Dance Monkey Dance


Dublin’s Tramline nightclub last Friday

This afternoon.

Via RTE News:

Nightclub and live venue operators have been told that rules requiring tickets to be booked at least one hour in advance will take effect from tomorrow.

At a meeting with Government officials this lunchtime, industry representatives were told there will be no grace period for implementing them, as they had requested.

The requirement for a ticket will be determined by whether dancing is taking place, rather than live music as previously envisaged.

The new rules also stipulate that customers will not be allowed to congregate at doors and ticket holders only should be allowed in a queue…

Advance ticket purchase rule to take effect tomorrow (RTÉ)

Yesterday: Any Spare Tickets?


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25 thoughts on “Dance Monkey Dance

  1. Nilbert

    This makes no sense. People can’t stand outdoors in a queue, but they can dance all over each other in a big sweaty heap inside?
    without a 9€ meal to protect them?

    1. Kevin 17

      This makes no sense.
      How do you “dance all over each other in a big sweaty heap” if you aren’t a willing participant in an orgy?

      Also, where can I buy a ticket?

        1. SOQ

          I’ve never been to Slappers- been to The George, which is the gay equivalent I suppose.

          Isn’t Tramline getting great free advertising all the same eh? You’d swear there was no other nightclubs in Dublin.

          How’s about a few pics of The Workman’s Club or The Academy eh Broadsheet? That is where the interesting wildlife go.

          1. Kevin 17

            I have 3 friends who are Gay men.
            None of them have ever met each other.
            They have only ONE thing in common… their hair is red.
            Apart from that they are individuals.
            Their personalities exceed their sexuality, because they aren’t obsessed with it.

            Have you got red hair too, SOQ?

    2. Cú Chulainn

      Covid smovid, they will either get it or they won’t.. what I want to know is what is anyone going to do about the sh1t clothes people are going out in.. there needs to be a fashion police on the streets sending home all the badly dressed punters.. they are standards for clubbing and no one is doing anything to uphold them.

    3. Cui Bono?

      It’s not meant to make sense. It’s meant to confuse and divide.

      Our government are not stupid people. They are mostly intelligent sociopaths taking orders from the billionaires and trillionaires.

        1. SOQ

          I am coming to the conclusion that conspiracy theorists are people who just can’t make sense of donkey level stupidity- like this.

          1. Cian

            yeah blame it on ” intelligent sociopaths taking orders from the billionaires and trillionaires.”

  2. SOQ

    If there is someone who is infectious- do all 500 ‘close contacts’ have to isolate?

    And why need to book an hour beforehand? What is the purpose of that?

    Bars need to close and everyone queue up again after eleven?

    You can be certain that someone somewhere is making a killing out of these stupid rules- time will tell who.

  3. John F

    The rules are completely unenforceable in any practical sense. How is this data being stored, who will have access to it, how is it regulated?
    Proponents of this madness will say it is necessary for contact tracing. What are they going to do: when one person later gets of positive covid test result? Ring everyone that was in the nightclub and inform them that they should quarantine? It’s a nightclub, people move around.
    Since it has been long established that those who were doubled vaccinated can still get and transmit Covid, are the passport requirements really necessary?
    It’s a subtle, incremental way of bringing in through the back door a system whereby individuals sense of privacy is imprinted upon. Far too much power as given to the state and bureaucrats and they have no intention of giving it back.
    It’s not directly related to this story, but Eamon Ryan’s admission that he would like someone with dictatorial powers to be able to ram through his desired policies needs a couple of things. The people with power and freedom to pursue their own destiny as they see it would need to be disenfranchised from someone above who treats them like they are children and tells them what is best.
    The government is trying to get the public especially younger people to get used to this new status quo.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    What if there is live music, and dancing?

    You can be in a queue as long as you have a ticket??

    FFS, who came up with this

    1. SOQ

      It’s the late disco bars one that gets me. You could be in a room full of people (with a bit of a dance floor in the corner) all night, then have to finish your drink, go outside, and come back in with a ticket- to socialise with EXACTLY the same people.

      And do you need to have your vaccine passport checked again at that point? I think they should make everyone hop back in on one leg- it will do frig all to stop spread, but at least it would highlight the absurdity of it all.

      1. Kevin 17

        @ SOQ
        You sound like a young man who works in an alley on George’s Street beside a pub.
        Do I know you?
        I think I do…

        You owe me €3

        1. SOQ

          A young man? ha ha thanks very much. The only place I’ll see a twenty or thirty something number again- is on a front door.

    2. Fergalito

      What about the queue for the ticket-queue, do you need a ticket for that queue and if so is there another queue for that queue? It’s like the cover of Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma…

  5. Diddy

    All this will do is shorten the Q to nightclubs by a couple of hundred people. Absolutely nothing else mitigating will occur.

  6. Zaccone

    Absolutely insane stuff. How can anyone look at this last week and not see it as compelling evidence of complete incompetent at the highest levels of decision making in this country?

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