Chips With Everything


James McCarthy (left) and Conor McCarthy, founders of Flipdish

This afternoon.

Flipdish, an Irish-made digital ordering platform, has revealed the takeaway orders that were most popular among Irish consumers this Bank Holiday weekend.

1. Chips (53%)

2. Battered sausage (17%)

3. Margherita pizza (11%)

4. Onion rings (9%)

5. Curry chips (5%)

6. Chicken tenders (5%)

7. Doner kebab (5%)

8. Taco chips (5%)

9. Snack box (4%)

10. Chicken burger (4%)

Coca-Cola (13%), Coke Zero (3%) and Fanta (2%) were the most popular drinks among Irish consumers this weekend. Meanwhile, Garlic (19%) and Curry (18%) sauce were the two most ordered dips.

Conor McCarthy, CEO and co-founder of Chipdish Flipdish said:

“Seeing orders increase by 135% this bank holiday Monday compared to a regular Monday in October is heartwarming as Irish consumers are keen to order directly from their favourite restaurants and takeaways and aid in the recovery of the hospitality sector.”


Pic: Conor McCabe

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13 thoughts on “Chips With Everything

    1. Clampers Outside

      More to do with Flipdishs’ client base of chippers, I reckon.

      Happy to be corrected :)

    1. Dhaughton99

      Slightly better than the monthly “food by drone” article, pushed by some 2.0 looking for VC money.

  1. Gabby

    Curry sauce clears the nostrils and garlic sauce benefits the blood. But only 5% ordered curry chips. Did many order cans of Club Orange with real orange pieces? That’s Vitamin C.

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