Taped Before A Live Audience


This afternoon.

He’s pro-life not pro live.


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15 thoughts on “Taped Before A Live Audience

      1. Free Lunch

        In fairness the staff there had some attitude. Micro-agression central unless you were one of those Augment Reality / Coder Dojo / Tech numpties.

        Pizza was OK though,

        1. ce

          “Pizza was OK though” – haha, priorities are important…

          In fairness most of Dublin is now Baile Atha Numpties

  1. benblack

    “He’s pro-life not pro live.”

    He’s obviously neither.

    It was obviously Biden’s stipulation.

    1. benblack

      Surely, mine did, Janet?

      Whether you agree with them, or, not.

      The ones above mine, I, too, have difficulty understanding.

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