Novak’s Scene


This morning.

Via Tennis World:

“…attention can have many positive aspects and benefits in both the professional and private life, but can also create an additional burden. You have an influence on the youth, who look to you as a role model and wish to become like you one day.

“Additionally, it’s expected of you to offer your thoughts on topics that are beyond your own profession. I typically make an effort to keep a distance, although when I feel the urge to share my thoughts, I do so. I am someone who holds fast to principles, life values, human rights… That is something that has been abused in the past.”

Novak Djokovic

The world No 1 tennis player has stated that he won’t reveal if he has been vaccinated or not.

Novak Djokovic: I hold fast to principles, life values and human rights (Tennis World)


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22 thoughts on “Novak’s Scene

  1. Mr.T

    Fair pay to him for sticking to his principles – too many sports stars would just go with the flow and do the easy thing

  2. Sara

    There’s no way he’s vaccinated. He has a record of spouting conspiracy theories. This is a guy who’s dedicated his life to hitting a rubber ball over a net. Not the brightest.

    1. Nullzero

      The man speaks ten languages and is regarded as having higher than average intelligence but Sara in the broadsheet comment section says he’s “not the brightest” so his stupidity should therefore be self evident.

    2. Micko

      “ Not the brightest.”

      He was smart enough to make a fortune from hitting a rubber ball.

      Sounds like a better deal then most of the people working 40hrs a week stuck at a computer reading this.

    1. Paulus

      Agassi took a while all right.
      Though some names do Lendl themselves to punning.

      I’ll get me racquet.

  3. K. Cavan

    Amazing to read the vaxxists’ responses to someone pondering the nature of the media & their control of information in an Information Age, how it garners the most primitive of defensive Strawman arguments, by dint of which they entirely ignore the content of what they’ve read, since thought itself, ideas, interpretations, any use of our intellect threatens their hold on their fragile fantasies that nothing fundamental has changed in the last two years, that normal service will surely be resumed if we just do this, merely do that, stand here, wear this, subject ourselves to this medical or social experiment. It really is mass psychosis overtly made manifest. I’ve never seen anything like it before & it’s horribly, dreadfully fascinating, like a glimpse into the wellspring of insanity itself, which we must, in the final analysis, acknowledge as a potentiality within us all.
    What allows this obsessive self-subjugation to obviously incompetent & dishonest authority figures slip past their intellect, their higher mental functions? Their acceptance of seeing their humanity comandeered so cheaply by blatant bullies reeks of obsessive masochistic desire, which surely must connect, in their psyches, directly into the realm of repressed sexual desires.
    Truly, you have to ponder what would such individuals have done, had they been around for the ascension of the Nazis, the Bolsheviks or any anti-democratic extremists you care to mention. This is how such abominations are inflicted on humanity, to scar our history forever, because existing among us are those who, though lacking the strength or desire to be the Bully themselves, are fired with the desire to side with the bully, to assert the inherent strength of the bully, to admire, even venerate the boot, stamping on the human face, forever.
    What could possibly engender this instinct to rend asunder a society & a civilization that has achieved so much, to replace that which is good, wholesome, normal & natural with the plastic, the artificial, the fake, the lie? All their lives, these people have lived among normal, decent human beings, busy building a life for themselves & their children, all the while carrying this poisonous nature within, mostly unseen but perhaps, occasionally glimpsed, sensed by the rest of us but ultimately, dismisssed as being inherently inhuman, so therefore destined to be erased, eventually by humanity’s onward & upward progress.
    Then suddenly, the rug gets pulled from under civilization & we are back in the depths of depravity, grabbed & pulled under, wrestled into submission by an ancient evil, which we then must admit, has always been our fellow-traveller.
    I can’t but thank these people for laying bare their psychoses on these pages, for openly displaying their illness, their disease, for all to see, to act as a warning that any society which creates numbers of such creatures, turns people into such inhuman beings, such internally deformed, ugly carcases of useless flesh, barely functioning on the level of the intellect, the spiritual, such a society will fall into antagonism, becoming ultimately so repellent to our human nature, such a hindrance to our actual continued existence that it ceases to be a society at all.
    To repeat an historical mistake, to revive an old evil, knowing it’s nature, is worse than its precedent.

    1. benblack

      At least you know you’re on the right side of this.

      Take comfort in that.

      Confront evil and pity the rest.

        1. Chris

          We know what they would have done in previous manifestations of the same evil – they would have sided with it, just as they’re doing now.

          They would be sneering and shouting their slurs, for those that speak up, expose the cowardice of those that don’t. The path of truth and justice is narrow, as it has always been. But take solace in that their are fellow travellers on it.

        2. Verbatim

          Thanks for letting me know benblack, I should stick to words!
          It was a meme in response to K Cavan’s beautifully written piece
          along the lines of “Preach it Brother…”

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