That’ll Be The Déise


This morning.

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre’s national 14-day incidence rate from October 4 until October 18 was 493 cases per 100,000.

The local area with the highest Covid-19 incidence rate was Waterford, which has claimed a 99.7 per cent vaccine uptake among its adult population….

Waterford City South – 1,500

Longford – 1,200

Tramore-Waterford City West – 1,100

Borris-In-Ossory-Mountmellick – 1,100

Piltown – 1,100

Ennistimon – 1,000

Listowel – 1,000

Kanturk – 1,000

Kenmare – 985.6

Tralee – 956.5

Meanwhile, areas with the lowest cases per 100,000 population include Belmullet, Connemara South, and Connemara North.

Revealed: Your local area’s Covid rate as Waterford City has three times national average (



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62 thoughts on “That’ll Be The Déise

  1. Micko

    It’s dat pesky 0.3% of de rat-lickers spreading it in de Waterford area dats de problem so it is.


    1. Nigel

      Derp. How many of the infections and how many who end up in hospital are unvaccinated? As an unvaccinated person, you’d think this information would be pertinent to you.

          1. bisted

            …think you are being a bit generous to the ratlickers Micko, putting them at 0.3%…only a tiny part of the unvaccinated are ratlickers and even some of them have taken the jab…everybody who wants a vaccine now has one…I really believe the effort should be concentrated on finding out why places like Waterford have such a high incidence instead of demonising the unvaccinated…

          2. Micko

            But the vax just stimulates your immune system to do what it normally does. Which one has done, so I’d be as protected as anyone with the vaccine right now.

            Plus I know my immune system is efficient enough to beat it, so now reason to believe it wouldn’t again.

            And, getting the vax now would (probably) just tie me into getting boosters – so I’m good… ta

            And agreed Bisted “everybody who wants a vaccine now has one”

            Absolutely, we now have to just get on with it.

            The daily updates are like the Angelus at this stage.

          3. Oro

            “Plus I know my immune system is efficient enough to beat it, so now reason to believe it wouldn’t again.”

            This seems incredibly naive. Cancer / heart attacks / strokes / viruses / bacterial infections / broken bones etc. etc. all can and do have different affects on the body at reinfection. Almost every single medical interference in your body will manifest differently, not necessarily but the opportunity for it is not beyond any reasonable doubt.

          4. Micko

            The current CFR for Covid is 2%

            (That’s 245,621,946 confirmed cases and 4,984,508 associated deaths globally).

            Who knows what the actual IFR is, we’ll never know – it’ll just be an estimate.

            In Ireland, we’ve had 435,526 confirmed cases of Covid with 38 deaths in my age group.

            That’s 0.0087250818550442%. PLUS it’s over a 20 month period.

            PLUS – I’ve had it – so same as the vax, better in fact, since I know I had a successful immune response – you don’t.

            Think I’ll be grand.

            I’ll stay “naive” thanks.

          5. Nigel

            ‘Why are you so hysterical over it?’

            Haven’t you heard? It’s all part of a plan to cull the human population and enslave the survivors.

          6. Nigel

            ‘Think I’ll be grand. ‘

            You do know that in the context of the pandemic we tend to think in terms of more than one person, right? You might need to get your survivor bias under control.

          7. Micko

            “You presuming I haven’t had it? Strange.”

            Yes, I’m presuming you’re not a moron Oro.

            Why would you catch a virus, get a confirmed test, then beat it, so you know you’ve had a good complete immune response and THEN take a vaccine to produce yet another immune response you already naturally produced from beating the virus in the first place.

            Especially when the vaccine has confirmed side effects.

            But look, we’re going around in circles*, I’m glad you got it if it makes you feel safer (even if you did already have it)

            G luck

            *for months now

          8. Oro

            Well someone that had the virus over a year ago would probably want to get the vaccine at this point, and others are getting the virus post vaccination. So there are many reasons beyond the one situation you’ve outlined.

            Not really going around in circles rather that your logic so often fails and I’m just occasionally pointing that out. It might seem like we’re going round in circles but it’s more a messiness on part of your reasoning.

            For instance you’re fretting about ‘confirmed side effects’ of the vaccine yet also minimizing the confirmed death rate of the virus as if it doesn’t matter, within the same thread! It’s bizarre.

          9. Chris

            It has practically the same IFR as the flu. Median age of death is 82. If you have already had it – without a serious advent, there’s little reason to imagine re-infection will be any different.

            I think people really need to de-escalate with regards to Covid-19. There has been an inordinate amount of propaganda surrounding the issue, ostensibly to get everyone vaccinated & anyone that will, already has.

            I’d imagine the already infected & sticklers won’t be bullied into it at this point – unless it becomes mandated & their livelihoods/homes are at stake. Not an impossible scenario given that this has already taken place in a number of countries.

            For those that still see this as a ‘public health crisis’ – I’d think it in yours and everyone else’s interest to apply a degree of skepticism to any ‘officialdom’ from here on out. The FDA have just given approval to jabs for 5 year olds on – “We won’t know the effects unless we try it” was the reasoning from one member. Chilling.

            I would like to see an escalation as to the response to the perpetrators of this, at best – fiasco, but what I’m convinced is class warfare. Non-compliance as a first, followed by judicial action in due course.

          10. Micko

            “ Well someone that had the virus over a year ago would probably want to get the vaccine at this point,”


            “ fretting about ‘confirmed side effects’

            Why would I be fretting about side effects for something I haven’t got?

            I was speaking in relation to to a person who would have got the vaccine after contracting it and that would be a foolish thing to do.

            And since “ I’m not a great fool” * well… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

            Do try to keep up dear.

            * Also, “Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line”! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

          11. Oro

            They’d want to get it because of the waning of natural immunity.

            You’re fretting about the vaccine on here daily, day in day out, I honestly don’t know where you find the time. You didn’t engage about the irrationality of your complaining about risks of the vaccine while also minimizing the risks of the virus I notice?

            You’re speaking as if your own experience is the only kind that would happen to anyone else.

            Keeping up with you would involve falling behind so you’re alright on that one.

          12. Micko

            “ on here daily, day in day out,”

            Sure, how would you know, if you weren’t here yourself? Stalkey McStalkstalk.

            i never said the vaccine is.not low risk. Of course it is.

            It’s about risk vs reward. Which for my age group and level of fitness – it doesn’t make sense to take. As I’ve demonstrated above with the actual numbers and facts.

            And of course I’m talking about my own experience – sure who the hell else can I talk about?

            Ha ha ha!

            Try harder love

          13. Oro

            I’m not on here every day, but there’s never a day that I check in that you’re missing. And every single time about the vaccine, which you’re supposedly ‘not fretting about’. Doesn’t really stand up to examination bb.

            And you haven’t demonstrated anything. And you were speaking for me using your own experience. I feel like I’m talking to a wall.

  2. Chris

    The vaccines don’t work, our cases are double what they were before they were introduced. In fact, the vaccines are actually suppressing people’s immune response, making them more at risk of viral infection.

    Such is the calamity, ‘experts’ want the empirical data hidden in the UK.

    Cambridge statistician David Spiegelhalter – assisted by the Times – joins calls for the UKHSA to stop producing “completely unacceptable” data showing infection rates higher in the vaccinated.

    1. Sara

      Don’t confuse the anti-vaxxers with the fact that covid ICU numbers in Waterford are low. They’ll have to return to their QANON Bigfoot Alien British Monarchy Fluoride in the Water conspiracies, and they’re bored with those now.

      1. Gavin

        Christ! what is Sara even on about, it’s like a sentence generated by a bot built by non-English-speaking programmers.

    2. Chris

      A call to Waterford hospital via Pat Kenny yesterday revealed 18 out of 24 patients on a ward were fully vaccinated, I only caught a clip so not sure if they were ICU figures.

        1. Chris

          Perhaps they were there before the roll out? Personally, I wouldn’t cite being hospitalised for Covid-19 after being jabbed twice – ‘working great’. What was the initial slogan? ‘100% effective at stopping hospitalisation and death’.

          1. SOQ

            Wait until you need three stabs to be regarded as vaccinated- then, all those with two who get sick will be counted as unvaccinated.

    3. Micko

      “That’s the key statistic.”

      I disagree, the key statistic is why are they in ICU? Is it because of Covid or is it another reason?

      The fact that no one gets to know this information should be concerning to everyone – regardless of their opinion on any of this.

  3. Jono

    Look you have to be more susceptible to disease for the rest of your life but you will avoid the 0.03 % rate of ICU admission.

    Only an idiot would refuse this injection…

  4. Nigel

    Isn’t anybody at all interested in finding out WHY Waterford has such a high infection rate in spite of their vaccination rate? Is that not important at all? Has anyone bothered to compare rates of infections and rate of vaccinations in areas across the country to see if there actually is a correlation?

    1. george

      Areas of Laois and Longford are second and joint third highest. They are towards the lower end of the vaccination figures.

    2. Cian

      I wonder if their vaccination rate is overstated.

      How are they counting the vaccinated, is it by home address or place of vaccination (especially for HCW vaccinated through work).

      Parts of Waterford city are in Co Kilkenny.. there is a good chance that people living in south Kilkenny were sent to Waterford for the vaccination.

  5. wearnicehats

    The last HSE update on the 25th October states that 22 people were in UHW with Covid. 4 of those were in ICU

    4 out of 1500

    1. Gavin

      Amazing how the media chooses not to report it that way, there should be more of a focus on this kind of sensationalist reporting than on those who choose not to get vaccinated for whatever reason.

      1. wearnicehats

        If they reported it in a positive light Claire Byrne and George Lee couldn’t justify the wet patches in their nether regions

    2. Mr.T

      4 out of 1500? I thought there were only 99 in ICU.

      Waterford county is 2% of population, yet with 4 in waterford ICU out of 99 in country, thats ~4% of ICU cases.
      Fully vaxxed waterford has 2x the ICU patients as expected based on population. Of course 4 people is too small a number to judge.

      So 22 people in UHW with covid, out of total of ~500 in irish hospitals with covid. Again, over 4%. Twice what youd expect all being equal (and its not equal, waterford has 99.7% vaccination rates)

      1. wearnicehats

        this is the danger of statistics. They are absolutely meaningless without information

        The 99.7% is irrelevant. What is relevant if you want to get hysterical is:

        How many people are in the 0.3% bracket?
        How many people are not vaccinated in Ireland

        How many of the 22 people are vaccinated?
        How many of the 500 people are vaccinated?
        How many of either number have underlying health conditions?

        How many of the 4 in ICU are vaccinated?
        How many of the 99 in ICU are vaccinated?
        How many of either number have underlying health conditions?

        Then you can meaningfully use statistics. Otherwise it’s nonsense

      2. Cian

        Waterford county is 2% of population, yet with 4 in waterford ICU out of 99 in country, thats ~4% of ICU cases.

        Hospital catchment areas don’t align to county borders (and many countries don’t have hospitals with ICU). So your comparison is not stastically appropriate.

  6. ce

    Visit Waterford and get licked by a local… sure they can’t stop licking each other there and that’s why there’s so much Covid… best place to live in Ireland I hear…

    1. Cui Bono?

      You heard wrong about the “herd immunity strategy”.

      Sweden’s strategy was to protect the old and vulnerable, the people who are at risk to covid, and to keep businesses and schools open. They did not shut down society.

      Apart from their nursing hope mistake like many other countries, it’s fair to say at this stage that their strategy was a success. Norway have done brilliantly too with less measures than Sweden this year.

      1. Cian

        Norway did brilliantly last year too.

        Sweden have had two bad years (especially if you compare them to their scandanavian neighbours)

        1. Cui Bono?

          Sweden’s haven’t had 2 bad years.

          Their death rates are well within normal ranges. Nothing out of the ordinary and similar to their neighbours. You should look at all deaths, not just covid.

        2. Cui Bono?

          8% is incorrect.

          They are well within normal range when you include population growth and look at the last 10 years average. 2019 was very low too so more susceptible in 2020 sadly passed.

          It’s only a 1.4% increase in 2019 + 2020 compared with 2017 + 2018 and that’s with a 2.5% population increase. They’ve one of the lowest excess deaths in Europe.

          Norway have the lowest and they had less measures than Sweden for most of the last 2 years.

      2. ce

        … and have the public follow public health advice… and vaccinate…. and Norway and Denmark did significantly better than Sweden… we could have kept a lot of things open too by acting responsibly, which we didn’t…

        1. Cui Bono?

          Death rates in Sweden for the last 2 years are well within normal ranges. Nothing out of the ordinary and similar to their neighbours. Denmark did worse. You should look at all deaths, not just covid.

  7. Poor oul divil

    Speaking personally I love the vaccines.
    I can’t wait to get another one if it’s free as I had no side effects and it allowed me go abroad and get away from the tidal wave of increasingly audible peasant blabber.

    I also love how people are well capable of being ridden up the hole by Big Pharma and be happy about it.

    It shows how far we have come as a society that we are well able to rationalise having so many aspects of our life dictated to by a very small elite group or groups whether it’s banks, pharmaceuticals or beef barons.

    I realise my point is nuanced and will be lost on most of your plebeian readers but what odds?

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