ICU, Baby, Shaking That Vax


HSE CEO Paul Reid speaking to media in Dr Steevens Hospital today on the weekly HSE operational update on the response to Covid-19

This afternoon.

Dr Steevens’ Hospital, Dublin.

Weekly HSE covid briefing.


The age profiles of those in ICU are currently:

71% are 50 years and older.

28% are 19 years to 49 years old.

18-year-olds and younger account for 2% of those in hospitals.

In hospitals, 49% of those in hospitals are fully vaccinated.

46% of those in hospital are not fully vaccinated and 5% did not have status known.

And similarly in ICU, 47% are fully vaccinated, 52% not vaccinated at all and 1% partially vaccinated.

HSE gives update as Covid-19 cases ‘begin to plateau’ (RTÉ)


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86 thoughts on “ICU, Baby, Shaking That Vax

    1. Mr.T

      Will it be like gender reassignment?
      If the child says yes, they can overrule the parent
      If the child says no, the parent can overrule the child

        1. Nullzero

          What if parents compel children to get vaccinated against their will?

          Sara making statements about other people’s intelligence, the mind boggles.

  1. Jim

    For the anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists on broadsheet, this is part of the interview with one of the ICU doctors in the Mater. Grow up, get vaccinated.
    She suggests that if people who have chosen not to be vaccinated “could see what we see in the hospital, if the unvaccinated people could see how sick young people are getting – and not people with significant underlying health concerns – it would really open up their eyes.”

    I ask her to tell me. She describes two patients presenting with similar respiratory symptoms; one vaccinated, the other not. Unless they have a major illness, the vaccinated person will “feel like they’ve had a head cold, they have a cough, they’ve got aches and pains”. Almost always, they can go home for rest, fluids and paracetamol.

    The unvaccinated person is “going to be straight on oxygen. Sometimes their oxygen saturation is so low you’re looking at them and you’re thinking, Are their oxygen levels really that low? And then some will need oxygen via a noninvasive mask. Maybe a line in their neck, to give them certain medications, and a line into the artery in their wrists to keep a constant record of their oxygen and blood pressure. A proportion of those will go to intensive care and need intubation.

    “And if you get to that stage, where they have a really bad X-ray” showing “Covid pneumonitis, they’re going to be in ICU for 10 days at a minimum, and sometimes much longer. They’ll get better. But after you’ve had a prolonged ICU stay there are lots of complications. You have to learn to do everything again.”

    1. Cui Bono?

      How can you not see that this doctor is just fear mongering?

      I know so many now ranging from 22 to 74 that had covid with zero issues – never ever at risk of going to hospital even those in their 60s and 70s. A bad flu at worst but mostly mild for them all.

      Did the doctor declare any conflicts of interest?

      1. Chris

        I doubt its a doctor at all +1 on the fear mongering, I don’t know anyone that needed hospital treatment. Most were just a mild cold, less symptoms than the flu.

          1. Cui Bono?

            There’s 1000s of doctors and scientists speaking out about the fear mongering, conflicts of interest, mass hysteria, anti-science and over reaction all over the world.

            Don’t ignore them and just because you’ve made up your mind doesn’t mean you’re correct. This doctor could well be lying and exaggerating to do as ISAG say “incite fear in the public”.

          2. f_lawless

            Ignoring your rude tone, Jim, I think it’s reasonable to take a sceptical view of her story. Firstly, if there isn’t data provided to back it up, then it’s anecdotal. We have to take her at her word.

            Secondly, when I read her saying “my happiest day was the day I was offered my vaccine” and that everyone should get vaccinated, it makes me doubt that she’s an entirely level-headed source of information and might be falling victim to an almost cult-like belief in the Covid vaccines as a panacea. What about early treatment? There are numerous medical experts who have been saying for a while now, the only realistic way out this situation is a ‘focused protection’ policy coupled with early treatment protocols. That early treatment has largely been ignored by our health authorities to date, is a scandal in and of itself.

            Further to that, there have been cases before where medical professionals have either made up or embellished stories regarding Covid, for reasons best known to themselves.

            Take the case of Emma (Keelan)Browne who worked as a medical registrar at the Mater Hospital, Belfast. Last July, she made false claims about the hospital being full of unvaccinated people in their 20s/30s, critically ill with Covid and on ventilators.

            BBC Northern Ireland aired her claims, but neither did they acknowledge their mistake nor issue a retraction when subsequently provided with the evidence that the claims were false.

            Read about the story here:

            “It remains a mystery to us why some medical staff, doctors and nurses seek to spread misinformation and, at times, lies, that only serve to heighten fear levels and panic in the community and reduce trust in Public Health messaging.

            One can only guess why Emma Browne decided to spread disinformation. Maybe her intentions were honourable, and she felt some mistruths were worth the price if her end goal, that of seeing more people vaccinated, was helped along a little?”.

          3. Micko

            “ my happiest day was the day I was offered my vaccine”

            Not the day her child was born

            Not the day she got married / met her partner.

            No, the day she got a vaccine.

            Fuppin crazy person. (With a medical degree)

            But still crazy…

        1. Jim

          Wow, I don’t know anyone that has ever had pancreatic or bowel cancer, or a stroke. It mustn’t exist so.

          1. Chris

            False equivalence, there’s no ‘pandemic’ of your mentioned maladies. Though, a surprising uptick in cancers post vaccination.

      2. Jim

        “I know so many now ranging from 22 to 74 that had covid with zero issues – never ever at risk of going to hospital even those in their 60s and 70s. A bad flu at worst but mostly mild for them all.”

        You REALLY don’t understand any of this do you?

          1. Chris

            You don’t understand corporate/regulatory capture, do you?

            Leaving ivermectin aside, the only trial for Pfizer was shown to be utterly corrupt as revealed by the British Medical Journal.

            It’s so bad the FDA are trying to hide the results for 55 years

          2. redzer

            “You don’t understand corporate/regulatory capture, do you?”

            I do actually.
            I just don’t deflect and accuse someone of it when I present them with information they don’t like to read!

          3. Chris

            Well, I do read propaganda as well more empirical based analysis. I and other contend that we’re in a coup, instigated by financial interests. The first thing to come under control in a situation like this is the press.

            This is evident as there’s 0% critique of policy, vaccines etc. How could this happen? Well, when you have nearly 70% of world leaders that have been co-opted by WEF it starts to make more sense. This also includes journalists (McWilliams etc), academics etc. They’ve been bought of and sold us all out.


          1. Chris

            @ Lily while post viral syndrome exists, long Covid is mostly a preserve of hypochondriacs and public servants.

          2. Kim The Cardassian

            @Chris “while post viral syndrome exists, long Covid is mostly a preserve of hypochondriacs and public servants.”

            while you’re completely bonkers with your views on the pandemic, I did piss myself laughing at this. 10/10

          3. Chris

            Captured press. The co-founder of Wikipedia was ousted last year, there’s an interview with him explaining what is going down.

            And anyhow, as soon as anyone speaks out there’s a load of hit pieces printed. That should be enough for people to twig somethings up, but no. Happy in their ignorance.

          4. redzer

            “No, it’s objective reality”

            No Chris, it’s total grasping at straws.

            The only objective reality here is that we’ve gone from talking about your theories about ivermectin (which I pointed out to you were wrong) , to corporate and regulatory capture which you deflect away to, to posting stuff by a completely discredited journalist, to which you deflected to talking about hit pieces and making vague references to unnamed people who explain “what is going on” to deflecting away on from that into “captured press” and tried and tested global conspiracy theories – every time you get called out on something you deflect away on to something else, because you know you are unable to fully defend any of your assertions with, you know, proof.

            Oh and you got totally shown up there by another commenter who showed you conclusively that long-Covid is actually a real thing after you arguing with her at length.

            Good night Chris.

          5. Chris

            I posted a collection of studies for Ivermectin, I didn’t deflect from anything. The captured press comment is because you are too ignorant to realise the same.

            ‘Discredited’? don’t make me laugh, I’ve already explained why anyone that falls outside of the official narrative is targeted by the MSM.

            Tried and tested global conspiracy theories?
            Have a look around.

            “who showed you conclusively that long-Covid is actually a real thing” Here you are showing your ignorance the most, it’s a new phenomenon and as such it is still speculative. Go play elsewhere – you’re out of your league.

          1. Chris

            No, it’s objective reality that has happened & is there for all to see. As for future movements, they’ve all been documented and are available to see (policy). Its all out in the open, the instigators aren’t trying to hide anything.

  2. Jim

    “And similarly in ICU, 47% are fully vaccinated, 52% not vaccinated at all and 1% partially vaccinated.”

    So OVER half of ICU is taken up by the 8% of those that are not vaccinated. What will it take to convince the cloth-brained anti-vaxx mob that vaccines work.

    1. Micko

      “ What will it take to convince the cloth-brained anti-vaxx mob ”

      I dunno, but calling them “cloth-brained” is sure to convince em

    2. Cui Bono?

      What % of the unvaccinated group are not actually able to get vaccinated due to other health issues?

      1. Jim

        I can guarantee you it’s a very small proportion. I have a family member that is one of them, but would be in serious trouble if he picked up COVID.

        1. Cui Bono?

          Why is covid very mild for most people who get it and yet there’s mass hysteria?

          Did any people or organisations incite fear in the public?

          Has there ever been bad people or organisations in the past?

          Could bad things ever happen again?

          Could bad things be happening now?

          1. Pat

            Is Hitler still alive?
            What is the capital of Uzbekistan?
            Am I doing the robot with a saucepan on my head?

      1. Chris

        Last week’s deaths as per HSE 41 fully vaccinated 4 partially 0 unvaccinated. Does that inspire much confidence? How about the 2.8 million recorded adverse effects, or 30000 vaccine deaths in the EU?

  3. freewheeling

    When they give the percentage of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated in ICU, are those for COVID-Confirmed Patients only (or all ICU patients)?

      1. freewheeling

        Interesting. Starts at 30:70 split in June, and moves near 50:50 over time as more vaxed & vaxs wane.
        What are the vax/unvax percentages for non-covid ICU admissions since June?

      1. TK ickle

        I only came in here to say the same. Hard to believe we had to go this deep into the pandemic for you to pull that outta the hat . We’ll done!, great header!

  4. Gavin

    When you keep it simple, get vaccinated it saves lives, most if not all get on board, when you start introducing nonsense like vax passes, and you can’t tell people how often they will need boosters and are unable to relay clear messages to the public you just complicate things alienate people.

    1. freewheeling

      Reid doesn’t give a fupp. He’ll be there all next year, drawing his half mill salary, telling people it’s never too late, yada, yada, roll-up, roll-up get yer latest free dose.

  5. wearnicehats

    Blah Blah Blah – usual meaningless stats. Not just meaningless but meaningless in BOLD

    Here’s one that counts – in the last 5 months 81.3% of the 476 COVID patients admitted to ICU, regardless of vaccination status, had One or more underlying medical condition

    That’s the only stat that matters in terms of vaccine efficacy at this stage

    1. Bob

      Everytime somebody makes a killer point, nobody replies

      Killer point. Covid hospitalises and kills very old and sick. It doesn’t care if your vacinatted.

  6. Panty Christ

    The stats show that vaccines are roughly 50% effective which by my logic suggests that being unvaccinated only carries a 50% of being hospitalised if (when) you catch covid

    1. E'Matty

      I think hospitalisation has only ever been in 1-2% of cases to begin with. Its tiny. The key determinant as to whether you’ll be hospitalised remains age and underlying conditions. Healthy 25 Yr old unvaxxed still far less likely to require hospitalisation than overweight fully vaxxed 60 year old. 25 yr old highly unlikely to be seriously ill at all.

    2. Cian

      your logic is wrong.

      They may “only” prevent 50% of breakthrough infection[citation needed], but they are preventing 90% of hospitalisation and ICU.
      From Jun to Oct 2021 – 62.4% patients admitted to Irish ICUs ,whose vaccine status was known, were unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated.

      They were younger ,average age 48, compared to vaccinated(65) & less than half (49.5%) had pre-existing conditions vs 82% in vaccinated.

  7. E'Matty

    I would never take their figures at face value without proper detail following their proven habit of misrepresentation of stats to support their agenda. Two clear examples in recent weeks both seeking to demonise the unvaccinated.
    1. The use of April to October ICU figures to try convince the public that 67% of ICU patients were unvaccinated. Less than 250k vaxxed in April. By July, still less than half the adult population.
    2. Comparing unvaccinated and vaccinated case numbers where both being tested completely differently i.e. omitting the largest potential group asymptomatic vaccinated close contacts.

    They are desperately clinging to this unvaccinated ICU figure as the justification for everything from passes to vaccinating kids. Need to get that detail and pick their lies apart once again. Definitely a shift in mood online the past fortnight.

    1. Chris

      At least in China, people don’t believe anything from their media. The gullible here still haven’t copped after nearly two years, that they’re being lied too.

    2. wearnicehats


      Alright Jono I’ll bite – post a citation proving that breakdown and we’ll take it from there

      You can start by changing 45 to 43 then move on

      It’ll be a waste of time though because we all know you don’t have it

  8. wearnicehats

    Here’s another way to spin your useless facts

    Of the 126 people in ICU, 59 are fully vaccinated, 67 are not

    Let’s say the population aged over 15 is approx 4.7million. Currently 89-90% of these are fully vaccinated – let’s say 4.2 million. so 0.5 million are unvaccinated. So

    0.0014% of the vaccinated population are in ICU

    0.0134% of the unvaccinated population are in ICU

    So if you said, percentage wise, 10 times more unvaccinated people were in ICU than vaccinated you’d be statistically correct but you’d also be misleading people by not giving them the detail.

    It’s lazy lazy lazy but if you’re looking to scare people into getting jabbed then it’s much more effective that the stats they’re wheeling out

    For the record Donnelly stated today that 57 of the 59 vaccinated cases in ICU had underlying conditions

    1. Cian

      Your population number is off; total population is 5 million; the over 15 is about 4 million.
      But your percentages are still correct.

    1. Cian

      He was fined for speeding.

      Yer man is a nut job. He is trying to get 50,000 from the garda that arrested him with a “contract” he created.

      He [Garda] said he received registered correspondence from the accused last Tuesday which contained a number of documents.

      One of these purported to be a contract, and stated: “Any man or woman acting as an agent for the Irish State who wishes to interfere with my God-given right to travel peacefully, he or she agrees to pay me €50,000.”

      He [the judge] had been handed an additional document, he said, which was a notice challenging the court’s jurisdiction.

      Mr Mureddu told the judge he did not give jurisdiction or consent to anybody in the courtroom to judge him.

      Epic reverse Uno move! Just tell the Judge they have no jurisdiction

  9. Imelda Maybe

    All these fancy numbers, statistics. bits of data are being thrown around today by the usual crowd here.

    Why aren’t these lads Professors in the TCD Maths Department or data scientists with the WHO or Google instead of delivering Pizza student specials on bicycles in the rain? Life is so cruel.

    1. ce

      That’s not how Freedom Fighters get things done…

      They make their own rules…

      Who wants to work for The Man…

  10. ce

    Anybody planning on a South African trip for Christmas… might want to make an alternative arrangement… here we go again…

    In all seriousness – for those with family etc. in SA – sorry you’re going to have to deal with all the uncertainty and stress again

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