As it stands, we have been informed that the date that would see pubs, nightclubs and restaurants being closed is December 13th.

It’s understood that the economy will be allowed continue for another week with a full lockdown being discussed for December 20th.

It must be stated that dates cannot be taken as fact but we have been reliably informed by two separate sources from within Leinster House that they are being actively discussed.

REVEALED: Dates we understand that are being discussed to fully close pubs and a full lockdown again (The Liberal)



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59 thoughts on “Rumours Of War

  1. Your auld wan

    Hey Bodge, I’d normally just slag you for these posts but you’re posting TheLiberal as a source now. For the benefit of your mental health, please seek assistance. Genuinely.

    1. Bitnboxy

      Christ on a bike – Leo Sherlock and his solo-outfit “de Liberal” is now a reputable source for Bodge? Just when you think this site can’t get any worse. QQQQUsetionable indeed.


  2. John

    I was chatting with a dog on Kildare street at the weekend and he confirmed that the hard lockdown was coming.

    1. The Dude

      Remarkable the way Bodger was assailed for posting this story almost a month ago.

      Turns out to be much closer to reality than others asserted.

      Keep up the good work Bodger!

    1. tom2

      I know there is a storm coming. Nobody knows what the storm actually is or when it is coming but it definitely is coming.

  3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    it’s like a big how far can they wind people up game while they do whatever the fupp they like, canapé anyone ?

  4. Kim The Cardassian

    The Black Friday sale on tin foil is flying again.

    Source 1 in Leinster House: The cleaning guy with poor english who works the 2nd floor in the evenings

    Source 2 in Leinster House: The plate washer in the canteen, shaved head and tattoos.

    “Calm down Kim, what if its true?”

    Given the government’s approach to lockdown over the past 2 years and their blatant disregard for the damage outright extended lockdowns do, if they are going to lockdown why wait till December 20th. Is their modelling saying that everything is grand till then? Is Tony H on holidays until then?

      1. Kim The Cardassian

        Why apologise to Bodger, did he write the article for The Liberal? Ive already said it before, Bodger is just sharing and reporting news. Some of the stuff I disagree with such as that nonsense about the TV license earlier today. But from a Bodger perspective, this is news relative to the Broadsheet narrative.

        The real question is will I apologise to the Liberal and will you be there to watch me grovel.

        I bet you will :p

        1. SOQ

          Bodger believes this is correct or he would not have reposted it.

          If he is correct, are you going to apologise?

          1. SOQ

            My “nonsense” is your opinion- nothing more.

            Quite different to a prediction of when lockdown will occur.

          2. scottser

            your nonsense is the reams of lies, misinformation and bullshit that you post here daily. my opinion is neither here nor there, but it’s to be noted that you won’t hold yourself up to a standard you insist from others.

          3. Cian

            your nonsense was (last summer) that we had all got asymptomatic Covid and there was herd immunity
            your nonsense was that there wouldn’t ‘t be a second wave.
            your nonsense is that vaccines don’t work
            your nonsense that masks don’t work
            your nonsense that Ivermectin does work

            your nonsense is legion

          4. SOQ

            Can we say bull-poo now? That is your opinion scottser, you don’t own the monopoly on truth- nobody does.

            As for Cain- that I am rattling the cage of a paid shill like you is actually a compliment.

          5. Cian

            your nonsense is that anyone that disagrees with you is a “paid shill”
            your nonsense is that Israel is the most vaccinated place on earth
            your nonsense is random tictok videos

            You don’t own your nonsense.
            You don’t acknowledge that you were are wrong.
            Instead you double-down with new nonsense.

          6. SOQ

            No my “nonsense” is that YOU are a paid shill and I doubt if there is many regulars who would disagree with me.

          7. Cian

            How is that deflecting? We’re talking about nonsense. Your nonsense.

            You keep bringing Israel into the discussion telling us “how vaccinated they are”.

            I keep saying you are wrong, and providing evidence[].

            I even looked at your evidence… and it counts how many people in Israel didn’t get two vaccines (guess what? It aligns with my evidence).

            But rather than acknowledge that you are wrong… you have either ignored my evidence, or dismissed it. or you disappear from the thread, or call me a shill (um, no, I’m not in Mossad). Now you’ll probably say I’m bullying you.

      1. Chris

        I somehow doubt its voluntary. The close contact angle is rife for abuse, vocal against measures, off you go.

  5. Fergalito

    Course it’s coming, whether it’s reported in The Liberal or not.

    We’re being primed for it already – Holohan talking about further restrictions if numbers don’t improve, Coveney blethering about no-one wanting a lockdown etc. yesterday. Ask any publican in the country what the temperature reading is and it’s more severe restrictions/lockdown ahead.

    Fresh thinking is needed, a new strategy is required. There is no other factor that will change the current equation.

  6. E'Matty

    It’ll be timed for greatest demoralising impact. Last year, they locked down at lunchtime on Christmas Eve destroying the plans of hundreds of thousands of families. This works best when done in waves. Just as hope rises and people think we’re getting out of it, New restrictions, or new scary “mutant variant” or whatever muck they’re pushing.

    They will likely then attribute all blame for these new restrictions on the unvaccinated, the courageous souls still refusing to bow before their despotic global agenda.

    Looking across social media, there’s a noticeable shift as more (including vaccinated) smell a rat. The conspiracy theorists are right and were all along. The mindless herd types still think this is about a virus. Thinks could become a little more interesting from here on in.

    1. Chris

      I thought they’d implement it at the same time as the extension to the ’emergency’ powers. We’ll see.

        1. SOQ

          In a nut shell yes- the Irish governments have never been particularly supportive of the SME sector and have always favoured multi nationals. This is an outright assault on hospitality and you can be certain that there are large players waiting in the wings.

          More Wetherspoons anyone?

          Time will tell but one thing is for certain- it is the death nail for even more small businesses- but sure why would state sector employees like you care eh? You will still get you incremental raises no matter what.

          1. SOQ

            Naa you are grand- their interview process is bizarre- and takes at least four of them. The decent jobs were and are handed down by connections of course- as always was the case.

  7. Zaccone

    If we’ve learnt anything over the past 18 months its that our current government is completely incapable of planning anything more than 72 hours in advance and sticking to it. So I’d be extremely skeptical of this, even if it was coming from a less massively questionable source.

    That said we are obviously heading into another lockdown. The government is dropping enough hints. They’re just desperate to hold on for as long as possible for the sake of hospitality and retail before Christmas, so that the PUP doesn’t have to be reopened.

    It’ll be much easier to sell a sharp lockdown from December 24th -> January 5th or so to the country when everyone will be at home/there isn’t as much business going on anyway. If the hospitals can survive that long.

    1. John Smith

      ‘a sharp lockdown from December 24th -> January 5th or so’

      A sharp lockdown like the one after last Christmas???

      1. Zaccone

        Well yeah, in all likelihood they won’t actually stick to it being a short lockdown. But thats what they’ll attempt to sell it as at least.

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