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10 thoughts on “The Unboostered

      1. SOQ

        I posted about that at the weekend- what is even worse is that they are also banned from voting electronically- even though they are nowhere near the actual building.

        1. E'Matty

          Vert true. It clearly exposes the fact this is created as a means of discrimination and coercion and has nothing to do with a virus or reducing its transmission. And still the sheep will still keep believing this is all for their own good…

  1. K. Cavan

    Yee-haw, Boosters Til You Die!
    Nobody needed boosters for any of those multiple vaccines we all got as kids but that’s probably because they were vaccines, not experimental gene therapies.
    Speaking of experiments, the mRNA injection experiment looks to have been a qualified success, at least from Bill Gates’ stated perspective. He hasn’t reduced the population by 10 to 15%, yet, but it’s a start.
    I wonder, given that people are now being diagnosed with “Climate Change” by Canuck lunatics in white coats, will Bill be able to cook up an injection that’ll cure it? I feel sure he will, he’s the leading scientist on the Pro-Death side of things.

  2. ian-oG

    Sad to hear Zippy losing his zip after all these years although he must be pushing 60 by now?

    Does Bozo play Geoffrey these days?

  3. K. Cavan

    Talking about how useful coercing people into unnecessary medical interventions is to Big Pharma, Stefan Oelrich, head of Beyer’s Pharma Division said:

    “… ultimately, the mRNA vaccines are an example for Cell & Gene therapy. If we had surveyed, two years ago, in the public, “would you be willing to take gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body?” we would probably have had a 95% refusal rate…”

    He then had a little interchange with Bill Gates, who was in the audience, about whether Bill used some of Beyer’s blood pressure drugs & Bill waved up at him, in assent.

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