This afternoon.

Leinster House. Dublin 2.

Fine Gael Senator Regina O’Doherty discusses The Horticultural Peat (Temporary Measures) Bill 2021 due to be introduced before the Seanad this afternoon

The bill hopes to end ‘Irish horticultural growers’ reliance on expensive imported peat as a growing medium for their produce by allowing them to extract Irish peat as part of a Just Transition’.

Or will it?

Peat Bill will allow extraction of Irish peat – Doherty (Fine Gael)


Converse or Vans?

We may never know.


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18 thoughts on “Turf Sympathiser

  1. Mr.T

    Madness that it ever even came to this – surely someone raised this possibility to them when they proposed banning peat extraction?

    1. Paul

      Selling sand to the Arabs! Selling peat to the Irish !
      If only the second one was actually a joke ,
      Reminds me of an American relation paying €10 for a sod of Irish turf wrapped in cling film to take home and the shed outside the house full to the brim with turf

  2. Fergalito

    Growers actually import peat from the UK that was originally exported to the UK from Ireland but they cannot access it directly themselves. It’s bananas. It’s Peat Tong. Something reeks …

    They need to “clamp” down on this sort of thing.

    “Hey, Paulus – rinne tú dearmad ar do chóta. Oh, fan – is liomsa é”

  3. Gabby

    I do like to nod beside a turf fire of a winter’s evening, sipping whiskey with white lemonade, listening to the Kilfenora ceili band on the radio.

  4. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    It’s a VERY VERY SLOW renewable resource. Our peatlands are also a natural wetland providing biodiversity and a carbon sink. That’s what these selfish stakeholders are not getting.

    We’ve done a lot of science on this in the past three decades. Hit us if you agree to pulling out the sod and we’ll answer why you should refrain.


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