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  1. galaxiapolizia

    took the Delta 4 to 6 weeks to become dominant in Europe,
    Botswana/Nu should be widespread by late January,
    just in time to snuff-out any possible optimism arising
    from the Lockdown-lite rolling out around now.
    Dinny’ll be working on the “tenders” for the Govt camps
    over his pre-packed Direct-Provision Christmas dinner…

    Happy St.Brigid’s Day, Leo…

    1. Redundant Proofreaders Society


      Why is there a disproportionate amount of British papers here? Given the current news stories, it would be fair and balanced to post some French newspapers, along with other titles from our EU partners. Who cares about UK footballers’ wives and Richard Madeley? There is a real interest in this country in European and EU affairs – much of it affecting Ireland – so why is this not represented? It is journalistic bias to publish foreign news only from the Splitters.

      1. Bitnboxy

        +10000 Bojo once again flexing his diplomatic muscles by further irritating and alienating the French all for short term “rile up the red wallers” gain. If you cannot even get on with your neighbouring countries, what hope is there for Global Britain? A mere third wheel on a defence pact, trade deals with Oz and New Zealand – the UK folding and giving them unimaginable wins and of course a risible COP 26 summit, from which even Bojo kept his distance? Is that it? Joke

        1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

          Ha! No control over what section of the bed to awake upon when asleep in it.

          The British bias on this newspapers section is often commented upon, and not just by us. Hardly ‘dramatic’, more of an observation/request.

          1. Tony_k

            Fairly sure they did it for a while and the flavour of conversation never really changed. Not sure how much effort would be involved in sourcing different European titles but I reckon Bodger isnt much bothered with going out of his way to serve a readership where 50-60%% insult him regularly. You could always link something interesting.

          2. Mr.T

            British papers are released earlier IIRC

            Also Britain also uses English, French papers do not.
            Like it or not, Britain is the most relevant English speaking nation from an Irish perspective.

  2. Johnny

    Be afraid,be very afraid..

    Macroprudential measures for property funds.

    -The Central Bank is today launching a consultation on a set of measures to limit leverage and liquidity mismatches for property funds. These entities are now a systemic part of the Irish commercial real estate market, holding more than 40% of the estimated investable stock. The proposed measures aim to safeguard the resilience of the Irish resident property fund sector, so that this form of financial intermediation is better able to absorb – rather than amplify – adverse shocks.-


    Overseas ownership now represents a threat or risk,you simply can’t make this up.

    -Over the past 5 years, property funds’ Irish property asset portfolios are estimated to have increased by around €12 billion. As of end- 2020, property funds accounted for over 40 per cent of the estimated stock of ‘investable’ real estate. –



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