The Enemy Within


“Let me be very clear about this. To declare war you declare war on an enemy. And to declare a section of Irish society as an enemy is inexcusable.”

Renegade medic Dr Vincent Carroll defends the unjabbed from a declaration of war against them – announced in yesterday’s Irish Daily Mail (top left) – by Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly.

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Cunning linguist.


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75 thoughts on “The Enemy Within

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Ranting over a Daily Heil headline.

    Where would antivaxxers be without their MOPE campaign?

    1. Sara

      Exactly. I reckon all the anti-vaxxers are essentially attention seekers. If it wasn’t vaccination they were drama queening about, it’s be chem trails.

      1. Micko

        ” attention seekers”?


        I like to think of us Covid infected, dodgy cert carrying, non conforming covert Ninja types.

        Quietly and sneakily intertwining and swiftly moving in between the chosen members of our new exclusionary (by ostracism) public venues and places.

        Forever fearful of discovery we are and always, always, spreading our deadly lethal disease to unsuspecting members of the public regardless of their vaccinations status.

        You’ll never know when we’ll be there to strike… muhahahah!

        Wait, wait… sorry…. that’s what Stephen Donnelly and half the morons on here think.

        Soz :p

          1. Micko

            Just delightful

            Perhaps one day you will expand your insubstantial repertoire to include “Yer Ma” jokes.

            An exuberant Broadsheet audience holds it’s breath…

          2. Poor oul divil

            Gwan you’re not going to tell us you’re offended are you? According to you it’s allowed to do whatever the fupp you want and no regard to anyone else.

          3. Micko

            “According to you it’s allowed to do whatever”

            Please don’t refer to my wife as “it’s”.

            That’s quite ungentlemanly conduct old boy.

            Withdraw, or there will be wigs on the broadsheet green I tell you!

  2. Cian

    It really depends on who used the term “declared war”.
    If it was Stephen Donnelly, he was out of order.
    If it was newspaper editor, then don’t blame Donnelly, tabloids are going tabloid.

    1. Mr.T

      “Vaccine effectiveness against transmission to unvaccinated household contacts is stronger than to vaccinated household contacts, with the latter already largely protected from infection, and especially from severe disease, by their own vaccine-induced immunity, but differences in risk behavior may also play a role. Possible waning of vaccine effectiveness against infection and against onward transmission could result in increases in SARS-CoV-2 circulation among populations with high vaccine coverage.”

      Also its just a pre-print so hasnt been reviewed – quite a few things stand out as significant factors that should be addressed

      1. SOQ

        Waning is not ‘possible’, it is a certainty so the only question is by how much. J & J seems to be the worse but none of them are doing well over any period of time, which is great news for the Pharmaceutical industry.

        It’s nearly like…. oh no wait, now that would be a conspiracy theory, and sure the Phrama industry is to be revered at all times- a bit like the Catholic Church.

    2. Gavin

      7,771 contacts so a reasonably decent study group. Probably want to have a chat with our medical professionals as they have been stating the opposite the last few days.

    3. Zaccone

      Approx 50% of the people in our ICUs are fully vaccinated. Even if we had 99% vaccinated in the country we’d only be about 2 weeks behind where we are in numbers currently.

      The problem is our lack of ICU capacity (half the EU average, one quarter of Germanys) per capita. But the media/government have managed to distract the population from that figure and assign all blame to a handy minority group.

      Because thats better for them than people asking questions about how FF & FG have over decades let us have a healthcare system thats one of the worst in Europe, despite us being one of the richest states in Europe…

        1. Micko

          Alas, if only the true function of man were to preserve the health infrastructure he inadvertently finds around him.

          George would be interminably and unequivocally tickled pink.

          1. benblack

            Adam Curtis does not describe our reality as expounded – not specifically – by Edward Curtin.

            One of the best reads of our present situation, IMO.


          2. benblack

            A quote from the article affirming this –

            “The British documentary filmmaker, Adam Curtis, has said in his recent film, Can’t Get You Out of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World, that it’s already “pointless to try to understand the meaning of why things happen” and we will never know, but this is a nihilistic claim that leads to resigned hopelessness.

            We must get such sentiments “out of our heads.””

            The article is not specific to Adam Curtis.

          1. jungleman

            You are without a shadow of a doubt the most useless commenter in the history of this website. I’m going to go back to ignoring you now.

    4. Verbatim

      This caught my eye today!
      Robert W Malone, MD
      @RWMaloneMD Oct 25

      “First time in history that the ineffectiveness of a medicine is being blamed on those who haven’t taken it.”

    5. Cui Bono?

      We’re not an anti-vax conspiracy mob Sean.

      We’re critical thinkers and the masses are not. A risk/benefit analysis with official data clearly shows that the overwhelming vast majority of us do not need a vaccine for covid.

      So many people I know who are fully vaxxed are now getting covid too. Almost 15 in the last 2 weeks I’ve heard of.

      1. Micko

        I think the fact that so many folks who are vax’d getting Covid, probably has more to do with the opening of society than anything else.

        But there is NO avoiding Covid.

        End of story. You either stay indoors or you’re getting exposed to it.

        Stack the deck in your favour however you see fit – be it Vaccine or healthy lifestyle.

        And as was eloquently quoted during the latest outing of everyone’s favourite cinematic secret agent…

        “The proper function of man is to live, not to exist.
        I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them.
        I shall use my time.” – Jack London

        1. Nigel

          Whining online about public health measures during a pandemic isn’t fur trapping in the Yukon, Mr Mitty.

          1. Micko

            If only impunity came with immunity.

            But, you’re still locked up – I wonder for how long?

            Enjoy your cage Nigel.

          2. Micko

            Yes, yes Nigel – now WE all know, that YOU know who Jack London is. Well done.

            As if your seemingly vague reference to “fur trapping in the Yukon” wasn’t on the nose enough, you now have to namecheck The Call Of The Wild.

            So eager to impress…

            Try harder.

          3. jungleman

            Micko, it is the unvaccinated folks who are still locked up (out) for refusing to just get the jab. The rest of us are enjoying freedom.

          4. Nigel

            No, seriously, Mitto, I hope you don’t get cut off by a light shower and have to take shelter in a pothole until you’re forced to kill and eat the loyal team of huskies you raised from pups in an expedition get to the nearest Cuisine De France and back with a hot croissant before the tea gets cold, and all without a vax pass.

            Oh dear, Micko, I’m not the one using inspirational quotes for middle-aged macho fantasists cribbed from Bond movies.

          5. Micko

            Ah I can see it now, Jungleman, standing a queue two meters apart from everyone else, masked up, with a Government mandated app on his phone telling him he’s ok to go into a venue even though HE KNOWS there’s no scientific basis for it with a private security guard telling him where he can and can’t stand and when he has to put a mask back on and when he can go to the bar/toilet, all the while thinking to himself;

            “yep, I’m definitely free, yep, this is definitely freedom. I can practically smell all the freedom I’m enjoying right now. Ha ha! those other freedom-less fools! How clever am I”

          6. Micko


            So eager to impress Nigel.

            And now you’ve joined with the Poor Oul Divil himself. Only earlier you were chastising him for going after me.

            How the mighty have fallen… turned to the dark side so easily.

            “you were supposed to be the chosen one!” ;)

          7. Nigel

            I was chastising him for going after your wife. I said nothing about clowning you for getting lost up the savage untamed wilderness of your own hole.

          8. Micko

            “going after your wife”

            Interesting, you still think the ‘Micko’ persona is just one person?

            Hmmm…. nearly 20 months in eh?

            Actually I’m not really sure myself anymore, I know I did eat a lot of original flavour Pringles earlier and I think I might be having a mild TIA, but I’m not really sure…. do you get a pain in your left or right arm with one for those, or is that a myocardial infarction?

            Or maybe it’s the din off the cheap old gin…

            And Jungleman – WE’RE in the building too.

            Shhhh… don’t tell the privately hired fuzz

          9. Nigel

            ‘Interesting, you still think the ‘Micko’ persona is just one person?’

            Oh now we’re moving on to Robert Louis Stevenson?

          10. Micko


            I will?

            Blue AND naked you say?

            Tell me Nigel, how long have you had these superb powers of clairvoyance?

            Ha ha ha ha!

    6. K. Cavan

      Sorry but that will remain a fantasy, no matter how hard you try to wish it into reality. If you get infected, you can transmit & these mRNA injections are, as the manufacturers have clearly stated, designed only to protect you from Covid, the severest form of Sars02 infection.
      If 100% of people were vaccinated, it would not effect the virus or it’s lifecycle but it would make the introduction of digital IDs & Digital Currency a lot easier. The only way to keep the current Financial System alive is digital currency. Is the digital penny starting to drop, Sean?

  3. Shitferbrains

    I thought that the last time anyone ” respected ” the awful triumvirate of Chomsky , Fisk and Pilger was about 30 years ago ?

        1. bisted

          …I suppose it should come as no surprise that you would find common cause with zionists to make a point…you’ve espoused every other far right nutjob…

  4. George

    He didn’t say anything about war. He said the unvaccinated are having a disproportionate impact of the health service and he asked people to get vaccinated.

    1. George

      What Chompsky said is also being intentionally misrepresented. He that the unvaccinated should choose to isolate themselves and that that should be considered the moral thing to do.

      Direct quotes:

      “We should attempt to establish conventions…that it is your right not to get a vaccine but it is your responsibility to isolate yourself so you don’t harm others.”

      “That should be convention, enforcing is a different matter.”

      “If they really become destitute of course you have to move in and take measures to ensure their survival.”

      1. Free Lunch

        Chompsky? The lad who twiddles the knobs on Broadsheet?

        (BS SEZ: Knob twiddling is a group effort on Broadsheet, performed by several twiddlers in tandem. The next time you feel your knob being twiddled, remember: there may be more than one hand, foot or tentacle involved.)

  5. SOQ

    Of course nobody is commenting on what Vincent actually said- that Donnelly is running as an errant boy for an unelected bunch of overpaid under qualified civil servants whom most of us couldn’t even name, let alone anything else.

    Who are these people and what conflict of interests do they have?

    Is that such an unreasonable question to ask?

    1. Bitnboxy

      You have a habit of cosily referring to those you consider “goodies” by their first name SOQ – “Vincent”, “Ivor” or “Marcus” and the baddies of course are relegated to surnames only, “Donnelly”, “Varadkar” etc. You have such a habit of this, a sort of imagined familiarity with those goodies who you likely have not met.


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