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Why is Covid ‘surging’ in Ireland despite almost 100 per cent vaccine uptake?

Via Sky News:

Waterford, in south-eastern Ireland, epitomises the country’s coronavirus conundrum. Why is there a surge in COVID-19 in a nation where around 92% of adults are fully vaccinated?

A huge 99.5% of over-18s in Co Waterford are double-jabbed, but the easing of restrictions and increased travel are thought to be contributing to high infection rates.

Speaking to Sky News, Immunologist Professor Luke O’Neill also added that the “primary goal” of jabs is to “stop illness and death” – not to eradicate the virus.

I’m Just going to throw this out there.

Could it be something in the  jabs?

*edges slowly from room*


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…Ireland’s National Immunization Advisory Committee (NIAC) has advised its government not to include healthcare workers in its COVID booster roll-out.

De Bara explained this decision to the Irish Times: “Most Healthcare workers have adequate immune systems, and it is unlikely they will need serial boosters as COVID doesn’t change at the same rate that flu does.”

This was a complete reversal of the government’s previous policy in January, suggesting it is undergoing a major rethink. Then, out of the first 94,000 vaccines that were administered, 71,000 (76 percent) were prioritised for those very same healthcare workers, over the elderly who were most at risk of dying from the disease.

The Irish government’s vaccine booster program is being made available for all over-60s—unless, it appears, they are frontline health care workers. This will now begin in January or February of next year as this third jab is understood to be most effective when administered five to six months after receiving the second one.

And the biggest take-up of vaccines in Ireland, particularly the second jab, took place during the months of July and August 2021, which were the very same months that fatalities began to rise again in Ireland.

Could there be a correlation between those two events?


Ireland Sees Rising COVID Cases and Deaths Despite Highest Vaccine Uptake (Andrew Davies, Epoch Times)

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82 thoughts on “It’s Working

          1. Nullzero

            Daisychainsaw a master of debate? She’s always too concentrated on ad hominem’s and never refuting the oppositions central point. A novice with no hope of improvement.

  1. Sean

    “Could it be something in the jabs?”

    No, it really isn’t. And it’s not THAT complicated to figure out why there is a surge, even for broadsheet’s anti-vaxx supporters to understand.

      1. Jon Smoke

        Yes, they are getting sick but not serious enough to need hospitalization or that they die.

        What do you think the situation would be like if there was no vaccine.

        When are you going to stop this cheap, click bait, scaremongering?

        1. SOQ

          The higher the vaccine rate the higher the infection rate which is the exact opposite of what we were told vaccines would do. And, if international trends are to be replicated, and there is no reason to assume they will not, then the majority if not all ICU patients will be vaccinated too.

          It is one thing to say they don’t work 100% but we may be looking at zero % efficacy over a six month period in which case- what is the point?

          1. spud

            ‘The higher the vaccine rate the higher the infection rate which is the exact opposite of what we were told vaccines would do’.

            Ultimately, restrictions are being lifted though.
            Lifting of restrictions will bring about a greater rate of infection as more people interact as the vaccines only lower transmission but do not eradicate it.

            So long as hospitalisations / ICU / deaths keep low I don’t see the problem.

        2. Chris

          The situation if no vaccines were present would be like any other flu season, and we’d now have natural herd immunity

          The scaremongering was instigated by political/ corporate entity’s using a captured media to instill fear. Grossly exaggerating deaths and the supposed danger in order to coerce the public into taking part in medical trials.

          1. thefatlad

            Any other flu season yeah?

            I’ve a close friend who doesn’t have his mother here any more cause of Covid. Try telling him its just like the flu

          2. Sean

            Chris. I was going to reply, but really…everything you’ve just posted is conspiracy theory bullplop. But if you still think covid is like the flu, or that we could have had herd immunity, or that there’s a massive conspiracy that nobody knows about in every country in the world, and that nobody has leaked or uncovered, then all I can say is that you are a sad, pathetic idiot.

          3. Chris

            Nothing I posted is conspiracy theory anything, it is policy – and we’re watching it unfold. Well some of us at least. Others are doing all kinds of mental gymnastics to support an official narrative that is nonsense.

            You have no counter to the actual numbers people are posting, all you can do is stomp around angrily insulting people because that’s all you’ve got. Empirical reality is at odds with your view of the world. Sad

        3. E'Matty

          @Jon Smoke “Yes, they are getting sick but not serious enough to need hospitalization or that they die.”

          HSPC death figures for 11 Sept – 9 October:
          -118 Deaths with lab confirmed Covid infection
          -20/118 (16.9%) were unvaccinated.
          -98/118 (83.1%) had at least one dose.
          -94/118 (79.7%) were fully vaccinated.

          This was before the recent rise in cases and ICU numbers so October to November’s figures should be quite interesting to see.

      2. Sean

        NO. *Some* jabbed people are getting Covid. These are called breakthrough cases, and is expected. When a virus gives 95% protection, then 1 in 20 are likely to get infected. But the vaccines are doing their job as promised. And we see this with the numbers in ICU – over TWO THIRDS of ICU patients come from the 10% unvaccinated.

        Also, like all vaccines, the efficacy depletes over time, hence the need for booster jabs. Long term, it’ll most likely be that we all get jabbed once a year, and there’s be a slow return to normal.

        Some of the anti-vaccine videos and links you’ve posted or retweeted on twitter has at best nonsense, and at worst dangerous. You *really* need to get out of the conspiracy theory rabbit hole that you been in over the last 18 months. There have been 7.26 billion covid jabs administered as of Nov 8. Grow up and stop your nonsense, it’s embarrassing.

          1. Sean

            Absolute rubbish. The younger vaxxed might not get seriously ill, but they still spread it more quickly than those that are vaccinated. And of course, you’re less likely to get infected with a vaccine, which further reduces the likelihood of it spreading.

            There’s a reason that Eastern European hospitals are overwhelmed – because they have such a low vaccine uptake.

          2. SOQ

            You have absolutely no evidence that unvaccinated spread more than vaccinated. In fact, given that infection rates are sky rocketing amount vaccinated, one could reasonably assume the complete opposite.

        1. Cui Bono?

          Hi Sean,

          The 2/3 in ICU being unvaccinated is misleading because that “report” stating this was based on data from April 1st to September 30th – we only had 5% vaxed in April and 18% by the end of May, 37% by the end of June etc. so by including these months it will obviously give you an average of 70% unvaxed because the vast majority were not vaxed then. 70% in ICU today are most definitely not unvaxxed, the majority are fully vaccinated. Last year 100% were unvaxed.

          The 95% protection you’re referring to is also very misleading because that is Pfizers RRR (relative risk reduction) but if you look at the ARR (absolute risk reduction) it is less than 1%. See more details below:

          1) As the British Medical Journal explained back in November, “A relative risk reduction is being reported, not absolute risk reduction, which appears to be less than 1%”.


          2) Another source on absolute risk reduction (ARR):

          3) Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR) vs Relative Risk Reduction (RRR). Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR) measures of 0.7% and 1.1% for the Pfzier/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, respectively.

          1. Sean

            Again, nonsense. The figures being I’m referring to are based on the numbers currently in ICU.

            You can twist and massage the data all you like. But the fact remains that a huge proportion of ICU, hospitalisations and deaths are coming from the small number of unvaccinated. This is the reason why countries with low vaccine uptake, such as in Easter Europe, have hospitals that are absolutely overwhelmed.

            Take you head out of the rabbit hole, grow up, get vaccinated.

          2. Cui Bono?


            I haven’t twisted any data, this is the data, what are you on about?

            Show me the data that shows “over TWO THIRDS of ICU patients come from the 10% unvaccinated” and make sure it’s “numbers currently in ICU” please.

          3. Chris

            He can’t show you any data because all he’s doing is regurgitating propaganda talking points.

            If you start applying actual data to the narrative it quickly falls apart.

          1. Sean

            Your question doesn’t make any sense. Are you suggesting the vaccines don’t work, despite the mountain of evidence that proves that they do?

          2. SOQ

            It is glaringly obvious that over any period of time they do not work, otherwise why would people need 3rd and as now in Israel, 4th jabs?

            My question is to do with the word ‘breakthrough’ which infers it is a rare occurrence when in fact, it appears to be now more likely than not.

            That is not a “breakthrough”, that- is a complete failure

        2. Gavin

          “Also, like all vaccines, the efficacy depletes over time” there are no vaccines on the market that require boosters every 5 months

          1. Cian

            At 2 Months
            – 6 in 1 Vaccine (Diphtheria Tetanus Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Hib (Haemophilus influenzae b) Polio (Inactivated poliomyelitis) Hepatitis B)
            – PCV (Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine)
            – MenB Vaccine (Meningococcal B Vaccine)
            – Rotavirus oral vaccine

            At 4 Months
            – 6 in 1 Vaccine
            – MenB Vaccine (Meningococcal B Vaccine)
            – Rotavirus oral vaccine

            At 6 Months
            – 6 in 1 Vaccine
            – PCV (Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine)
            – MenC Vaccine (Meningococcal C Vaccine)

            At 12 Months
            – MMR (Measles Mumps Rubella)
            – MenB Vaccine (Meningococcal B Vaccine)

            At 13 Months
            – Hib/MenC (Haemophilus influenzae b and Meningococcal C combined vaccine)
            – PCV (Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine)


            Both PCV and 6-in-1 need 3+ shots to be effective in children… and then as a child there is fourth top-up:

            And then when your child is in Junior Infants, they will be offered two vaccines:
            – the 4 in 1 booster to protect against diphtheria, polio, tetanus and whooping cough (pertussis); and
            – a second dose of the MMR vaccine to protect against measles, mumps and rubella.

          2. alickdouglas

            That’s not a reasonable comparison Cian, the pediatric schedule is designed to provide long duration of protection, with the fewest number of jabs at the optimal cost. The 6 in 1 schedule is more driven by supply chain and logistics than immunogenicity of the individual components. 6 in 1 vaccine primes equally well with 2 shots compared with 3. Many relatively wealthy countries (such as Ireland) have remained on a 3-shot schedule because a relatively large proportion of kids miss a shot, so on a 3-shot schedule those kids typically get at least 2 which is good enough for priming. The need for boosting 6 in 1 is driven by a) the pertussis component doesn’t provide very durable protection b) tetanus has an astronomical case fatality rate c) in Europe there are no tetanus vaccines that don’t contain at least Diphtheria. 4) GSK and Sanofi price the vaccine astutely, it just about makes economic sense to give 3 primes rather than 2.

            Similarly, the schedule for meningitis and PCV vaccines is driven by a belt-and-braces approach to combatting pathogens with extreme case fatality (meningitis) or nasty morbidity (strep) rather than topping up widespread suboptimal response.

        3. ArthurCloud

          My whole family (15 people) got infected 3 weeks ago, except my brother. All fully jabbed with pfizzer, he had AstraZeneca. “1 in 20 are likely to get infected” is wishful thinking, the reality does not match

  2. Chris

    Yes, it’s the jabs. Host immunity is compromised as the body produces and then fights the spike protein infected cells. Latent viral loads then rise giving positive PCR results.

    1. fluffybiscuits

      You are wrong

      The RNA is sequenced to stop the specific protein that is present and stops it being replicated.

      Seperate to this the body produces specific antibodies to fight it.

      The immune system goes into over drive due to a cytokine storm.

      Read any article and you get the full picture


      1. Mr.T

        The virus can not replicate itself in that circumstance because its not really a virus – just a protein being produced by the body’s own cells.

        mRNA does have a finite lifespan and eventually degrades, however it is thought that some cells can copy and store these mRNAs as mRNP, and potentially make copies of the injected mRNA.

        mRNA, mRNP and other cell signalling is still far from being totally understood – yes we know what it does, but we do not know everything the cell does with it. The current assumption is/was that the mRNA is consumed and used up and there is almost no trace it was ever there in that cell. There is now even less of a consensus as to how these things work.

        My own 2 cents on the heart issues (and Im not alone in this – leading scientists put forward this theory) that mRNA injected does not stay in the muscle but instead travels into the vascular system, and the mRNA is then “consumed” by cells all over the body, including in the heart. When heart cells make spike proteins it triggers immune responses causing cell death in the heart – not a good thing.
        Pfizer et al claim that intramuscular injected mRNA stays in the muscle exclusively, but theres no evidence of this.
        Conventional vaccines may stay intramuscular because the immune system attacks them and prevents them from getting into vascular system in great numbers, but the mRNA injection is not targeted by the immune system until after it gets into cells, so until that point it is free to travel and see the sights all over your body.

        1. fluffybiscuits

          That’s why the booster is thought to last two years. My understanding was it stays present to translate whatever antigens the body needs to produce. The flu vaccine works on a similar principle I believe but I could be wrong.

          1. Mr.T

            No – your immune system works by identifying a threat (antigen) and making a response to counter it (antibody). Your B cells can remember how to make antibodies to a specific infection for years or even lifetime, depending on the infection.

            The mRNA is just a different way of getting an antigen to you, instead of injecting an antigen directly, you inject instructions for your cells to make these antigens. Your body is making the spike proteins, and then at the same time it is generating an immune response to them.

            The problem is that the mRNA (the instructions) are not an antigen themselves, which means theres no limit to where they can go in the body.

            A crude analogy would be a terrorist at an airport, if he has a bomb at the airport he gets caught there and maybe blows up, airport security is set up to deal with it.
            If he enters the country with the instructions to make a bomb, he could detonate that bomb anywhere. This is what scientists think the mRNA spike is doing.

        2. SOQ

          John Campbell has a bee in his bonnet at the moment about how these vaccines are injected because if goes into a vein, it can travel directly to the heart without any of it even getting into the muscle.

  3. Junkface

    So many covid / vaccine / mask debates on repeat on broadsheet. It’s like walking into an old peoples home full of dementia patients and listening to their ramblings over and over again.

  4. jungleman

    “I’m no immunologist and I haven’t a clue what I’m talking about.. but could it be something in the jabs? I’m just asking questions.”

    Bodger, you are truly a disgrace.

      1. Pat

        In all fairness nobody has LESS of a clue and MORE hubris than the barstool scientists!

        That’s what makes them so damn entertaining!

        1. Micko

          Don’t remember anyone here predicting up to 85K dead from Covid though Pat.

          For context, 85K potentially dying is about 1 in 62 people in Ireland.

          We ended up with only about 1 in 1000 dying. Or about 0,1%

          That’s a massive fupp up. A bogey prediction using crappy models on a stellar scale that cost lives, businesses, metal health, livelihoods, people’s homes (coming soon) and more.

          This was Mystic Meg level predictions…

          1. SOQ

            And Ferguson is at it again- he was challenged at a recent presentation apparently, and had to leave.

            He should be in jail, not doing the Uni circuit.

          2. Cian

            In fairness those numbers were based on what they saw in China/Italy at the beginning of March. They were based worst case scenario and also on doing nothing to prevent it.

            In the previous 2 weeks Italy’s deaths were doubling every other day! They went from
            – 27/02: 5
            – 29/02: 8
            – 02/03: 18
            – 04/03: 28
            – 06/03: 49
            – 08/03: 133

            note: they continued to rise (albeit slightly slower)
            – 10/03: 168
            – 12/03: 189
            – 14/03: 175
            – 16/03: 349
            – 18/03: 475
            – 208/03: 627
            peaking at 929 deaths on 27th March!

          3. Cian

            Oh, that Ferguson & his team in Imperial.

            He predicted 120,000 deaths in the UK over 2 years if they implemented various restrictions (Case isolation, home quarantine & social distancing ). [ table on page 13]

            And look how wrong he was! 20 month in and the UK has 164,491 deaths with COVID-19 on the death certificate. Oh. Wait. Ferguson underestimated the UK deaths.

            His prediction for (unmitigated) deaths in the US was 2.2 million.
            They have implemented various mitigation strategies but despite this are currently at 775,218 deaths (and counting)

          4. SOQ

            Ferguson was completely off the scale with his projections- you are actually trying to spin that clown?

  5. Gavin

    “A huge 99.5% of over-18s in Co Waterford are double-jabbed, but the easing of restrictions and increased travel are thought to be contributing to high infection rates.” could it be anything to do with a vaccine that requires boosters every 4 -6 months, there has never been a vaccine that requires booters at this frequency

    1. Junkface

      There has never been a virus with its contagious characteristics so manipulated in a lab. This is a first! So the the mutations are harder to adjust to.

      This is what separates SARS version 1 from SARS version 2.

          1. Micko

            Aww don’t go….

            That sexy nurse comes around at 3pm to give everyone their meds – ye don’t wanna miss that.

            She reminds me of my second wife…

  6. Awake

    Oh God, its just so ridiculous, the level of cognitive dissonance is incredible, they will blame anything but the vaccine, they even go so far as to say its working when it obviously is not.

    1. Sean

      It quite obviously is working. All the data backs this up.

      It’s actually pathetic how many anti-science, conspiracy theorist, anti-vaxxers are on this website.

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