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  1. SOQ

    Northern Ireland vaccine passport protest sees “hundreds” take to streets.


    Big turnout in London of course and Melbourne/Brisbane/Sydney/Perth showed us how it is really done. It’s more a question of when Andrews goes now, rather than if.

    In fact, there is so many big protests happening all over the world, it really is hard to keep up- media black outs don’t help of course. The Revolution will not be televised indeed- in fairness, we were warned about that.

          1. scottser

            Hey, why not make your own bomb, hijack a taxi and take it to a hospital to set it off? That’ll show them, eh?
            Looks like Chris isn’t the only silly on here.

          2. John

            benblack please elaborate what type of “violence” should take place, where this “violence” will take place and how you propose it should be carried out and by whom?

          3. SOQ

            Personally I think that even the talk of violence is an own goal. No matter how minor, it is exactly what the media will seize on, even if at times it is quite obvious that those responsible are not what they claim to be.

            And besides, its just plain wrong.

          4. Fergalito

            What’s your personal experience of violence being inflicted on you personally or is it justl ideological poo you’re spouting?

            Watch everyone run far from what you’ve said? Show of shows? Did you get a hard-on when you wrote that?

          5. benblack

            I was just letting off some steam after watching a guy getting shot in Rotterdam while posing no threat to the police – who shot him – or anyone else.

            I regret writing those posts.

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        Take to Grafton Street with a baseball bat and start knocking in windows and the talking heads of the stupidly vaxxed… I dare you…. see how that works out for ya….

      2. Kdoc

        “The only thing they listen to is violence – as the IRA proved.”
        Eamon McCann who lived through the thick of the troubles doesn’t agree with that statement.

      3. E'Matty

        Violence is utterly counter productive at this stage and only hands our enemy the initiative as they hold a monopoly on the use of force in society. Peaceful opposition and civil disobedience is the only route open now.

    1. Kim Cardassian

      Any of you going to protest for the people dying daily from covid, or the people having surgeries and transplants cancelled because of covid overcrowded?


      1. GiggidyGoo

        The people having surgeries or having transplants cancelled (i doubt that’s true mind you) are the result of the failure of successive governments to fix the health service. Those governments, rather than fixing the health service, decimated the health service over the past few decades and you have the Taoiseach and Tanaiste sustaining that, both having been Health Ministers that played their part in the decimation.
        Look elsewhere for reasons for the failures of the health service.

        1. Micko

          I have friends who work in Beaumont hospital, so I know that the pressure they are under is true. And that morale in the hospital is in the bloody toilet.

          For plenty of reasons, overcrowding, surge in Covid patients, staff out sick, some staff taking the pee out “sick”, peer pressure on some to get vaccinated / boosted, winter always being worse, the fact that they have directly seeing patients die with no family around, ambulance staff stretched thin, people who don’t need treatment presenting through panic, people who DO need treatment not wanting to go to hospital but still calling ambulances and of course the uncertainty of it ever bloody ending.

          But I agree Gigz, none of this is their fault. It is the fault of the government who have failed to improve the health service, who put all their eggs in one basket – the vaccines. And they demonised people who didn’t want it.

          23 Billion spent and nothing to show for it.

          Michael McNamara does a pretty good round up of the past 20 months here.


          1. Lush

            Pretty much the same story in every country in Europe. 22 billion spent on Covid support here in France but they’re still closing hospital beds, as they don’t have the staff.

            On another subject, I’m hearing rumours from friends in Ireland that they’re going to announce another lockdown for December 16th.

          2. SOQ

            Is part of the problem with lack of staff not down to mandatory vaccinations Lush? In case it was deliberately created- by the government which is at best, negligence.

          3. 8Lush

            No SOQ, it’s a long-running problem here; there’s only about 0.5% of medical personnel who have refused the vaccination.

        2. SOQ

          Yeah, save the health service doesn’t really have the same ring to it this time around when after squandering billions on their friends, it’s in the exact same state as it was before.

          1. Micko


            Put the blame on who actually deserves it.

            Not sure what another lockdown on Dec 16th would do Lush and I don’t know how many would go along with it.

    2. Shayna

      @SOQ Shayna has had a Covid NHS passport since September, it was a required document to return to Ireland from Mainland Europe. The rules for international travel seemed to change throughout the Summer, without much prior warning. I was in Portugal when I applied, not much hassle to be fair. I was double-vaxxed in Belfast, so, at the time wasn’t eligible for the European Covid Passport (Goddamned Brexit). Since last week when Stormont announced the mandatory use of Covid Passport from December 13/14th – it seems my passport which was intended only for travel can now be used domestically, updated every three months. I can now obtain an eu Covid passport. I am certainly not a sheep, pretty much free-thinking type, I hope. I like and want to travel, the only route is following the rules of the country, however random/mad/arbitrary/nonsensical. I think it was @20th July The Portuguese Government announced that from 3pm on Fridays until 6am Mondays one had to produce a Covid Passport to drink/eat indoors in bars and restaurants. It was vigorously enforced by the municipal Police.
      I’ve read a few comments on your thread, absolute nonsense that loyalist paramilitaries are involved in Covid protests. I think they’d be busy hijacking buses, terrorising passengers and drivers in the name of, “The NI Protocol”. The majority of The NI electorate voted to remain in the eu, I doubt if the hijackers vote/have a passport. Someone mentioned, bloody hippies, could be?
      All the best!

      1. SOQ

        Thank you Shayna- anyone who knows anything about the political dynamics of Belfast will know there is no sectarianism in this movement.

        What is interesting is how far the clowns in this thread will go to smear. In this case it falls flat on its face because they have no clue what they are talking about.

  2. Sailor Gerry

    I think in the short term, violent resistance would be used as an excuse for even more repression from governments that are just looking for a reason to further curtail freedoms.

    It is important to remember that this entire plandemic is a man made, well financed and a well scripted disaster.

    They want to usher in the new world order and this is just one of the tools they are using.

    This only stops when enough people wake up and see the truth of this scam. TPTB are more afraid of the truth being revealed than of any violent protest. The tide is turning, truth will prevail.


      1. E'Matty

        All of the world’s governments are subservient to the global central banking system and financial interests. They are extremely intelligent and effective.

    1. John

      Don’t get insulted but is your life devoted to spreading the ignorance you post?
      You are that far down the rabbit hole of conspiracy nonsense that if you were alive in the 16th & 17th centuries you would be out burning women as witches

      1. E'Matty

        Ironically, it was the mainstream led by corrupt voices of authority who burned witches. Today, that’s you guys. Out attacking and condemning heretics who refuse to convert to your religion. The Church was not the outlier but the authority of its day during that time.

    1. E'Matty

      Bodger will go down in record as one of the only Irish media figures who did not blindly go along with the group think. Those who stand against the tide always face the kind of abuse you are seeking to subject Bodger too. His honour will be intact. Yours, not so much.

      1. Ronan

        In what record? Is Broadsheet a paper of record?

        If this is a global conspiracy of elite bankers controlling governments who are brainwashing 80%+ (conservatively) of the public through a compliant media … in what future annals will a picture of a monocled dog be presented as some modern day Martin Luther King who said “no, we will not go gentle into that good jab”.

        If the conspiracy is as pervasive as you believe it to be, then you haven’t a hope. You’re doomed to the misery of knowing that you can never win the great fight against the shadowy cabal, but at least you’ll die on your feet (albeit as a muttering old fella/wan).

        I mean, if these shadowy figures have controlled the world this long, and now have an even bigger portion of global wealth, how do you suppose they’ll be defeated now? Because now you have the power of social media groupthink pages?

        1. Chris

          Where there’s a will there’s a way. This cabal doesn’t exist in the shadows either – names and numbers, the complicit are known.

    1. Cui Bono?

      They’re ordinary concerned citizens. They aren’t far right – that narrative is a trick to fool you into disregarding their views without analysis.

      The CIA started this strategy after the JFK assassination with the term conspiracy theorist. There’s only actually about 10 people who are far right at these things.

      1. RuilleBuille

        Far right groups are organising these meetings. Just because some weak minded suckers also attend does not disguise the fact they are far right events.

      2. John

        Then try walking with your far right UDA mates and have a go at singing Danny Boy… at least you will discover the quickest way to the Ulster Hospital

        1. SOQ

          I wasn’t at this Belfast protest John but albeit early on, I was at the last one. There was no evidence of paramilitary involvement from any side and I have been around enough Belfast blocks in my time to know.

          The main identifiable groups were people with strong views on natural or holistic health and from the club scene. Or as a disapproving someone later called them- “bloody hippies”.

          Furthermore, just because Sinn Féin and the SDLP voted in favour of passports does not mean the majority of their grassroots are.

          In cases like this, politician’s first instinct is to cover their asses, which means they will always hide behind ‘expert’ advice- the same goes for high end Civil Servants of course.

          1. jungleman

            ‘Experts’ as in actual experts rather than quacks.

            So if their first instinct did not involve covering their asses, would they just make decisions without getting expert advice? So getting expert advice is selfish? Getting expert advice is the wrong thing to do in cases like this?

          2. Chris

            He thinks anyone that doesn’t agree with the narrative is a quack, BMJ, academic research etc. You can’t argue with that level of stupidity.

          3. jungleman

            You forgot to change your handle.

            I suppose we can take some solace from knowing that there’s one less of you lot.

      1. galaxiapolizia

        …no-no re: go-go zones…!?!


        peeps “should be daaaaaaaancin’… yeah…”


      2. Free Lunch

        That’s why Bodger and John Moynes take the weekend off. Who can blame them with the regular as clockwork Copy’N’Paste frenzy from bedsit land?

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          Ah would ya stop

          Tis the same handful doing the copy n’pasting on Saturdays and Sundays
          As Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays

          The very same
          They even copy and paste from each other
          days weeks even months apart

          And did ye notice
          Tis only on some threads
          It’s in those concentrated ‘areas of activity’ you’ll be able to spot which of them are actually ‘group’ accounts

          And not one bitta craic out’ve any of it

  3. Fred

    Some kip of a place you have got the keys to now Bodger, hope you are changing the sheets at regular intervals. Filthy.

  4. D. Ments. Yea?

    Your feet are going to be on the ground
    Your head is there to move you around
    If wishes were trees the trees would be falling
    Listen to reason
    Season is calling

  5. E'Matty


    Covid crisis in ICUs forces transplant cancellation, while Government considers adding third jab to vaccine cert

    Ah, once again we’re proven right. Vaxx pass going to be dependant on a booster. From now on, the government can impose on all any injection they want. Well done sheeples.

      1. Micko

        Of course hopefully it won’t happen and the Indo is just clickbaiting with its headlines.

        HSE currently boosting people 50+ with a lot of no shows. Up to 50% in some centres


        A few people on here have expressed their intention NOT to avail of a third shot, feeling that they have “done their part”

        Be interested to get their opinion on this… do you think you’ll be able to hold out?

    1. Fred

      ‘Once again we’re right’ broken clocks and all that but I will remind you Mathew that one of your main prophecies was that all the double vaxed would be collapsing dead in the street by November (1 week to go) and that the only reason THEY werent vaccinating the under 12s (THEY are now) was because THEY had decided that that was the age deemed reasonable to be able to mould and enslave the children to the new world regime, as they would be too young to remember a pre covid world/the old normal. Marbles.

          1. SOQ

            Yet you did- I have a stalker it appears- not the first but probably the same.

            It is entirely watchable- just distanced enough to get through censors and if true, quite shocking.

        1. Fred

          I aint your new Nigel fupp bwoy. You cant be finding it very fulfilling here of late, not so much fun when everyone is agreeing with you or you start to doubt the mental capabilities of those echoing your paranoid delusions. Time for a new hobby perhapt.

          1. Chris

            @ Fred – you find empirical evidence hard to digest I take it. That’s ok. Lashing out at people that don’t, calling them paranoid or delusional is not. It’s a bad look.

        2. Chris

          @ SOQ I just watched it. I find it hard to believe they allowed this to be broadcast. Shocking indeed. We can only hope that given they’re working within some remanent of legality, & not everyone received the dose. I’ve already mentioned someone tracked VAERS data to 5% of batch numbers being linked to sudden deaths in the USA.

    1. Chris

      He raises some interesting and likely prescient points at the end. It is almost impossible to reason people out of their slumber. The one thing that might – is when the effects of the jabs hit home, someone close, friend or relative.

      Will this be gradual? With pockets of people suddenly having to come terms with both grief and an un-directable anger? It’s hard to know. At least in other countries, they have a larger cohort that have a living memory of tyranny, this has provided them some immunity from the terror campaigns instigated (under order) by our governments. And as such, have a far higher level of effective resistance.

      If this tyranny is to be toppled – it won’t occur here. But if the house of cards falls, this won’t matter. The fallout will be incredibly divisive, the sleveen nature of many has been exposed. The cowardice of the many that didn’t speak up when children were lined up to be jabbed.

      Usually, vaccine campaigns would be halted at 25 deaths or so. We now stand at over thirty thousand vaccine deaths in Europe, with 2.5 million adverse reactions. It beggars belief that people allow this to continue, but fear is a powerful tool.

    2. Fred

      Sounds like you are a bit land locked there Gerry, time to get back to the high seas before you start watching his videos on the great replacement coming our way…. The muslims wont be able to catch you out there, terrible swimmers I believe.

      1. Chris

        And you sound like a coward lost at sea. Muh conspiracies… Try facing up to the reality staring you in the face for once.


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