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        1. Verbatim

          1) When you see ‘quotation marks’ around a text, you understand that it is a quote taken from somewhere else.
          2) Do you know that two or more people can have the same thought?
          Bendback you need a lashing for calling people thieves.

  1. E'Matty

    Irish Daily Mail – Minister declares war on citizens for exercising their right to decline a medical treatment. The demonisation of the unvaccinated continues…

    1. SOQ

      Oh it gets sillier than that

      Hillary Clinton demands Boris ‘mandate vaccines’ and wants those refusing jabs sacked

      HILLARY CLINTON has demanded Prime Minister Boris Johnson mandate vaccines and sack anti-vaxxers in an extraordinary intervention into British politics.

      The former Democrat presidential candidate told Andrew Marr Mr Johnson should implement draconian rules and sanctions around vaccine uptake in order to force infection rates down ahead of winter.


      Why isn’t she arguing for such in Texas and Florida? Because she would be told where to go.

      1. johnny

        -Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin blasted Trump at the QAnon conference today. He said Trump promised he would lock up Hillary, but “at the end of your 4 year time, the only ones locked up were men like me, and others like me, that have stood by the president the strongest.-


        men with feelings:)

        he is facing very serious real charges,most likely significant jail time and a felony,from his role on Jan 6th,financial ruin is guaranteed too.

          1. jungleman

            Oh if only I would debate your nonsense! No, thanks.

            The best you will get from me is ridicule, something I’m sure you’re well used to at this stage.

          2. SOQ

            There is nothing I can recall from jungleman other than snipes but also- I am pretty certain you are not from South Armagh.

      2. Nigel

        Says a lot about the leadership of Texas and Florida that they make Boris Johnson look like someone who can be reasoned with. But actually I’d say Johnsons’s perfectly happy carrying on as if the UK death toll of more than a hundred a day basically isn’t happening. Texas has more than 200 deaths a day and Florida… changed its data reporting to hide the number of deaths per day. What brave, strong, admirable people they all are.

        1. SOQ

          Yes love- lets see what happens after next Friday in NYC.

          If you don’t know what that means then I suggest you go look it up.

          1. Nigel

            Why, when we can already see what’s going on in the UK and Texas and, well, they’re trying to cover it up a bit in Miami?

    2. Micko

      Regardless of where one falls on the Vax’d or unvax’d issue.

      There is something bloody weird going on. Something that everyone should be concerned about – jabbed or not.

      I think even some journalists are starting to question WTF is going on? Perhaps too late…

      “ Why, when we were promised that vaccinations would deliver us to the promised land of freedom, is the narrative now changing?”


        1. benblack

          Daniel McConnell – great journalist.

          Always look forward to his columns.

          He just has a straightforward attitude and speaks and writes the same.

          1. jungleman

            Micko is JAQing as usual.

            McConnell’s article is a whinge. “I’m no epidemiologist…[but I’m going to go on this rant anyway]”. He seems to be blaming NPHET and the government for not finding the solution to the pandemic. Is he aware it is a global problem?

          2. benblack

            Just like climate change?

            Bully plop plops paid for ‘scientists’ and ‘journalists’ – sickening propoganda.

          3. benblack

            He’s a journalist, so I presume he does – more than you.

            A proper journalist.*

            *Kiss of death, I know.

        2. Micko

          Eh yeah?

          Who the feck doesn’t ask question?

          Might I suggest you look into Stanley Milgram and his experiments on compliance JungleMan

          And then not be worried about asking questions.

          1. Nigel

            I’ve developed a prefernce for journalists who go out and find answers to their question rather than using them as a lazy rhetorical crutch to fill out a word count or as a pretext for posting unrourced. unnconfirmed speculative-to-downright-invented click bait.

          2. Micko

            Would that be the former president of the United States jungleman?

            Ye know – a completely different nation that holds no bearing to Ireland.

            Completely irrelevant.

            I feel about him the way Jon Stewart does.


            You and Nigel think he’s a supervillain.


          3. Micko

            Research Fearganainm?

            I would hardly call me watching a few vids or reading a few articles about Millgram “research”

            But, semantics aside. Thanks very much for that new article.


            @ Poor oul divil

            I won’t be engaging with that rubbish. You’ve asked me that question about my wife and kid a couple of times, and it’s just weird man. Cop on.

    1. bisted

      …it’s great to see Prof Nolan getting this recognition at this stage…I often wondered why people would allow themselves to be scapegoats for dithering politicians but he has stood firm…history will show how fortunate we were to have NPHET…despite their advice being constantly ignored by politicians they stood firm and their resolve has saved many lives…

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Great that there are people who already know how history will record the actions of various people in relation to this pandemic.

        Here’s how history has already recorded Luke O’Neill’s pronouncements.

        – He stated ‘Vaccinations are stopping transmission.’ (No they’re not)
        – ‘When vaccination reaches a high level ‘the virus goes away’ ‘ (No it doesn’t)
        – ‘We can prevent Covid through vaccination’ (No you can’t)
        – ‘All of the vaccines, including AstraZeneca, will prevent you getting sick and ending up in hospital.’ (No they won’t)
        – It also believed that once you get coronavirus you will become immune from it again and O’Neill believes this may be the case. (He obviously will peddle anything that will make him an, ahem, influencer).

  2. GiggidyGoo

    The ad bottom right of the times. Directed at anyone who wants to learn basic and essential online skills. The course is online. Sure if they haven’t basic online skills, how will they manage to participate?

    1. Tom J

      Yeah, you do the course and if successful you can order all your stuff on line, including the Covid 19 vaccine.

  3. johnny

    two quite prominent elected representatives from Ireland visited NY/Boston ‘merica last few days.

    Finn Gael sent the fattest most corpulent corrupt looking irish pol ever,he is just horrendously disgustingly obese ,this is a pic of his bit fat…with Ger who also has junk in her trunk.


    …while here he was armed with 1 million of YOUR money to give away,how did he decide, over a quick bite:)

    he just is another FG moron with your money that he can not give away fast enough,this,this is why NO elected US political met the man.

    follow up-go away out that

    personal space-oh yeah ….

    “Brophy said that the Irish government put emergency funding into place with a great deal of flexibility for Irish Diaspora groups over the past 18 months.

    “We said, ‘Listen, we’re not interested in a 16-page memo about how something will work. You know what you’re doing, make it happen.’

    “And groups did, and not only did they do it, but they did it with such huge effort – people probably gave more of their personal space, time, everything than they’d ever given.”


    (a quiet dignified event was recently was held involving leading US politician’s and one the huger strikers,to commenorate the end the strike,with no irish govt support)

    1. Tinytim

      This would make a great argument in the 90s. Fortunately we have matured enough to realise that we knock people for their incompetence in their employed skillset. Was this person hired to present ‘how to squeeze through small windows’ ? ..no. Ok move on.

      1. Johnny

        …pic 3 is my fav.

        In the right corner weighing in at bout 300 pounds….he’s kinda a showpony,so why send a fat old FFG nag ?

        -The Minister of State at the Department of Foreign Affairs is a junior ministerial post in the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Ireland who may perform functions delegated by the Minister for Foreign Affairs. A Minister of State does not hold cabinet rank.

        Colm Brophy, TD – Minister of State with special responsibility for Overseas development aid and the diaspora.-

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