‘Urgent Medical Care’ [Updated]



Via The Mirror:

FC Sheriff Tiraspol star Adama Traore went to ground clutching his chest in concerning scenes during Wednesday night’s Champions League encounter against Real Madrid.

The forward has caught the eye with his performances for the Moldovan champions in this year’s competition but had to receive urgent medical attention following the incident.

The 26-year-old had evaded a challenge from Madrid defender Nacho Fernandez as the ball went out of play, but as Traore turned away and began walking back onto the pitch, he suddenly clutched his chest and slumped to the ground.

Sheriff Tiraspol’s Adama Traore goes down clutching chest sparking concern vs Real Madrid (Mirror Sport)


Last night


John Fleck: Sheffield United midfielder taken to hospital after ‘urgent medical care’ during game at Reading (Independent.co.uk)


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54 thoughts on “‘Urgent Medical Care’ [Updated]

  1. Wrong said Fred

    Okay, so there does appear to be an increased number of people collapsing on the field (exact figures highlighting this trend for certain would be helpful) but could it not also be plausible that this increase could be related to people actually catching covid and this being a long term side affect?
    If memory serves there was a significant outbreak of covid in the Man City squad in late 2020 which led to fixture postponements so there’s every chance that Aguero could have contracted it then.

    I’ve no evidence to back this up but that’s precisely as much evidence as those blaming it on the jabs have as well.

    1. tom2

      What kind of crazy logic is this? It’s clearly the vaccines and not the rampant spread of a virus that is known to cause heart problems.

      1. E'Matty

        Even the manufacturers accept their vaccines cause myocarditis and pericarditis yet here you are still desperate to avoid the possibility you were foolish enough to receive one of them. Not even 3 months peak protection being claimed now. Hilarious. You were duped and are now desperately doubling down. Keep it up. It’s highly amusing.

          1. Duncan Wheeler

            All you need is love & a bit of common sense.
            I had no idea that you feast on human flesh
            and hang out in graveyards SOQ.
            Liey rather than Truthy
            Pedants rule, with rulers.

  2. ABUS

    He had Covid in June – could we not postulate that this could be the reason for his collapse? No I suppose not, because that would be actually presenting a balanced view on the matter, which you seem incapable of doing Bodger.


    Can you actually confirm his vaccination status?

    This echo chamber you have created for yourself is really tiresome Bodger. You’re not doing the peoples work here (or whatever reason you have for these anti-vaxx posts).

    1. SOQ

      OK lets unpack this a little.

      Either the increase in heart issues is due to the vaccines or it is not. If the increase is entirely within the subset of vaccinated then that would indicate cause and effect. If the unvaccinated are also having issues then they should be looking for another reason.

      Unfortunately it is not that simple. There are many reports of unvaccinated women having menstrual issues after being in close contact with vaccinated- something that so far, nobody can explain. Then there is the other issue of potential damage done post infection.

      The problem is, if there is a connection to the vaccines then you can be certain that it will be supressed.

      1. ABUS

        Good grief for the last time please provide even a shred of data that there has been an increase in cardiac issues in athletes. There have always been instances of sudden heart issues in athletes. We have no evidence of an increase due to vaccines. What’s more likely is that there is just more reporting on it.

        And where do I even start with your second comment – where are these report of unvaccinated women having menstrual issues after being in close contact with vaccinated. What does that even mean?

        1. SOQ

          How do you know there has been no increase in cardiac issues in athletes? What data are you reference please?

          The reports of unvaccinated women are not been reported or at least recorded because they are not deemed a vaccine injury.

          But, I very much doubt if so many women would be talking about something so personal for the craic.

        2. Duncan Wheeler

          Says the man who relies on Skysports for his, ahem, data.
          Start making sense and you may be more convincing.

      2. Cian

        OK lets unpack this a little.

        what we know:
        1. HE HAD COVID-19.

        what we don’t know:
        1. was he vaccinated or not

          1. Rosette of Sirius

            Since when? Five Guys opening this side of the pond? The release of 5G iPhones?

            So many core questions that dEmaNd answers…

            My money is on a serious PaddyPower habit stressing them out…

          2. Cian

            if there has been an increase in cardiac issues in athletes. The important question is what caused it. And to get evidence for the answer.

            So far:
            John Fleck had Covid but wasn’t vaccinated.
            Sergio Aguero (mentioned yesterday as an alleged “vaccine victim”) had Covid twice, a history of heart-related fainting on-pitch, and a heart op when he was 15.

          3. SOQ

            My point is we have no hard evidence either way but, if there is an increase then the next step is to ascertain if they were all vaccinated or not.

          4. scottser

            SOQ, you yourself set out a scenario where ‘most’ pro athletes were ‘rightly’ refusing to be jabbed because they were in a highly regulated environment, around the time that Calum Robinson was getting grief. Now that lads are dropping like flies its because they’re all vaccinated?
            You can’t have it both ways kid.

      3. Tom J

        When you say after being in close contact with vaccinated, how close are you talking. Because if they were intimate then that could have a bearing on the menstrual cycle. Especially if precautions weren’t taken.

          1. jungleman

            This is what he does, every time his nonsense gets shown up for being just that, he moves the goalposts.

    2. Rosette of Sirius

      Ah now ABUS, fair is fair…. Bodger is always fair and balanced (just like Fox News used to say) and never ever posts clickbait… Sure he says so himself….

    3. ce

      Another sad early death from last year –


      Pay really close attention –

      “The finding has led to a call by the family of the dead man, Ger Fennelly, for all participants in extreme sports to get screened for a condition which a medical expert said could affect up to 25% of the population and be exacerbated by “adrenalin-driven” activities.”

  3. freewheeling

    He broke his back even earlier in the year than June – could it have something to do with that maybe? Hey, better idea .. why don’t we leave out the speculation on the cause of an injured person’s agony and let his own Doctor decide & treat it. Hope he recovers ok. He’s had a lot of health setbacks.
    It’s sickening hearing people try to point-score for their own team in a debate from this chap’s problems. We’re losing our humanity fast over this Covid/Vaccine insanity.

    1. LeftBank

      This was a really useful study. If the pick-up rate is to be believed (bearing in mind 11,000 screened is a tiny proportion of active football players in the UK, it’s a historic cohort screening for things like channelopathies has improved etc), you can expect in the region of 100-150 sudden cardiac deaths in people who regularly play football (approximately 2 million in UK) per annum.

      But of course it’s vaccines.

  4. Shayna

    Don’t forget about Cormac McAnnallan, in 2004, he was only 23, died on the football field during a GAA club match in Tyrone. John McCall, a 17 year old rugby playing type dropped dead at The Ulster Schools Final at Ravenhill on St.Patrick’s Day, it was two weeks after Cormac. Since then, the GAA and the IRFU have worked together, as I understand that defibrillators are available club-wise. Totally pre-covid.

  5. Optimus Grime

    News update: He’s been discharged from hospital – God this site has gone to the absolute gutter

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