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    1. Bitnboxy

      Lol. Mad auld lad Giggidygums and Itchy McScratchy out of the traps with their invariable tiresome causes célèbres. I’d wager most folks enjoying the bank holiday as I am about to do. Leave the comments to ageing boggled-eyed port worker Giggz and trans-obsessive Itchy McScratchy. I could not care less.

  1. Clampers Outside

    The UK is seeing sense with the Police now being banned from recording sexual assaults by ‘trans women’ as crimes committed by ‘women’ (and I would assume some correction will be made to the stats of the last few years too, but that remains to be seen).

    This is good and welcome news for both male and female victims of crimes.

    In the case of rape, 436 rape cases between 2012 and 2018 were recorded as perpetrated by women.
    Clearly all of these cases were perpetrated by “trans women” or men ‘identifying’ as women because under UK law one can only be charged with rape if one uses their penis.

    This ban on recording such crimes as being committed by women is good news for all victims of any crime.

    Great to have a return to common sense.

    I’m sure the usual TRA head the ball on this site will be on to tell me how transphobic this is, the deluded muppet.

      1. Clampers Outside

        It’s no crusade. It’s just common sense.

        In addition to that, I have seen numerous hard-line feminists make claims of the rise in statistics of men reporting domestic abuse and attributing the rise to statistical reporting of crimes by trans women (and other factors).

        I endured domestic abuse for seven years, and spent more years than that reading research from around the world on domestic abuse, as well as a time volunteering as a board director of irelands only domestic abuse agency, some time after.
        I am wholly aware if the ability of such feminists efforts to minimise the perpetration of domestic violence by women, and when I see something such as a return to common sense reporting of statistics, I welcome it with great relief that one less factor can be used to make claims that are not true.

        As I said, let common sense prevail.

    1. Oro

      Whatever about this specific news item, you yourself are transphobic clampers. The way you pursue only certain types of stories about trans people, the way you post triumphantly when anti trans legislation goes through or procedural changes are made that trans people have been advocating against. The way you constantly post a stream of anti-trans news stories obsessively on here to influence peoples opinions of trans people along with those stupid platitudes of yours at the end “it’s simply common sense”. I don’t know why you’re afraid of the label ‘transphobe’ because its so appropriate for the way you operate when it comes to trans people.

      You clearly have all sorts of alerts set up for this news, or you belong to some sort of anti trans separate site, or else you routinely look this stuff up. The motivation that keeps you doing that is extremely questionable. Sort it out.

          1. Clampers Outside

            See my previous comment above, further up, also, I have just responded below.

            And now I have responded, maybe you too can answer my question on whether the issues “matter”.

          2. Oro

            Your comment above doesn’t address anything I asked, it just gives off a bang of MRA and a personal non-relevant anecdote designed to put you in a sympathetic position. In fact, unless either you or your (presumably) former partner are trans it’s totally irrelevant.

            Your other comment, you claim these are spoken by trans people, yet they are not the main talking points of the trans movement, it’s very “gays for trump” etc. so I don’t think that’s a credible explanation for your obsession with demonizing all things trans. You’re unwilling to acknowledge your transphobia, while being transphobic! I don’t know why nobody can stand by their own words anymore.

            So where do you get all your trans media answer me that? It’s not just casual googling, you don’t just happen to encounter these stories. Is it Twitter? Reddit? 4chan? Mumsnet? All of the above?

          3. Clampers Outside

            On your first para about relevancy.
            It is early relevant, and made perfectly clear, that statistical reporting of crimes is pertinent to the tackling of the issue of domestic abuse.

            As for your stating that I personalised my comment, you asked about my “motivation”, or more early you claimed to know it, and I clarified it.
            It is clear from this response you are not even remotely interested in an honest response as you have evidently attacked that too.
            You are only interested in asserting your own predetermined notions, a wholly dishonest, defensive and infantile position to take.
            You have no interest in the hard questions, only name calling, assuming motivations, demonising and acting like a child.

            The rest of that comment is only further proof.

            Grow up!

          4. Oro

            No I think that’s insincere. The motivation behind your posting this specific story initially isn’t to do with accurate reporting of statistics (give us a break), rather its to do with it being about trans people. Therefore your personal anecdote is not relevant, and holding it up as a mechanism to excuse your transphobia is disingenuous. You don’t post about police statistics regularly or consistently so sorry that doesn’t hold up.

            Why are you so afraid of giving a name to your views on trans people? Why not be honest about it?

          5. Clampers Outside

            Oh ffs, go away! You’re still being an infantile child.

            Remember, the reason these issues are coming up now, is that trans lobbyists intentionally, and under advisement from an international legal firm, took an approach to this topic of “no debate”. The result was, a campaign that intentionally went “under the radar” of public discussion, and went behind closed doors by lobbying politicians in private – this is what TENI reported to the legal firm they did.
            It is because of this tactic which is blowing up in their faces that the public is now pushing back, and rightly so.

            My reason for stating this is because I can see that very same position, no debate, in your continual avoidance of discussion and a clear intention of demonising any dissent to the TRA position.
            Well, boohoo, the tide is turning, and now TRAs haven’t a clue how to defend their ridiculous positions on Self-ID, and the diminishing/removing of sex segregation in real world scenarios, nor in the blurring of statistics, and so much more.

            Take your tantrum elsewhere.

          6. Oro

            “Take your tantrum elsewhere”.

            That’s rich. You’re in the throes of a 5+year extended anti-trans tantrum that has been playing out in real time on here. For all to see.

          7. Clampers Outside

            I simply state points and facts while you resort to attacking the man…. It’s easy to see who is having the tantrum.

          8. Oro

            No you come on and post your prejudiced views about a group in society and then piss and moan about it when it’s described as bigoted. Have the nerve to stand behind what you’re saying. And you call me a child haha.

          9. Nigel

            Like everything else around this subject, you pick an issue, like rape or dv, fly into a righteous rage about it, then tenuously, and usually dishonestly, connect it to trans people as if they are somehow disproportionately responsible for that issue, and when this is pointed out, act as if the person doing the pointing thinks the issue is trivial.

            Of course, those issues DO matter becuase trans people are the victims of rape, sexual assault, dv and murder. But you make it sound as if they’re deviously distorting the statistics on purpose for some reason.

          10. Clampers Outside

            There’s no rage, all very calm truth be told.

            Any disproportionality is in your interpretation, and not what was actually said. Please re-read what I wrote which has a qualification specifically to avoid ignorant interpretations such as yours, thank u.

          11. Clampers Outside

            On the issue of “matters”, how many avoidable sexual assaults that “matter” are acceptable to you? Again, TRAs argue there will be an increase, I wish to know how much of an increase is too many for you?

            1 is too many for me.

          12. Chris

            The woke think power precedes truth, so they have no obligation to be truthful. They say what they can get away with, always.

            You can apply this axiom to anything Nigel types, no matter the issue.

          13. Nigel

            ‘My reason for stating this is because I can see that very same position, no debate,’

            It’s pretty clear you’re not interested in any sort of debate that isn’t instant agreement and acceptance of your terms and your framing.

          14. Clampers Outside

            Excuse me, I stated a fact about trans activism ‘no debate’ position which is well documented.

            The fact you never engage with the questions put to you about how you stand on the consequences of Self ID shows you taking a similar position.

            Your attempt here too is just nonsense, as I would welcome a debate from you, but all you do is throw “transphobe” around.

          15. Clampers Outside

            What terms and framing? You mean, the actual facts? Truth? Can’t think of a better framing or terms.

          16. Clampers Outside

            Excuse me, what?

            It’s not brave, nor controversial and has been the position of safeguarding practices for decades.

            Again, you are mocking and making fun of sex segregation while clearly holding knowledge of how breaking down those sex segregation safeguards leads to increases in assaults.

            With full knowledge you mock the safe guards, and it can only be conuded that to you a spike in sexual assaults “doesn’t matter”.

            Again, you’re a disgrace.

          17. Nigel

            You state a lot of stuff, assert a lot of facts and make a lot of claims and connections and equivalences. Most of them come across as having been translated into Klingon and back several times, are full of ideological assumptions and some sort of in-group language and code. Outside of whatever bubble you got them from, they make very little sense.

          18. Clampers Outside

            Quote me please, on (1) what has you thinking klingon like muddling; (2) what facts you think are simply claimed; (3) so called connections and equivalences you have issue with; (4) any ideological assumptions made.

            I can wait, but I’m off for the rest of the afternoon to enjoy the bit of sun, and will be back.

            Bye for now

          19. Poor oul divil

            The feelings I get reading this drivel from several commentators here are of profound concern

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Oro – that’s a diatribe.
        Why not discuss the actual subject of his post?

        In fact, you’re doing exactly what you’re accusing Clampers of.

        You clearly have all sorts of alerts set up for his posts. The motivation that keeps you doing that is extremely questionable. Sort it out.

      2. Clampers Outside

        Oro, that second paragraph…. Good gawd! Conspiracy level rubbish, laughable even.

        The first paragraph, also stupid. As said before, all the views I’ve given here have been said previously by trans individuals themselves.

        Here, while I’m on it. Why don’t you look up Loudon County Virginia school bathroom rape story, and tell me how many child rapes need occur before you see a problem with Self ID in school toilets.
        And I’d like you to consider not just the assault, but the attempt by the school board to hush it up, the moving of the offender to another school, only for the boy to commit another sexual assault in the girls toilet a couple of days after arriving at the new school.

        Again, how many assaults are too many?
        From what I see of trans activists the removal of sex segregation in toilets and the rise in sexual assaults as a result is inevitable and we should just learn to live with it… I’m not being facetious, here’s a professor from a UK university stating so, and they don’t just say so, they say “it doesn’t matter”.
        Think about that, the trans rights activist, a professor at a university, says a spike in sexual assaults “doesn’t matter”.
        Well, they can go and fupp right off! They do matter!

        But I ask of you again, how many assaults is too many? And do they even “matter” to you? It would certainly appear not to matter to you, not in the slightest.

        End this insanity!

        1. Nigel

          I suppose it depends on exactly how many child rapes, murders, and sexual assaults you can blame on trans people. On top of the domestic abuse and rape issues, trans people are clearly a terrifyingly dangerous and violent group of people who wickedly keep making your statistics untidy just by existing. More anti-trans legislation is clearly required. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they made being trans straight-up illegal in the UK if this keeps up. Then maybe Clampers will be safe from the terror of the trans.

          1. Chris

            The woke think power precedes truth, so they have no obligation to be truthful. They say what they can get away with, always.

            You can apply this axiom to anything Nigel types, no matter the issue.

          2. Clampers Outside

            Your first line is shockingly distasteful considering the original point made in this discussion.

            Your clear facetiousness in the rest of your comment only appears to show you take the position same as the professor in a prior comment above, that is, that you think the spike in sexual assaults “doesn’t matter”.

            Youre a disgrace!

      3. SOQ

        Rose of Dawn (https://twitter.com/Rose_Of_Dawn) is a fully transitioned Trans woman who is highly critical of the Trans movement. In particular, some of the people now claiming space under the Trans umbrella.

        Yesterday she tweeted “Despite the change, few people had even heard or understood trans people. Now almost everyone is aware of ‘neo pronouns’ and the infinite genders – but that’s happened at the same time irate activists have made themselves the face of the trans community.”

        She has been accused of being ‘far right’ Trans and transphobic Trans which is pretty much the norm these days where if someone doesn’t like what you are saying, then they question your motives rather than address the issues.

        1. Oro

          Yes this is the ‘gays for trump’ phenomenon I mentioned earlier, thanks for the assist bb. And of course generously lending your reputation to confirm that it is an alt-right outlier / edgelord position x.

          1. Clampers Outside


            And the Co tinued attempt at putting those in disagreement with Oro into some evil ‘right wing’ box is juvenile at best.

            Funny, as in laughably ridiculous.

          2. SOQ

            When straight people start telling gay people what to think, we have come full circle.

            Likewise when some clown who can’t even be bothered having a shave starts calling a fully transitioned Trans woman transphobic- another circle.

            Within the boundaries of common decency, People have every right to hold and voice whatever views they want.

            There is nothing edgy of ‘out there’ about such an opinion- or at least there never used to be.

          3. Oro

            Oh come on SOQ, Milo Yiannopolis is gay and yet he is homophobic. He is an outlier and not representative of the gay movement but he exists. As does your rose of dawn person.

            You know as well as I do that clampers is anti-trans (and therefore anti LGBT) I don’t know why you’d defend him other than of course to engage your liking for playing devils advocate (which you confuse with having a more enlightened position on these things).

          4. Nigel

            ‘Within the boundaries of common decency,’

            Common decency for me but not for thee.

            ‘And the Co tinued attempt at putting those in disagreement with Oro into some evil ‘right wing’ box is juvenile at best.’

            You’re praising anti-trans laws and measures being put in place by a Tory government in the UK, other anti-trans (indeed anti-LGBT) laws are being enacted by right-wing parties in the US and Europe, Poland, for example. Your biggest worry is that because of this, people might put YOU in a right-wing box?

          5. SOQ

            How is Yiannopolis homophobic? He’s out gay and married ffs.

            There is no gay behavioural contract signed when we come out- we are politically the most diverse group on this Island and there is not a single party we are not represented in.

            As for Clampers stance- it is very closely aligned to that of Rose of Dawn whom in her last video, speaks of very similar matters- which is why I brought her up.

            Gays do not think as a collective and neither do Trans- to demand we do is real homophobia and real transphobia- in other words, full circle.

          6. Oro

            Well he drew comparisons between paedophilia and homosexuality (which seems homophobic to me), unless you think that’s above board?

            And while gay people don’t have to share the same political views at all, yes gay rights actually does have a direction to it. You’re a lost cause, trapped under your internet delusions. It’s a shame.

          7. SOQ

            No he did not- he clarified his position afterwards but of course that was never reported. Not that I am justifying him because I never particularly liked him.

            Who exactly are you to decide what a gay person should are should not think? Such arrogance.

        2. Nigel

          I don’t know what it is about pronouns and the exploration of genders that threatens people to such an extent. Most of the time it’s just shop-talk between people interested in the subject, most often as a way of exploring their own internal states. But this gets portrayed as some sort of mad extreme activism, and of course gets subjected to massive amounts of hatred and abuse. Then when they act like people who have been subjected to massive amounts of hatred and abuse they’re subjected to this sort of gaslighting where questioning people’s motivations is seen as some sort of deliberate attack, rather than the actions of people subjected to hatred and abuse.

          1. Chris

            You can mash them, you can boil them, heck – you can even slice and deep fry them. But don’t ever expect a rational conversation with one.

          2. Clampers Outside

            Changing laws is not simply “exploring” ya spanner.

            Your display of ignorance of the issue and willfully ignoring consequences is on display here.

          3. Clampers Outside

            You’re a child, clearly, with nothing practical to say as demonstrated repeatedly by comments like that.

          4. Nigel

            Well why don’t ypu go get the Tories to write a law to stop me? Write a law to force me to debate you in the narrow and highly controlled confines of what you consider to be ‘debate?’ Do that. The Tories are into that sort of thing.

          5. Chris

            Pathetic Nigel, you can’t debate on established terms because you have nothing, nada, ziltch.


  2. GiggidyGoo

    Maltese Dinny preaching about Facebook and taxes.
    And people listening and agreeing with him.

    How is the Dinny companies balance of taxes paid versus sops given here then?

    1. Johnny

      Can I have some more FFG…..

      Just one of his irish company’s.

      Loaded to the b*alls with his own debt or loans that the company then pays interest on….
      (Reduces tax)

      -The accounts reportedly said that the company received €320,920 in Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme payments and €359,389 in Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme payments, and a note in the accounts said reportedly that “the company was entitled to these subsidies following the decline in revenue as a result of COVID-19”.-


      That amount sugar and fat food just has to lead cognitive decline,he must think and plan about food all day,when he’s not digging in,how much gluttony a day would you need,to just maintain that girth I bet it’s years since he’s seen his own di….except in a mirror.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Leaky Leo at work again? The Indo informs us
    “In a confidential briefing note for a Cabinet committee on climate change, ministers were told energy suppliers could be forced to introduce emergency measures if there are high demands for electricity during the colder months”
    Time now to drop the word “confidential” maybe? After all, Varadkar and Co. are still in situ.

    Any update on the Criminal Care against him?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Just had a look back at RedC October 2020 poll – just to compare the same company’s poll 12 months on.
      Leo’s leak came to light in November 2020. (He hasn’t sued Village Magazine yet by the way)
      12 months on, 12 points lower in a like for like poll by the same polling company. Fianna Fáil managed a one point increase in 12 months.

      Will the boyos in FG act on it? One man decimation of a political party. Likewise FF.

      If they don’t do something now, then how prepared are a lot of them to lose their seats (not looking at anyone in particular, Paschal and the two Simons.)

  4. Birdie

    Interesting Red C results. Shocking that the free contraception strategy for under 24 females didn’t see FFFGG soar in the polls. Sure who needs stable affordable housing, jobs sans zero contract, decent healthcare and public transport when you can get free pills. Sure isn’t that what every young one wants?!

  5. SOQ

    Taoiseach defends nightclub tickets plan which vintners label a ‘disaster’


    Imagine being given the go ahead after such a long period of closure. New stock and probably new staff and then to be told at the last minute that it is to be ticket only.

    And in a lot of venues, even the implementation is impossible. How are all those places which have a late license going to work? Have they to clear everyone out and readmit with a ticket?

    And what happens if there is an outbreak? Is all whatever number of hundreds meant to isolate? Because there is no way of determining who was or was not a close contact.

    1. SOQ

      Pubs will not need to use ticketing system for seated performances, department confirms.

      “In a statement, the Department of Culture said that “traditional bars and pubs that are not operating as night clubs or live music venues can operate as per the hospitality guidelines which are published on the Fáilte Ireland website”.


      What in God’s name has the The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, which oversees the protection and presentation of Ireland’s cultural assets, got to do with CoVid-19?

      Was there a straw pulling exercise and they got the short one?

      Spin the bottle maybe?

  6. johnny

    ….i know him and his bro….but i don’t…in the sense oh that’s O’Sullivan….he’s BIG TIME:)

    how’s your sunday funday going-either THEY had the worst legal team ever…or worst client-20 YEARS-these be serious FELONIES,he is a partner with his bro on two to be (never?) built dev. in Cork.

    “Earlier today, in federal court in Brooklyn, a jury returned guilty verdicts against Donal O’Sullivan, the founder, owner and President of Navillus Tile, Inc. d/b/a/ Navillus Contracting (“Navillus”), one of New York City’s largest construction firms, Padraig Naughton, Navillus’s Financial Controller, and Helen O’Sullivan, a Payroll Administrator, on all 11 counts charging wire fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement from employee benefits funds, submission of false remittance reports to union benefits funds, and conspiracy to commit those crimes. The verdicts followed a three-week trial before United States District Judge Pamela K. Chen. When sentenced, each of the defendants faces up to 20 years in prison.”


    Every year Sinn Fein holds a ‘friends of’ dinner,Trump famously attended,these days it’s all construction crews and unions,irish bar and club owners,never met either at one them or heard about them attending.Also at that dinner are convicted felons,who get a rousing and raucous reception,no forgotten men,how soon until Donal is?

    best coverage here.
    -its complicated and its not but it is a FELONY.


    1. johnny

      link to the case,the judicial system in Ireland should allow such easy access to cases.


      how long will they hold onto this key Cork site,why was it sold below market when they were already is such deep trouble,its now mired in the above mess.

      In professional footbal,after you beat your wife (but had won a Heissmann),had alcohol and drug issues in the past or ongoing,blew your singing bonus in one wild weekend in Vegas,you played for Al Davis and the L A Raiders.

      Putting an X broker,come on down,get them while their hot,John Mulcahy x of JLW,in charge at NAMA,was kinda like giving Al another team,Colony,Oz Media now these bro’s’ all now have control over KEY irish housing sites-why FFG….was price the only consideration,if so this is often what you attract?


      1. Verbatim

        Interesting reading there Johnny and to see how it circles back to Cork.
        All for 1 million dollars – makes you wonder why they would do it? Greed and meanness in not wanting to pay the Unions, could it be just that?
        They lived the gilded life and the workers were deprived of the little they were due.

        1. johnny

          They from Kerry big GAA supporters in NY,the Cork sale/deal is worth a second look as is the other spec development deal in Cork,that construction has stopped on, the feds will be having a close look,if they can prove slightest link to the crimes…

          He was involved with Les Buckley,in some charity thats also now closed down,he’s now been convicted of fraud,Les is also now facing some very serious legal challenges,how much did FFG give these organizations?

          “I guarantee you a life-changing experience,” said Mr Buckley.-so do the feds Donal.


          now what bankers daughter ran Haven US,no way…yeah way…DOB’s)

          “Donal is a supporter of the Irish Arts Center and the GAA. He is a member of the Kerryman’s Patriotic & Benevolent Association, the Kerry Football Club of NY, and serves on the board of Haven US, an extension of Haven Partnership, an Irish nonprofit dedicated to creating opportunity and building homes in Haiti. ”


  7. Free Lunch

    Yer woman in charge of Alec Baldwin’s gun probably won’t use that picture for her Facebook profile after the weekend.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      But but but…. Luke O Neill told us they would. He told us a lot that turned out to be lies though.

    2. SOQ

      If it turns out that even a faction of people need these jabs in a regular basis, you can bet your antibodies that they are going to increase the cost by a lot more than 25%. Never in my life have I seen such hype about a product.

  8. f_lawless

    New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has long since ditched her public persona of liberal progressive to reveal an unabashed totalitarian hell bent on achieving mass conformity through coercion. She’s no qualms about publicly admitting that New Zealand is now a two-tier society where citizens’ fundamental constitutional rights have been completely undermined by treating them as privileges to be bestowed on chosen members of society.for “good” behaviour. She’s also blatantly breeding mistrust and division amongst the NZ public by inciting ‘fear of the other’.


    Reporter: “You’ve basically just said – and you probably don’t see it like this – there’s going to be two different classes of people. Vaccinated and unvaccinated. You have all these rights if you are vaccinated and -”
    Ardern: (cuts in smiling and nodding) “That IS what it is, so..yep.”

    Ardern on the digital vaccine certificates: “Actually its become clear to me that they’re not just a tool to drive up vaccines. They’re a tool for confidence. People who have been vaccinated will want to know they’re around other vaccinated people. They’ll want to know that they’re in a safe environment.”

      1. SOQ

        New Zealand has traditionally one of the lowest rates of respiratory illnesses in the world. Even before they had any cases, Senutra Gupta who is an ardent anti lockdower, said that their measures may work.

        But as it turns out, even there, they did not. The real surprise will be if they ever have high infection rates because historically, they never had.

        f_lawless is correct, Ardern is an authoritarian. They are popping up all over the place these days, and sometimes from quarters you would least expect.

      2. f_lawless

        The other day you had somehow managed to rationalise the imposition of digital Covid certs as a ‘health measure to protect the unvaccinated by reducing their indoor public interactions’. Mental gymnastics.

        Here we have the NZ Prime Minister openly stating that the certs are primarily a tool to coerce people to get the injections and that she also sees them as a tool to make those that have received the injections feel they’re being kept safe from the mingling with those who haven’t.

          1. f_lawless

            That’s the kind of dangerous thinking Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben warned about. The reduction of life to its basic biological existence or “Bare Life”. All ethical concerns are secondary to the preservation of bare life. All the various aspects of life which give it meaning can be sacrificed. Turn society against each other and take away individual citizens constitutional rights? That’s ok as long as we say it’s in pursuit of preserving life. Irreversible negative consequences be damned.

            But the curtain has really been pulled away now for anyone willing to see it. The very leaky Covid vaccines have thrown a spanner in the works and exposed the digital covid pass system as utterly farcical. The system is all about social control rather than saving lives

          2. f_lawless

            You’re clearly lost at sea unable to process what’s happening in the world around you

            (and cue Nigel with his compulsive ‘last word’ disorder.)

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