‘Sparking Concern’ [Updated]

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This afternoon.


This afternoon.


Last night

Sheriff Tiraspol’s Adama Traore goes down clutching chest sparking concern vs Real Madrid (The Mirror)


This morning.


Yesterday: ‘Urgent Medical Care’


Ah here.

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37 thoughts on “‘Sparking Concern’ [Updated]

    1. SOQ

      It’s becoming pretty obvious that something is going on.

      It’s the industry with the largest criminal fines in history, so why should anyone be surprised?

  1. Col

    Looks like Traore had previously contracted Covid last year, as well as John Fleck earlier this year.

    I wonder if both/ either of them were vaccinated?

    1. George

      John Fleck also tested positive for Covid-19 last June.
      It is foolish assume to know the cause of these particular incidents.

    1. scoops yeah?

      Jim did you read the link that Jono shared above. Seems a legitimate source and is certainly worrying. I am vaccinated btw.

      1. asitsaysinthepapers

        If you’re worried, some points to note:
        1. It’s currently only an abstract and the stated claims have not been peer-reviewed.
        2. There is now an ‘expression of concern’ attached to the abstract.
        3. The author of the abstract has previously been accused of promoting pseudoscience

    1. SOQ

      Is there any real figures anywhere? Surely someone should be able to run a comparison against the average of the past five years?

  2. f_lawless

    This related story about Trevor Sinclair is indicative of hysterical and tightly censored media environment regarding discussion of the Covid vaccine safety.


    The headline reads:
    “Trevor Sinclair is blasted over vaccine rant: Ex-England star is slammed for spreading ‘dangerous nonsense’ after suggesting Sheffield Utd player may have collapsed due to Covid jab”.

    But when you look at the embedded clip, all he did was to ask on air, in a reasonable tone of voice,
    “I think everyone wants to know did he (Fleck) have the Covid Vac-”
    *get’s cut off and TalkSport logo goes up*

    Alarming level of censorship

  3. Rob_G

    It seems to be all soccer players.

    Presumably athletes in other disciplines got vaccinated (or indeed didn’t get vaccinated) at more or less the same rate as soccer players; if other sports are not seeing an equivalent uptick, probably the problem lies elsewhere.

          1. SOQ

            I think I have caught the homo1 variant myself- pussy is not the same since.

            Although, maybe that is because of the dead rat she killed then dragged home last night?

          2. galaxiapolizia

            @ C

            “If mass vaccination eventually enables SARS-CoV-2 to evolve dominant immune-escape variants that are capable of escaping from both adaptive and innate immune systems, the outcome of this pandemic will resemble that of introducing a pathogenic virus into a naive host species. This is actually likely to enhance virulence instead of controlling viral disease.” – G.V.B., “Snapshots”, October 15.

            The future’s so bright we’re all going to need sunglasses…

  4. Ah sure jaysus you know yourself

    It does now Anecdotally appear to be the case that these footballers, who are dropping like flies, all seem to have recently contracted covid and have not been vaccinated. If anything it’s easier to draw up a potential link to these heart issues with lack of vaccination rather than from it.


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