None Shall Pass


This morning.

Lower Domick Street, Galway.

IL Vicolo has raised almost 70k to fight the vaccine pass system in the courts.

The Italian restaurant has refused to ask for digital certs and has been inspected on several occasions by the HSE as a result.

They say:

‘We were served with a Compliance Notice on 20th August and brought to the District Court on numerous occasions. Our business was even shut for two days in September following an application by the HSE for an emergency cessation order. On 4th October the District Judge ruled that he did not have to address the issue of discrimination as the Compliance Notice issued by the HSE was worded in a way that meant that we did not have to prevent people from entering’

Via BreakingNews

Oisin Collins, senior counsel for the restaurant, submitted in court that the EU Digital Covid Certificate regulation provided for a third category of testing. This omission was a clear breach of the regulation itself, European privacy law, the Constitution, the European Charter of Fundamental Rights and the EU Convention on Human Rights, he submitted, adding that his position on the issue of discrimination was unanswerable.

Stephen Moran, BL for the HSE, said the Irish Government were effectively “at large” in relation to how they wished to deal with the issue of re-opening pubs and restaurants at a domestic level, given the serious threat to public health and the rise in cases due to the Delta variant.

District Judge, John King, having heard detailed submissions on discrimination, decided that he did not have to rule on this issue as the compliance notice only went so far as to require records rather than prohibit people from entering.

“This is only the start of the push back against discriminatory laws. We received a letter from the HSE on October 14th that they intend to start inspecting our restaurant again as there has been further complaints of non-compliance,” the restaurant said.

“We intend to now challenge this discriminatory law to the Higher Court.”

Galway restaurant is first business to challenge Covid cert at court (BreakingNews)

Go Fund Me page here

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37 thoughts on “None Shall Pass

  1. Mr.T

    Fair play – legal challenges to laws are part of the checks and balances in this country to ensure that laws and regulations are constitutional and fair.

    1. SOQ

      Good for them- about time someone challenged this BS. If they had to allow for testing then there some sense to it but as it now stands, people who have no idea of their infectiousness are allow entry while people who can prove they are not, are discriminated against.

      The HSE should be forced to prove how Vaccine Passports reduce the spread- which they cannot do, because they don’t. Absolutely no sense to it.

      And now it appears that late bars have to clear everyone out and then readmit with a ticket after 11? Yeah- like that is going to happen alright.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    “We’re in this together”? Sure “we” are!!

    Do donors get vouchers in thanks for their support of the restaurant, or do the owners just bag tens of thousands of other people’s money?

    1. Nullzero

      We could have a whip around and get them some rats to lick. Or a few tin foil hats? Would that keep you happy honeybun?

      1. Angelous

        Hey Micko…
        -Are you talking about ‘free’ kebabs?
        – because that would be awesome.

        I want one.

          1. Chris

            Claire FM did a similar vaccine cert poll on Twitter six weeks ago, they took it down – but before they did it stood at 78% against.

  3. Angelous

    This is what happens when people grow up on the Internet and try to run a business in the REAL World.
    Self-imposing victims, who deserve NO sympathy.

    ‘Facebook Likes’ wont pay your rent.
    Use your brain, or ask someone else. Any random person will put you straight.

    If you can’t afford the taxi, take the bus. If you can;t afford the bus, walk.

    1. E'Matty

      Nah, it shows how we can use the internet to work together to challenge overreaches of power by the State. One restaurant could bankrupt itself seeking to defend the rights of us all. Now we can chip in to help them defend us. Really quite positive in the bigger picture.

      1. Fred

        Sadly the November cytokine storm of the vaccinated is only around the corner, so by the time this gets to court there will be no judges left alive to rule on it. Awful waste of time, money and emotions.

  4. Kim Cardassian

    Some of their tripadvisor reviews paint an picture of what they’ve been up to throughout Covid. Doesn’t make pleasant reading.

  5. Zaccone

    Fair play to them. Hopefully some nightlife venues follow suit if the new ridiculous ticketing rules are brought in. I can’t imagine any of them will stick up to a court’s scrutiny.

    1. Angelous

      No way…
      I don’t believe it…

      Is this the same Tracey O’Mahoney that nobody ever heard of until now?
      A bastion of Irishness?

  6. Gavin

    Love the reviews on trip advisor, arrived at the restaurant, no masks, no cert check, took 1.5 hrs for the main had an issue with certs, but thought, stuff it ill eat here anyway then and moan later

      1. ian-oG

        The operative word is ‘deeply disturbed’.

        Talking about killing people with a needle to the eye.

  7. Angelous

    Hello kids.
    You have been ”Click Baited;”

    I apologize for my previous parts in these proceedings.
    I thought it was going to be funny.
    It’s no joking matter.

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