Or is it?

At the weekend

Outside Copper Face Jack’s, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2.

A bold, possibly unjabbed ‘reveller’ hopes to fool security staff with a Tesco Clubcard QR code posing as a Vax pass. His moustachioed friend, meanwhile, presents an entirely blank screen. Provocative.

Can the night possibly end well?

Only you can judge.

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Sasko Lazarrov.RollingNews

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34 thoughts on “Worth A Shot

  1. Gavin

    Don’t get this, if you feel strongly enough about not getting jabbed, why even enter an establishment that requires a cert. I’m jabbed but would not consider using the pass.

    1. Mr.T

      Exactly – even fake compliance is enough. If you arent actively objecting you are complicit in a discriminatory system.

      If we end up with a permanent pass of some description, it will be because the groundwork will have been laid here

    2. Fergalito

      Because your frontal lobe which controls decision-making isn’t fully developed in adults until the age of 25.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        it used to be handy for getting young lads to go out and fight other tribes not fully able to understand the risks….oh wait

    3. GiggidyGoo

      Just for the craic – to test the system – I’d think. Guaranteed he has the proper one on his phone as well.

    1. SOQ

      Mullets and shell suits were definitely the eighties. And if that wasn’t bad enough, trousers yanked so far up they look like a special needs case. Still, better than the last silly trend of trousers hanging off the backside.

  2. redzer

    Again, it seems Broadsheet Bodger condones the anti-vax side over anything else. The amount of posts that Bodger makes on it is astounding. Broadsheet Bodger is more like “Anti-vax propaganda paper with a few car posts and the preview of the papers thrown in too” these days.

  3. redzer

    My original words were struck through.

    Bodger has an account as a Broadsheet contributor. He makes his posts presumably without correction from anyone else associated with running the website. There seems to be no attempt to limit the amount of anti-vax stuff that he posts. Broadsheet tacitly condones the anti-vax side over the pro-vax side. One or two every so often would be fine – but this is day after day after day after day of anti-vax propganda.

    More balance would be good is what I’m saying.

    1. benblack

      Balance?! – what on earth do you think he’s trying to provide other than balance?

      Truly astounding comment.

      1. SOQ


        Personally, I think this whole charade will go down in Irish history akin to moving statues- with just about the same amount of real science involved.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Plenty of balance if you visit Broadsheet, plus the pro-vaxx sites – The Journal, The Indo, RTE, The Times etc.

    3. Cui Bono?

      This post isn’t antivax, it’s anti vaccine passports which is a rational viewpoint.

      There’s plenty of vaccine propaganda on RTE, The Journal etc. They’ve been misleading the public since March 2020.

      1. John Smith

        Propaganda: information, ideas, opinions, or images, often only giving one part of an argument, that are broadcast, published, or in some other way spread with the intention of influencing people’s opinions (Cambridge Dictionary)

        That sounds pretty like what we’ve been getting from RTE, etc, and in a never-ending stream. For those who think Bodger is doing the same thing on ‘the other side’, he’s still got a long way to go to redress the balance. More power to his elbow!

  4. Rashers

    Broadsheet is going to have a fairly hard time looking back on this period and facing itself in the mirror for all this “har har two fingers to the system” nonsense and wink wink with the ani-vaxers. Ye’d wanna get some cop. Ye’d know well enough ye have been fairly insulated from the real impact of this pandemic on the elderly, front line workers of all shapes etc.

    1. John Smith

      At the end of this time (if there ever is an end), Broadsheet will be able to pride itself as being one of the very few fora allowing a free discussion by people with a very varied range of views, without censoring or barring those who do not hold to a narrow set of views decided on, by a bigoted editorial committee, as being acceptable. We should all be grateful for this, whatever our viewpoint on the issues discussed.

      Nobody has been insulated from the impacts of the present situation. As one of the so-called vulnerable, I have no wish to be ‘protected’ or forced to undergo proceedures that I do not want to take part in. Having many friends who are also vulnerable and/or are frontline workers, I can say that, amongst these people, I have found that, though some are incredibly frightened, others express a great deal of dissatisfaction with the measures that have been taken

    2. Ballyoo

      Get off your high horse & back to the Journal with you!
      Broadsheet is one of the few media that asks questions the elite wish to avoid.

  5. redzer

    How many anti-vax posts are there going to be from Bodger tomorrow – 4? 6? Maybe 3.
    And the next day – 2? 4?
    And the day after that.

    Maybe there’ll be one pro-vax post by someone as some sort of balance.

    Broadsheet papers are supposed about balance, not letting one side constantly posting nonsense.

    I hope this website takes some responsibility and counters some of the ludicrous stuff that Bodger posts here.

    1. John Smith

      ‘I hope this website takes some responsibility and counters some of the ludicrous stuff that Bodger posts here.’

      When and if Bodger posts some ludicrous stuff, then will be the time to complain. I’ve not seen anything from him that comes under that description yet.

      Meanwhile, I suggest that you read carefully the items that he posts and see if you can come up with some real arguments to counter his point of view, instead of just declaring it to be nonsense.

      1. Shayna

        Nice, John Smith! I’m a supporter of this site, Bodger doesn’t always align with my views. Isn’t that why we all “tune-in” everyday? Can one imagine the summoning of creativity of words to post, kinda 15 Zingers per day?

  6. Shayna

    To be fair to the kids there, Shayna came back from Portugal to Belfast in time for The All-Ireland semi final, watched it in The Botannic Inn. It was a godddamned palaver. After queuing long time, the scanning of the QR code printed all along the wall leading up to the entrance, well, it was beyond me and my phone.. I let people pass, whilst I figured it out. In the end, I took a pic of the Code on my phone, flashed that to the security team. I was in. I tried to order a drink – the pic of the QR code did not work. I kinda befriended some people from West Tyrone, (Shayna’s from South Tyrone), they had solved The Davinci Code on how to get a drink. (Angry Shayna)

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