electronic pass that we use already provides this exact functionality. If you have this feature enabled if someone has a test over 3 days old they get a red X instead of a green tick.

      Every other EU country with a corona pass system uses this. For very valid civil rights reasons.

  2. K. Cavan

    It’s just a vaccine passport, it’s just a health passport, it’s just a health & credit score passport, it’s just a health, credit score & digital wallet passport, it’s just a health, credit score, digital wallet & social credit score passport, that’s all.
    Every single authoritarian regime has things like that, no biggie.

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