This morning.

Royal Hibernian Academy, Ely Place, Dublin 2.

The launch of the RDS Visual Art Awards & exhibition 2021 supporting “graduating Irish artists and guiding them into a professional world”.

From top: Juliette Morrison with her work ‘Quarantine (2020-2021)’; Fiona Gordon with her work ‘EXCESSIVELY CHAOTIC UTOPIAN ESCAPE’; Lauren Conway with her work ‘A Great Public Meeting’; Rachel Daly with her work ‘Til we part’; Vanessa Jones with her work ‘Self Replicating, Self Portraits’, and Catherine McDonald with her work ‘How Far’.

The exhibition runs at the RHA Gallery until December 19.

Bloke-free by the looks of it.



Stop that.

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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6 thoughts on “Art In Isolation

  1. Noel Browne

    Helluva lot of Artistic talent in Ireland & great to see the women above producing & presenting in these pox-ridden virus days.. And no, it won’t be a bloke free occasion as i’m already deciding which shirt to wear to the Gallery..Good luck with it ladies ..

  2. Sailor Gerry

    I detest that the commies in charge have even co-opted the rainbow as a flag.
    One of the most beautiful natural symbols of regeneration and rebirth under God.
    I can barely give my children crayons and cringe when they draw one.
    When they draw a perfect picture in their innocence and ask me an opinion, I can only say, that the rainbow is an illusion, there are good and evil forces at play, the future will be rather more monochromatic.
    Fupp them, and their law, as the Prodigy once opined.

    1. scottser

      Indeed, when my children wish for rainbows, I tell them that in order to have a rainbow one must have rain. I then powerhose them down and leave them outside for an hour or two.


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