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Via Politics Watch, who writes:

So just how bad is PCR testing capacity in Ireland? As of 1pm today 14 counties have ZERO capacity. 4 counties have less than 15 slots. Those 14 counties represent 72% of total population. So 72% of Ireland has zero capacity. This is a faeces show of epidemic proportions


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18 thoughts on “Patience Needed

  1. Hank

    Perhaps the screw holding Ireland in has come loose and, as a result, the whole country is slightly tilted to the left which has caused all the east coast tests to roll westwards..

  2. CmcG

    I’ve been trying to get a test for the last 2 days. I have a positive antigen test and I have all the symptoms. Eventually managed to get my GP to refer me for a test tomorrow.
    They really are not making it easy. I nearly gave up on it, and I imagine plenty of people have.

        1. Clampers Outside

          Your Dr can sign you off on symptoms alone, and should have informed you of that. The Dr doesn’t need you to get the test to sign you off.

      1. Chris

        @ Tom, Sheep is a euphemism for blindly following. Donkey, for stubbornness. But what they really want is docile cattle that can be medicated at will.

        1. Tom J

          @ Chris, if everything is as you say then you are in a no win situation.
          Regardless of whether you take the vaccine or not, the people you speak of have so much power, there is nothing that you can do to stop them.

          1. Chris

            @ Tom J, Sure I’m only getting warmed up – you haven’t seen me in full flow yet ;)

            This is an interesting interview , its not necessarily vaccine based – more to do with the economic situation surrounding it. Fiat (currency) is pretty much done, it’s only a matter of time before the collapse and introduction of CBDC – central bank digital currency.


          2. Chris

            Its what we’ve all been using since 1971 when they dropped the gold standard. It means ‘let it be so’ – a purely debt based standard, that relies on faith/gov backing.
            Faith is running out.

          1. Chris

            They tend to be midwits that get things done at a leisurely pace. They follow whatever policy has to be implemented – that policy come from the financial behemoths directed through NGOs, roundtables etc, not politicians.

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