Not All Heroes Get Passes



This morning.

Via The Irish Times

…a vax-injured nurse writes:

I write as one of the “anomalies” within the lifting of Covid 19 restrictions.

I received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and unfortunately had a severe reaction of myocarditis and pericarditis which is now a recognised side-effect.

I was one of a tiny percentage who had adverse reactions in a very successful vaccine programme. I continue to slowly recover. I am a nurse and know how essential this vaccine programme is to protect each other and protect our health service. I believe that anyone who can take the vaccine has a responsibility to do so.

As I cannot take the second dose I do not have a Covid pass and cannot enter a coffee shop or restaurant until next February.

I am in a small group of people who cannot take the vaccine on medical advice. We have been forgotten about and placed in the same group as the people who have “chosen” not to take the vaccine.

A letter from one’s doctor and a negative antigen test should surely be considered for this small group of people.

Brid Ryan

Skerries, Co Dublin.

Irish Times Letters


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11 thoughts on “Not All Heroes Get Passes

  1. alickdouglas

    A growing and frustrating problem that’s not restricted to those who had a reaction. A large cohort of people in the UK, the thousands (google says 15k) who took part in the Novavax trial in the UK cannot secure a COVID pass unless they get 2 shots of one of the EUL vaccines on top. There’s now also a respectable set of data that suggests that heterologous priming (like a shot of AZ and a shot of Moderna) have quantifiably higher quality immune responses than homologous priming.

  2. Gavin

    Going by some of the loons that see everything in simple and black white, this scenario doesn’t exist

  3. K. Cavan

    Our glorious leaders are only following orders, you can’t expect them to think as well. Probably Bill Gates was only interested in the body count (10-15% of the population to be culled) & gave them no instructions. It’s easy to believe that a cocktail of mixed fake vaccines might give about the same amount of priming as using the same ones repeatedly, since all the mRNA vaccines are such an absolute medical failure, but we knew that since the 80’s.
    I assume this nurse will probably be sacked, too, serves her right for embarrassing the government with her side-effects. I assume the media will completely ignore this, unless there’s some way they can spin it to the advantage of the Elites who control it.
    Given that “Boosters til You Die” (or lose your Civil Rights) is the current Big Fascist Pharma Scam, I assume the number of people in the same position as this woman will increase but who cares, experiments aren’t conducted for the benefit of the lab rats, after all. At least she’s still alive, for now. God bless her innocent stupidity but she really is an idiot for continuing to promote the most toxic “health treatment” in medical history, despite the personal disaster she’s been left to deal with, for the rest of her, probably shortened, life. Why doesn’t she just risk the second, third, fourth fifth, sixth dose? The government won’t mind if she dies & Bill Gates will be ok with it, too.

  4. John Smith

    Theoretically, the vaccine certificate is not a reward for being obedient. It is a recognition that the individual is ‘protected’ and can, therefore go to places that are too dangerous for the unvaccinated. According to this narrative, this nurse is still at risk (perhaps more so because of her illness) and needs to be kept away from danger. Giving her a let out to excuse her would completely contradict this official line and might lead to people asking awkward questions.

    As the vaccination certificate doesn’t guarantee that the bearer doesn’t have the virus, forget the letter from a doctor and just go with an negative antigen test for everybody.

  5. Lolly

    I’m not getting my second dose because i suffered a severe adverse reaction to my first. But damn those who choose not take this risk, it’s all their fault I wasn’t given my covid loyalty card & now I can’t have my coffee.. She needs to direct her anger at those who lied about its safety and then applied these passes.

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